Another Respected Voice Addresses “The Problem”

Kenny gives a relevant perspective about a problem a good number of us have seen and addressed in our own ways. Kenny clearly addresses the thoughts and concerns of a lot of liberty minded folks who don’r have the ability to voice their opinions to a wide audience, and it is most welcome.


I’m done

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
-Thomas Jefferson

I’m done with the III Percent Movement. I came to that decision over a month ago and on the 26th of August I sent out an email to JC Dodge, George Patton and other select individuals informing them of my decision and why. Today I’m going to explain it to you.

I’m done because it’s not what it once was nor is it now as it was intended.
One of my biggest complaints is the leadership – the very fact that it evenhas a leadership goes against the movement’s very ideals and intentions. Notice I said movement and not organization. It was never intended to be an organization and especially a money-making venture.Greed and self-importance got in the way.

Oh, but it has leaders. For every group out there, there’s a leader. Some of the groups are very basic, but they still have somebody that makes decisions. Then there’s the ones that try to have some organization with leaders that give themselves rank and (ohmigod) call signs and even salaries.
Unfortunately, with the internet anybody can become a leader without any kind of vetting because there’s always going to be somebody out there that agrees with him no matter how far off center the thinking is.
Every one of those leaders has a different idea of what Rightful Liberty is and in most cases it has gotten horribly twisted.

My father had a saying about Rightful Liberty that if I’ve heard once I’ve heard a thousand times – pretty much every time I said I had a right to do something. He’d put his hand up about 6 inches from my face and tell me “Your Rights end right here, boy.”

I finally got it a few years ago. Yeah, I may have had a Right to do something but if it was exercisedwithout caution or consideration (key words there) it may be infringing onyour personal Rights. We can’t be having that now, can we?
A simple example: I am perfectly within my Rights to shoot on my property on Sunday morning, but let’s say there’s a church a couple hundred yards away. Can I start my rapid fire drill as soon as the singing stops and the preaching begins? By our Founding Father’s literal word, sure I can. But by their intent? No. Even the Methodists have the Right to peace and quiet during their time of worship. There are folks that will argue that the part about ‘prohibiting the free exercise thereof’ only applies to government interference but that’s where consideration and courtesy comes into play.
I’ll go ya one better about that shooting on Sunday deal though – I don’t shoot at all on Sunday. Around here Sunday is the Sabbath – not only a day of worship but also a day of rest. Families gather for dinner here – I’m not going to ruin that for them with gunfire.
“Your Rights end right here, boy.”

Our Founding Fathers were prominent men in their communities which means that above everything else they were Gentlemen, if not by breeding then by education. Rough and crude men did not gain the respect and prominence and respect that our Founding Fathers had to have in order to succeed back then. If you don’t believe me, read Washington’s ‘Rules of Civility’ sometime. It’s an easy read, mostly short blurbs about manners. Here’s a sample:

In the presence of others sing not to yourself with a humming noise, nor drum with your fingers or your feet.

They were Gentlemen. They believed in courtesy and respect and Chivalry. These great Men would be appalled at the way their ideals and thoughts have been perverted. When you have self-styled ‘leaders’ who advocate Jeffersonian principles yet publicly take out their frustrations on the wives of men with whom they have issues or advocate the wholesale slaughter of people because of their religion or even their affiliation within the American political system, that is a perversion of our Founding Father’s intentions if not their very words and writings.
I cannot condone such thoughts, ideals or actions. By belonging to a movement that shares a name with those that espouse those principles I am lending my name to it and as such, my endorsement.
Take my name off that list.

Am I giving up the III Percent Movement? Am I abandoning the community?
Yes. No.
I am a Patriot. I believe in God, Family, Country. I believe in Liberty for all. I believe in You and for your Right to exist in whatever manner you chooseas long as it does not interfere with my life. That is Jefferson’s definition of Rightful Liberty in a nutshell.
I don’t have to belong to a movement or especially a dues-paying organization to be a Patriot or a III Percenter in my heart and neither do you.

It’s been mentioned that I am an influence and even a voice in the III community. I never set out to become that and if it is the case, I hereby resign. I will also state here and now that I seriously question anybody’s sanity that takes me as an authority on anything.
If you want to learn about Liberty, read our Founding Father’s words – not just the documents themselves but their writings explaining their reasoning. Seriously.

I’m not abandoning the Movement in spirit or principle – I can’t, those are principles that my father instilled in me since childhood. I cannot and will not betray his spirit and to do one would be to do the other.

I’m going local, something that has been preached since the very beginning of the III Percent Movement began. Local local local. Sound familiar? It should, it’s been preached enough – so much so that the words have lost their meaning to a lot of us.
It was a foreign concept to me in California where there was almost nobody that held my political views and societal values. Here? It’s commonplace. I’ve never felt so connected to Rightful Liberty and Jeffersonian principles in my life.

I won’t abandon my beliefs or resolutions but I won’t be a part of a national movement that either can’t remember or refuses to acknowledge it’s own origins and principles.
I’m Done.

(BTW, nothing will change here at this site. I’m turning my back on the III as an organization, nothing else.)


Well said Sir.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

5 thoughts on “Another Respected Voice Addresses “The Problem”

  1. I think just about everyone with the ability to think for themselves has reached similar conclusions.
    None of us need to belong to any group/org. outside of our own communities to believe in and practice Jefferson’s rightful liberty.
    None of us need permission or approval from any national group/org to train and organize locally. Nor do we need to belong to any national group/org. We especially do not need to pay “dues” to any such group/org. to be a part of Mike V’s III%.
    We need to do just like Kenny is doing and focus our energy and efforts locally-which is what most of the people I know have been doing all along anyhow.
    Something that bothers me about the whole liberty/prepper/patriot “community” is the focus on cool guy high speed door kicker tacticool stuff-and the huge lack of focus on important stuff like comms,medical,and food.
    Having a couple cheap Chinese handheld radios still in the box ain’t gonna help people when they need radios because the intardnet is down,the power is out and yhey have no clue what’s going on around them.
    Having a couple big Rubbermaid bins of medical supplies won’t do you any good if you don’t have the training to use them correctly.
    Having several bins of rice,beans and pastas also won’t do you any good if you don’t have seasonings and meats and veggies to go with the beans and rice and sauces or the stuff to make sauces for the pastas.
    Among the prepper community,
    there are far too many people who have tricked out A-R’s, “sniper rifles”,1911’s,Glocks, thousands of rounds of ammo-and no clue how to correctly and safely use any of them.
    All those expensive weapons and no training-that’s another huge problem.
    Then there’s the cluless on the ‘net all their personal info-and that of their group is easily available for anyone to see.
    Then there’s those seeking to exploit people new to the community-and/or anyone else they can seperate from their $$.
    All the above is why I haven’t been writing much of my own on my blogs for months-just generally disgusted with things.

  2. I have and will continue to think the 3% a state of mind/values to try and live by/work towards/for.I get the keep it local thing but also believe that there will come a day as citizens will need to work together in this country to keep this country.A great recent example of this was the storms in Louisiana and the cajun navy/army.Folks just got together and did what needed to be done,didn’t wait for govt. to lead the way(in fact,govt. tried at times to interfere),they just got things done,a good attitude and gives me hope for this country.

    Game,I would say if a safe place having all the rice/beans/pastas ect.without seasoning ect. will at least survive.That said,am all for seasoning’s/meats ect. as a fair meal can become a great meal and great morale booster.I hope you don’t give up on writing/passing info.,every bit helps.Side note,hope your custom sheath coming along well.

    I am not joining large groups ect.,just a informal network of friends/family,that said,have a common goal and will in trying times work with any towards that goal,that goal being to keep our country/freedoms/helping others.

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