A “Why” In Militia Failures, or “Ode To A Special Snowflake”


I had occasion recently to once again read over the “Militia Standards and Principles of the Light Foot”, I was once again struck by the lack of operational understanding that has been presented by a guy who apparently is only good at the “cut and paste”, and not so good at the occasional “This sounds about right” to fill in the blanks left by what he couldn’t find in manuals, or what didn’t fit his paradigm.  What’s the relevant experience of this “major” Jeffrey Stankiewicz, (or is it “colonel” today?)? NONE.


The “commander” with his AK DMR

Here are some highlights from the “manual”,


The Geneva Conventions set forth the conditions for the recognition of legitimate militia
ANNEX TO THE CONVENTION : Regulations respecting the laws and customs of war on
-Section I : On belligerents
-Chapter I : The qualifications of belligerents
-Article 1. The laws, rights, and duties of war apply not only to armies, but also to militia
and volunteer corps fulfilling the following conditions:
1. To be commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
2. To have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance;
3. To carry arms openly; and
4. To conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.
In order to fulfill these conditions we ask you to do the following:
 Obtain a suitable uniform and purchase the appropriate rank and insignia patches (see
LFMS-01-07A “Uniform Standards”).


Here’s is what the whole thing says in the GC. Note the part about “Inhabitants of a territory that has not been occupied”,

“This was the solution adopted by the Hague Regulations of 1907 (Articles 1-3), which begin with a chapter devoted to the qualification of belligerents. These articles lay down that the laws, rights and duties of war apply only to armies and to militia and volunteer corps which form part of the army. The militia and volunteer corps which do not form part of the army should fulfill the following conditions                                                                                 (Article 1):

– to be commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;

– to have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance;

– to carry arms openly; and

– to conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

The inhabitants of a territory which has not been occupied, who, on the approach of the enemy, spontaneously take up arms to resist the invading troops, without having had time to organize themselves in accordance with the above mentioned rules, shall be regarded as belligerents if they carry arms openly and if they respect the laws and customs of war (Article 2 – Levee en masse). The armed forces of the belligerent parties may consist of combatants and noncombatants. In case of capture by the enemy, both have a right to be treated as prisoners of war (Article 3)”

Why didn’t Ol’ Jeffy put that last part in there? Well because that doesn’t give them the excuse to uniform, rank, and gun up, does it? It says they can spontaneously react. Idaho Law says this about their militias,

“CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF IDAHO APPROVED JULY 3, 1890 ARTICLE XIV MILITIA SECTION 1. PERSONS SUBJECT TO MILITARY DUTY. All able-bodied male persons, residents of this state, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, shall be enrolled in the militia, and perform such military duty as may be required by law; but no person having conscientious scruples against bearing arms, shall be compelled to perform such duty in time of peace. Every person claiming such exemption from service, shall, in lieu thereof, pay into the school fund of the county of which he may be a resident, an equivalent in money, the amount and manner of payment to be fixed by law. SECTION 2. LEGISLATURE TO PROVIDE FOR ENROLLMENT OF MILITIA. The legislature shall provide by law for the enrollment, equipment and discipline of the militia, to conform as nearly as practicable to the regulations for the government of the armies of the United States, and pass such laws to promote volunteer organizations as may afford them effectual encouragement. SECTION 3. SELECTION AND COMMISSION OF OFFICERS. All militia officers shall be commissioned by the governor, the manner of their selection to be provided by law, and may hold their commissions for such period of time as the legislature may provide.” (Note, this was written before the 1903 Dick Act, so the National Guard did not exist as the NG entity. The Dick Act actually implemented the requirements above, and the Idaho Home (State) Guard was established in WWI with the formation of 4 Companies of 100 men each by the Governor)

It also says this,

46-103.  STATE MILITIA — DIVISION INTO CLASSES. The militia of the state of Idaho shall be divided into three (3) classes, to wit:
The national guard, the organized militia, and the unorganized militia. The national guard shall consist of enlisted personnel between the ages of seventeen (17) and sixty-four (64), organized and equipped and armed as provided in the national defense act, and of commissioned officers between the ages of eighteen (18)and sixty-four (64) years, who shall be appointed and commissioned by the governor as commander-in-chief, in conformity with the provisions of the national defense act, the rules and regulations promulgated there under, and as authorized by the provisions of this act. The organized militia shall include any portion of the unorganized militia called into service by the governor, and not federally recognized (this would probably be the Idaho State Guard under Title 32, see below). The unorganized militia shall include all of the militia of the state of Idaho not included in the national guard or the organized militia (this talks about those who would be eligible for drafting).

TITLE 46 MILITIA AND MILITARY AFFAIRS CHAPTER 8 MISCELLANEOUS AND GENERAL PROVISIONS 46-802. UNORGANIZED ASSOCIATIONS PROHIBITED — PARADES PROHIBITED — EXCEPTIONS. No body of men, other than the regularly organized national guard, the unorganized militia when called into service of the state (Organized Militia), or of the United States, and except such as are regularly recognized and provided for by the laws of the state of Idaho (nothing is listed about the unorganized militia in Idaho State law concerning “regularly recognized”) and of the United States, shall associate themselves together as a military company or organization, or parade in public with firearms in any city or town of this state. No city or town shall raise or appropriate any money toward arming or equipping, uniforming, or in any other way supporting, sustaining or providing drill rooms or armories for any such body of men; but associations wholly composed of soldiers honorably discharged from the service of the United States or members of the orders of Sons of Veterans, or of the Boy Scouts, may parade in public with firearms on Memorial Day or upon the reception of any regiment or companies of soldiers returning from such service, and for the purpose of escort duty at the burial of deceased soldiers; and students in educational institutions where military science is taught as a prescribed part of the course of instruction, may with the consent of the governor, drill and parade with firearms in public, under the superintendence of their teachers. This section shall not be construed to prevent any other organization authorized by law parading with firearms, nor to prevent parades by the national guard of any other state or territory.”


State defense forces: army units highlighted in red, naval units in blue, those with both in green, inactive in purple

Hrmmm, the “Unorganized Militia” becomes the “Organized Militia” when activated by the Governor. Well that kinda sounds like the Idaho State Guard doesn’t it? But JC, the ISG hasn’t been activated by the Governors in years. OK, so what, that’s his prerogative, isn’t it? Do I agree with it? No. Can he do it? Yes. A number of states have “State Defense Forces” (see map), that are separate from the National Guard. Low and behold, Idaho is one of them.

So my question is, why isn’t Ol’ Jeffy consider himself part of the SDF of Idaho (or at least say that’s what they are) if he wants to serve so bad, but lacks the wherewithal of even joining the NG. Well, it doesn’t become the Organized Militia (ISG), till the Governor activates them, and I guess the Gov hasn’t felt the need in Idaho, considering he has Army and Air National Guard to draw from in emergencies. Besides, Ol’ Jeffy wouldn’t be in charge if he was in the ISG, and he needs to be in charge, right?

Here’s another gem from the “manual”,


We are not a private militia or private para-military group (sure you are Jeffy, but you know you can’t publicly say that due to Idaho law, right?). We are citizens of the several states who are simply exercising our rights, to bear arms and peacefully assemble, to train and network with other patriotic Americans, in order that we might be a “well-regulated militia” (But Jeffy, you’re part of the “Unorganized Militia” according to the 1903 Dick Act, how can you be “well regulated”? The terms, “Well Regulated” and “Unorganized” are mutually exclusive) if the time ever comes when we are called upon to defend our County, State, Nation and U.S. Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”


But JC, doesn’t that openly violate the Title 46 statement of, “except such as are regularly recognized (They are not) and provided for by the laws of the state of Idaho and of the United States, shall associate themselves together as a military company or organization”Well, I guess it does, but it’s not like they’re openly flaunting it on social media….right? Oh wait….Uh yeah….

Oh look, more “manual” guidance under the “Mission Statement”,


The members of the unorganized militia shall ever stand, as have our forefathers before
us, first to God, from Whom we acknowledge the Authority of all Rights, and all the blessings of governments and to our native state.

but then this in the same section,

– To promote and propagate the militia as a well regulated (trained and prepared)
organization, knowledgeable in historical precedent and current affairs, that is composed of common citizens.
To develop a cohesive and competent command structure.
To train our members in the many disciplines necessary to the function of the militia
as a whole and to the members individually.


Um, I do not think someone knows the meaning of the words “Unorganized”, and “well regulated/trained and prepared”.

Here’s another one under “Mission Statement”,


– To suppress domestic insurrections and violence by supporting and assisting the
appropriate Officers of the Law in upholding and maintaining law and order in accordance with such Local, State, and Federal statutes and laws that do not present jeopardy to our God-given rights as acknowledged in the U.S. Constitution, among others (see Amendment 9, Constitution of these united States).


Here’s the thing, they (Officials) don’t want anything to do with you Jeffy. Here’s what the Governor had to say,

“I do not in any way endorse either of these ‘militia’ groups. They have no affiliation with me, the State of Idaho, the Idaho National Guard, or the armed services of the United States.” Governor Otter then clarified his position regarding the militia even further by writing, “I do not recommend or advocate any level of involvement in militia activities.” Right after that quote by the Governor, the article went on to say this, “The militia men and women say they need the governors OK to be activated, so his position on their activities was a disappointment.”

Do I agree with the Governor not squaring away the ISG? Nope, not at all.

I don’t have the time to go into his “Rank Structure”, “Unit Structure” (Except for the SWORD crap), and required “Basic Training”, and “Uniform”,other than to say it was obviously written by someone without a grasp of reality in Combat Arms and the organization inherent within that group, and they also have a desire to implement some fantasy that seems uh…..cool I guess. Example:


Headgear – Privates, Corporals and Sergeants will wear the GI “Boonie Hat” in woodland.
All Officers will wear the woodland BDU Patrol Cap. Combat is confusing enough (cuz Modern Warfare 3); being able to readily distinguish officers (without being overly obvious to the enemy) is of the utmost importance. (In the field on patrol, officers may opt for a boonie for its ability to break up your outline and hide you from enemy observation.)” 


So I guess he’s never heard of why the guy with the binos or radio get’s whacked first, huh? I’m just surprised he didn’t say the “officers” needed to wear tricorn hats LOL. Maybe he wants to be like the French?


Now we’ll talk about what he calls his  S.W.O.R.D’s ( Select Weapons, Ordinance and Reconnaissance Detachment). He calls it a SWORD Team, but the word “Team” is redundant, considering the “D” in “SWORD” stands for “Detachment”. Let’s see what they specialize and train in,


Here’s the detachment description of a S.W.O.R.D.,

S.W.O.R.D. Teams consist of 6 men who receive extra training in one of three areas:
Designated Marksman, Land Navigation or Communications. Two men in each team will
duplicate the necessary disciplines of “Shoot, Move and Communicate”.
They will carry highly accurate rifles with higher end optics/night vision (Select
Weapons); study the theory and employment of military weapons they may encounter on a future battlefield, such as grenades, RPG’s, mines, etc. (Ordinance) (I think what I said below, also applies here) ; and practice advanced land navigation, compass/map reading and recon techniques (Reconnaissance). 

Training activities of a six man S.W.O.R.D. Team:

– Plan and conduct a surveillance/recon patrol; to include long range ops (LRRP). (Yay, he got to use a cool sounding “high speed” military acronym right at the beginning)
– Plan and implement psychological ops. (PsyOps too, WOW)
– Prepare accurate SitReps and assist Command Staff in the planning of operations.
– Identify and track enemy patrol/recon operations.
– Design and implement ambushes and raids; to include sniper operations. (So what’s the rest of your “combatants” supposed to do?)
– Know how to assemble incendiary devices made from common readily available material
(knowledge, not build illegal devices). (I guess putting that gay disclaimer will get you off the hook with the feds, huh? The problem is that academic understanding doesn’t equate to real world implementation, and that’s how you get people killed through accidents or a failure to work when it is needed.)
– Create a smoke screen.

– Must complete a HAM radio training program and have a thorough understanding
of Basic Operating Procedures, Tactical Comm, CommSec, the Rapid Alert System, SitRep
and SALUTE and his unit C.E.O.I. (These are all things every combatant in a team, detachment, squad, etc. should know, they are not specialties)
– Must be able to operate all unit comm equipment. (See above)
– Build a field expedient, clandestine antenna.
– Transmit and receive Morse code.

Designated Marksman Team:
– Both must pass DMR qualification. In the field one will act as the spotter. (DMR Qual consists of hitting an 8 1/2×11″ sheet of paper 10 out of 10 times at 200 yds [4.25 MOA!!!!] within 3 minutes, and “No”, I’m not making that up, that’s their DMR Qual) 
– Conduct a terrain survey.
– Estimate range to target.
– Construct and use a ghillie suit. (What about hiding the rest of the team?!)
– Construct and use a Sniper/Forward Observation Post hide. (They aren’t even DM’s, let alone snipers)
– Conduct long range surveillance of target for intelligence gathering purposes.
– Plan and implement a enemy harassment plan. (It’s called “Shoot and scoot”)
– Plan and conduct interdiction operations on key target personnel. (Shouldn’t the TL and ATL be planning that?)

Advanced Land Navigation:
– Advanced map/compass reading (Um, everybody should know this)
– Excellent land navigation skills (see above)
– Plan, lead and execute patrols and reconnaissance gathering missions.

The Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader must be the two members of the team
trained in advanced land navigation techniques. They will plan and lead the patrols/operations,
as well as assist in the training of the other members of the team.


First, the whole (specialized) detachment should be skilled in better than normal LandNav (You’d know that if you had ever served in Combat Arms). Second, you have two commo guys, but no medic? You have two “DM’s”(not really), but no one carrying something “Heavy” for fire suppression (like a drum fed AR or AK)? Jeffy wants this to sound all high speed, but apparently, once again, he is clueless on proper organization and application.

So why all the “Pickin’ on Jeffy”? Jeffy is an example of what has gone wrong with what was originally an important part of our history. Jeffy comes up with excuses just like most of the “militia” groups out there to do things that make him, and by extension, his group, look like what he considers to be “badass”, and “military”, even when they are not. There are groups of “militia” all over this country that took what Jeffy wrote in that “manual” as gospel, and only a few that I am aware of actually questioned it (And after they sent it to me and I read it, I told them to throw it out.)

I don’t care what you call your groups, but when guys try saying they are “Constitutional Militia”, and are clueless about not only the meaning of the term, but the authority required to be that, and also the responsibilities inherent in being that, it causes a slight irritation. When a guy who says he’s “authorized” by the “4th Continental Congress” to have his militia, you might want to ask questions like “What the Hell is the 4th Continental Congress?”, and find out the “Where”,”When”, and “Who” of it.


Hey Jeffy AKA “OWP”, I’m glad I could share my little bit of knowledge with you today. Yeah, he directed the above line at me LOL.

As I’ve said here and here , you don’t need a piece of paper to authorize you and yours to train to protect yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities. These are inherent rights given to you by God, and I don’t need a Damned amendment or parchment to tell me I can do that. If you really think you have to say your group is a “Constitutional” whatever, what are you going to do when they take it away? Yes, Jeffy, they have legal ways of throwing out the whole thing (ConCon anyone?), and in the end it doesn’t matter one lick because I know where my rights come from (and it ain’t a parchment), and just as importantly, I know what my responsibilities are. If you guys reading this want to make a difference that has substance, get off social media with your groups (if you have one), organize at the local level, and prepare for the worst case scenario. Hey Jeffy, ask your Forf consteetooshunal CONvenchun” if you can do that! Hell, I didn’t even have to bring up your background or beliefs, did I Jeffy?



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE




17 thoughts on “A “Why” In Militia Failures, or “Ode To A Special Snowflake”

  1. I tried to read this with an open mind – and I love Idaho – but why are these so-called “militia leaders” bound and determined to go public in a big way and beclown themselves and by proxy that lovely state? As George Ure over at Peoplenomics often notes “Everything is a business model.” – and it seems hot air is always a marketable commodity. Once again, you are doing a public service by calling these jokers out. Granted I am a cynic, but I do not see this as ignorance of the part of the seller, but intentionally misleading, preying on (and profiting from) the ignorance of the buyers. “Rule One: You do NOT talk about Fight Club.” OPSEC people. No doubt a NYT profile of this “Militia Leader” is coming. Lord love a duck.

    • I was just talking to a friend today about that very thing (the nut jobs who seem to migrate there). I know some good guys who comment here that live there, and I know they are just as disgusted with what is a happening as we are. Hell, I didn’t even get into what his personal views for Idaho it probably wouldn’t surprise you unfortunately) are because this post was about a mindset type, not about Ol’ Jeffy. I’ll leave that to others to share. Thanks for the support Buddy. I wasn’t gonna write this because I’m tired of being cast as the bad guy when I do these posts (I actually wrote half of it and deleted it), but then I realized that if I could just help one person see the truth in this message, my effort was worth it.

  2. Half the stuff this guy blathers about sounds a lot like the same stuff scammy blathers about.
    Using an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, their DM should be able to hit it with every shot at 850 yds-to 1100 yds.
    That’s not some “sniper” shooting-just minute of angle at 850 and 1100 yds.
    We wouldn’t let hunters take long shots at elk unless they could put 3 rounds into a 9″ paper plate at 300 yds-that’s minute of elk vital organs shooting.
    Jeffy the fake military “leader”
    has control issues.

  3. It’s the video-gaming infection….it’s gotta be. How else could the guy equip himself like he has in the pic provided and be able to go long, long distances over hill and dale with his sustainment load to get to his ORP …ahhhh never mind. He could. Especially in the phenomenal shape he’s apparently in….just sayin’

    Sunday snark off.

  4. Personally, I am just an individual who’s geared up and
    will make myself available to stand Against those who’ll
    try to steal my Liberty, my Freedom, and my Republic.
    My rank: Just A “Regular Guy”

  5. Really at this point I will defend my clan, and my allegiance is to The almighty and my clan
    and the only law of war I plan to obey is to make any invader bleed for every inch of ground they walk on. and in fact if pushed by such fools I plan to make Caligula look civilized.
    In such a case let me die in a pile of brass and a burnt out barrel.

  6. Dweebs like this are why I avoid “the militia” like the plague. The seem to dominate the whole thing. I have notice that they are the same “type” you find disrupting and destroying every reenactment group. Every neighborhood watch and any other group they can impose their brand of self important BS into.

  7. I don’t know where he came up with “ordinance” for his sword thing. Going to codify some laws while shooting that 4+ MOA standard? Last I heard, it was ORDNANCE, i.e. the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps.

      • Heh, “Sword” Beach re-enactors…heh heh. Thx MDT, your comment made me laugh-I’m an orthotics-sportin’, crazy cat lady who learned one very important thing after 26 years of service: Pay close attention when your EOD guy says, “Ma’am, watch this.”
        Have a great day!

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