Kernal Kerodin’s Korny Kommando’s, A Week In Review Part 3

Shit, everybody’s slamming Sammy

Larry stood in next to this vicious little fag until the evidence of his duplicitous douche baggery was overwhelming

I have had personal dealings with Larry and I can tell you a few things about him (Or not)

Larry is not the one who was convicted for extortion

Larry is not the one scamming people for money

Larry is not the one being chased across the country by bill collectors

Larry is not the one claiming to be things he is not

Maybe it’s not Larry after all

Starvin’ Larry (aka Gamegetter II) is one of those decent, honorable men that actually think for themselves, along with Grandpa and Lineman. These were also men that refused to sling shit at me, Angel and JC with Sammy when he started. He was an ardent supporter of Sammy’s at first but him and the aforementioned Gentlemen (and I don’t use the term ‘Gentlemen’ loosely) actually read the posts and followed mine, JC’s and George’s links and drew their own reasonable conclusions.
And now Sammy’s attacking him on one of many blogs. Larry’s response, via comment to Sammy’s blog (which wasn’t published of course) is in the link above.
Sammy didn’t post it but I damned sure will.

Fuck you Sammy. Don’t you hate it when people communicate? That was your downfall – you thought when your Board of Directors quit en masse we’d go our separate ways. As Gomer Pyle said – “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!”_________________________________________________________________


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

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