Entitlement: It’s Theirs, We’re Just Holdin” It For ‘Em

From the desk of JC Dodge

You tell me how screwed society is. Here’s the money quote,

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view, that was raised in the hood. How he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?”

With this entitlement mentality taking hold and becoming mainstream (and trust me, it’s becoming mainstream), we are all screwed. Now, the level of “Screwed” is just about degree.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


19 thoughts on “Entitlement: It’s Theirs, We’re Just Holdin” It For ‘Em

    • If you consider where the concentrations of the gibs-me-dats are, there’s a significant percentage already on the “reservations”.

      Of course those reservations were created by the liberal progressives and their “enlightened” policies.

      • Da ‘hood is not a reservation. I mean places with defined borders. Like, say, Florida. Of course, the others there would have be compensated for the displacement, but in the long run it would more than pay for itself. And in, oh… thirty years — maybe less — Florida would look like Haiti.


        • Ah. I see. I was thinking more in terms of the older, more traditional version of the “ghetto”. It would be impractical to cordon off 80% or so of our urban-metro areas. Regarding the outcome, there’s little doubt about that. And, considering what was Rhodesia, your timeline is pretty accurate as well. Give the leftists something and see where it goes.

  1. We could be doing something about that if enough of us cared to do it;) And no I don’t mean getting rid of them…

      • Oh I think enough see the threat it’s the doing that is lacking in my opinion… People don’t use history as a guide even when they know the history caused pain and death for those who didn’t take steps to avoid it…Every Patriot knows that phrase “How we burned in the camps” but don’t apply it to their situation even though it can be applied in our daily lives right now…Sad That…

  2. “How else he gonna get money for school clothes and…”

    Get a freakin job?
    Have parents-as in two of ’em that work for a living and don’t collect welfare for a living?

    There’s a video of some black guy during the recent Milwaukee festivities saying he can’t live with white folk and black people can’t live with white folk. ” so y’all gots to go”
    I think the boy’s in for a big surprise- him and his homies from da hood are gonna find themselves seriously outnumbered and outgunned if he thinks him and his boys grom da hood are gonna start kickin white folks out of their homes.

  3. Well,from what I see seems home owner acted properly,this happened on a more regular basis bet you would see break ins/home invasions down down as criminals found a job or were fertilizer.

    Sucks we live in a world were kids think they need to steal(doesn’t help when lemonade stands shut down,kids just starting to make a few bucks by working).We need a country were there is much less restrictions on folks wanting to work/start a business,tis crazy with all the rules/regs/taxes ect. Unfortunately,am convinced this country will get a whole lot crazier before hopefully getting better.

    • People need to start acts of mass disobediance every time a kids lemonade stand is shut down, when parents can’t bake cookies and brownies for school bake sales,when cities make homeowners get building permits for every little thing that is done to improve their home-and especially the cities that require a licensed plumber to install a freakin faucet or hot water tank.
      Or a licensed electrician to install a new outdoor light fixture, or run the romrx to convert attic space into a bedroom or two so there’s outlets and ceiling lights in the room- what does it matter who’s work the building indpecor is inspecting as long as it’s plumbed or wired correctly?

    • Been to West and Sub-Saharan Africa? Been to Haiti?

      “Lemonaide stand…” (Choking back laughter…!) Here is an example of an African “Lemonaide stand:” A group of “kids” with shovels standing next to a deeply pot-holed road (are there any other kind in Africa?); vehicle approaches; “kids” rush out to surround the vehicle while shoveling dirt into the pot-hole demanding extortion money for such a noble purpose, then after the extortion is paid (or else) and the vehicle moves on they are re-excavating the pot-hole in anticipation of the next victim.

      The only redeeming quality of African Negroes is that they despise “American” Negroes and cannot understand why whites put up with them.


      • At least they’re sorta workin for their money-they dont get free food,rent and utilities for sitting around.

        The lemonade stands was for all the kids tryin to earn some spending money and gettin shut down due to .gov regulations.

        • “At least they’re sorta workin for their money…” I congratulate you, sir; you have astonished me.

          Strong arming and extortion… “sorta working” and not getting “free” stuff. True, African Negroes will only disable your vehicle and then rob rape and kill you for not paying pot-hole extortion, while ‘Merkun Negroes will only riot loot and arson for your not paying egalitarian extortion.

          As I remarked to MDT last night, the overwhelming number of ‘Merkun patriots would be astonished to find that their beliefs and slogans would have been unremarkable on the barricades of the Communist revolutions in Europe in 1848.

          The argument is not about lemonaide stands.


          • No the argument is not about lemonade stands-the “argument” is what to do with/about those who can not live in a so-called civilized society.
            Those of us commenting here have morals and values-those from da hood and third world shitholes do not.
            The socities they come from are tribal, many of which never even developed their own written forms of communication,much less invented things to improve their lives/living conditions. They still eat bbq’d bats and monkey meat even though they’ve been told that’s how ebola is contracted. They’ve never made any contributions to civilization and remain largely uneducated hunter gatherers-something the rest of the planet moved on from thousands of years ago.
            The contributions that have been made by black folks only took place after being educated in “white mans” schools.
            The rest of the world’s societies evolved, while theirs remain stuck in about the same 4th century time as the muslims seeking a global caliphate.

  4. I am entitled as well. Entitled to keep what I earned for my sweat and blood and toil. This gives me the privilege to my opinion, where I worship, choice of who I associate and do commerce with, vote, etc.
    Unfortunately, the modern EBT system pretty much gives the generational welfare cats the same options now.

  5. Hi JC,
    ‘Reminds me of Viet Nam…….here we were in the middle of a “Hot War” and we (Our side) get these “Do Gooders and Do-nut Dollies” going over there sayin..”Oh these Poor people need love and bread!!! As an old Marine “in Country” vet friend and co-worker of mine said about all that ,”yeah sure, run up to ’em with yer’ bread………’They’ …..will take yer’ bread, cut yer’ throat and steal yer’ shoes!!!”
    Ya’ have ta’ remember ……..we pride our selves for being “Civilized!!!” after all we put American’s on the MOON!!!!! ‘Think of the “Great minds” our “Society” has produced, Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton and others …… However, one must remember that one would not have to travel very far from the abode of any of these great people to find humans that are “Totally Feral!!!!!!!!”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

  6. Ultimately you, me and anyone who gets to that deep, dark, ugly place of real, truly honest assessment knows integration, compatibility and coexistence left the station decades ago…if it was a possibility to begin with. I wish we could have made it work, but I won’t lie to myself about it. Goes back to the scorpion and the frog, I don’t like it but I realize people are who they are. The real nut to crack is who are the proverbial Elio and who are the Morlocks in this scenario. Unfortunately I think this is becoming a zero-sum game and might be one for the history books.

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