Mike Vanderboegh, May He Rest In Peace


During a long phone conversation with Matt (Vanderboegh) this past week, I was able to personally  express my condolences to him and his family. We talked about many things, but the main theme was “Where do we go from this point.”. We are on the same “sheet of music” in that regard, and I see good things coming out of that “Change of the Guard”. A lot is coming down the pike, and preparing for it is something that is surely lacking in the majority of society. Being prepared is a mantra that MBV advocated and practiced (ask Matt about all the equipment still in storage, LOL), and should be encouraged with everyone you know. Here are some of the links that spoke of the passing of Mike:



American Thinker

Sharyl Attkisson

The Captains Journal

And last, and most assuredly always the least


Rest in peace Mike, we’ll take it from here.


Mike and I, NRA Convention 2011


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



5 thoughts on “Mike Vanderboegh, May He Rest In Peace

  1. That was excellent, JC. Thanks. The field continues to get bigger but the vision that set us on this path does not. So long as we do not lose site of that, I think we’ll do just fine.

        • At this point my “Give a Shit” meter is broke LOL. Considering the BS last year from various “echo chambers” about me supposedly trying to “Divide the Movement”, when all I did was present facts for reflection, and my personal opinion (imagine that. on MY BLOG), they can kiss my ass. The facts were a reality the “Kernal Korns” didn’t want to think about, so they attacked the messenger, not the message. If their internet attacks are a reflection of their field prowess, the bad guys have nothing to fear from the disorganized, egotistical wannabe’s who call themselves “operators”.

  2. JC,Mikes passing was noted on many sites(as I have said,I am a site slut).I find it nice that right before he died your previous article about prepping/ethics/morals was published,feel the torch will be carried by many forward despite the loss.

    I had to laugh a bit with the dump of fed reps. e-mails/phone #’s publicly last Friday,reminded me of when Ct. passed bill wanting addresses/names of semi auto gun owners and a site printed their names and addresses,yep,torch is still burning.

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