Preparedness, Ethics, And Morality

From the desk of JC Dodge

A friend and I were talking the other night about different scenarios that need to be prepped for. During the conversation, I told him about another conversation that involved a guy questioning me on why we should prepare. The individual that asked the question of me is your typical “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” party animal. He has a Daughter.and has a hard enough time paying his bills on time, because he spends money on whatever makes him fell good in the moment, whether it’s alcohol, a jet ski, or a weekend at the beach.

Food post1

This guy was trying to convince me that there is no point in spending money on something that “Isn’t gonna happen.” and that I was better off enjoying it for the moment than planning ahead. He asked me the question “Why should I plan for what you’re talking about? You can’t guarantee that it’ll happen, right?” My response went like this,

Me: What kind of insurance coverage do you have on your car?

Him: Full coverage.

Me: Is that because you have to or because you choose to?

Him: Because I choose to. I’ve had a few wrecks, and one was my fault, and I don’t want to be back at ‘square one’ if I have another one that is my fault. I can’t afford that.

Me: Exactly, you are planning ahead for what might happen. You aren’t planning on causing another accident, are you?

Him: Of course not.

Me: But yet you get the more expensive insurance. You know why it’s even more important to prepare for societal collapse?

Him: Why?

Me: Because if SHTF occurs, being prepared allows me to make and apply more ethical and moral decisions than what I might be capable of if I was not prepared. Not so much moral decisions, but definitely ethical ones.

Him: Like what?

Me: You have a Daughter, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: Is there anything you would not do for her if it meant her survival?

Him: No!

Me: That’s my point. If she was starving, you’d steal, and maybe kill someone to feed her and keep her from dying, correct?

Him: Well I’d like to think I wouldn’t do that.

Me: Fantasy does not replace hard reality when the reaper is in your face, especially when it’s a loved one. Of course you’d “Like to think….”, but the reality is you would probably do it because it’s for someone you’d do ANYTHING for, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: In this case, if you put back a year’s worth of canned goods (took the money and spent it on something that achieved the most bang for the buck, food wise), and were able to supplement that with wild game (you took the time to learn how to hunt or trap), or something you traded for food like an “Old school” skill you took the time to learn like blacksmithing (took the time to learn and practice it), you probably would not be in the situation that you would be in otherwise (child starving and you have no means [skill or provisions] to feed her other than to steal or kill).

Him: I probably wouldn’t kill for food.

Me: So if the guy you tried to steal from caught you and you knew the only way you’d be able to feed your Daughter is to kill him and get out of there, you wouldn’t do it?

Him: Well, in that case, I guess I’d have no choice.

Me: Sure you would! You have the choice of not being in the situation to begin with by having prepared ahead of time to be able to feed your loved ones.

Needless to say, it was like a light bulb clicked on in his head, and from what I hear, he has decided that all of  of his “expendable” income now goes for preparedness items. He actually cut back on the drinking because he said it was too expensive, and he didn’t want to be in a position to “Need it” when the SHTF.

The bottom line is this. Having a Survivalist mindset and living the Survivalist lifestyle will give you more options when making ethical and moral decisions “WHEN” the collapse happens (just like the mindset for a physical confrontation, your “collapse” mindset needs to be “When” not “If” because mentally, you take it more seriously. It’s not because we have a crystal ball). If you do not believe a collapse can happen, you are delusional and haven’t read about Argentina, the former Yugoslavia, and a host of other small time (big to them) collapses that killed thousands. Just look at what’s going on in Venezuela if you want to see the beginnings of a societal collapse.

After explaining that conversation to my friend, he asked me to post this, since he thought it was something that needs to be reiterated in this community. Give yourself more options because your family, friends, and others who have prepared deserve it. NOW GO TRAIN!



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



43 thoughts on “Preparedness, Ethics, And Morality

  1. Good article,I bring up the why do you have a spare tire,you don’t want to use it but allows a peace of mind during car trip,try to lay out prepping that way.The good thing for me is all the stuff I buy I use anyhow wether gear/food ect,any old school skills learned fun and a hobby that may have more value down the road(fun hobby good enuff reason though),unlike the gentleman you spoke with know folks barely etching by,can still prep a little a week and the old stand by article feed a family of four for a year on 400 bucks still applies,boring as hell but hungry,well,a holiday meal.I help with supplies/what little knowledge I have a few folks that are friends on very tight budgets,they are trying and feel the more ready things go wrong the better for all.I see helping each other as one of the most important things about prepping,one does not feel alone and one builds more community/friendship in the process.

    One thing I was guilty of(besides long posts)was not enjoying life daily for a bit while the prepping bug went a bit overboard,good to be ready and all that but life is short,don’t forget to live in and enjoy the moment,thus try and go with the phrase,”Live for today,prep for tomorrow”.

    Congrats on getting someone to see the light,sounds like he still enjoys a few beers but has a finger and engaging in actions on the possibility things could change quickly,two less folks to worry about and hopefully if needed may be able to help others less fortunate.

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  3. I never talk to anyone in real life about “prepping”, unless they are already on board. There are 2 different outcomes to your story:

    1. Friend begrudgingly agrees and hopefully starts putting away some food/etc (unlikely).
    2. Friend says “I’ll be fine, I’ll just come over to your house”.

    Moral decision. Do you turn your friend away when he shows up at your house? Do you feed him at the expense of your family? Do you shoot him when he refuses to leave? What about if he tells other people on the way to your house?

    I’m not sure on what the right answer is. Rawles is a guy who doesn’t tell anyone anything, but believes in giving charity (anonymously) if times get tough. Maybe I’m somewhere in between. Unfortunately I have a lot of “city” friends that would probably show up on my doorstop, because they think there is unlimited food in the country.

    • The answer is that you pool your community resources. People have been through these things before. They didn’t survive with the mentality, “I have mine, fuck you.”

      The trick is that somebody has to be in charge making all the tough decisions.


      • Agreed Steve….yet that in of itself, brings its own baggage, as many in my semi-rural AO are low IQ “gonna be raptured before it gets bad” types…or a member of the parasite class.

        Per your “community / group” scenario…methinks it should be based on skill-sets/kin/opsec etc. The problem of vetting can be rather daunting.

      • Agree wholeheartedly Brother… As long as the one in charge isn’t trying to enrich himself at the expense of others and has the experience to lead I would have no problem falling in and doing everything I could to make that endeavor successful…

      • The point I was making was that the other possible outcome in JCD’s scenario was the person says he doesn’t need to prep because he can just show up at your house (instead of “seeing the light”). The reason I bring this up is because this exact thing has happened to me. Your age group may be different, but my generation has a lot of folk with useless skills.

      • “The trick is that somebody has to be in charge making all the tough decisions.” NO truer words have been written on this subject….especially if ‘that somebody’ is trying to deal with a bunch of ‘rugged individualists’ who won’t subordinate themselves to anyone or anything…..

    • Larkins,tis why I try and help folks out now while I can,whether info. or just a few extras for their larder as they are trying but on very tight budget.I am not rich,may look like a rock star but while in the band never earned rock star monies!I still though do a little better then OK and thus in a position to help others which to me is a big part of what life is all about.Depending on location if things go very wrong folks I know still have something,they may really still need help but tis a large degree why I prep/learn new ways to get by ect.

      • Hi James,

        I help others out whenever possible, but what exactly are you helping them with? Giving them things? I show up to fix my friends cars, houses, etc. I don’t give them things though. I don’t see how that would “help” them.

  4. Killing your attackers and eating their bodies is entirely moral. Storing food so you don’t have to eat the attackers is LESS moral, IF the motivation is your self-loathing trying to see the attackers as more valuable than yourself. It’s a form of paying protection money which the attackers don’t even have to administrate. All the religions try to put you in a mental box which says something else — anything else — is more important than you. Climb out of that box.

        • “What I should do is just start posting….”

          That’s a good idea. What bothers me about many comments are the insulting remarks made under the guise of anonymity. I myself have been guilty of doing such.

          Those same remarks if stated face-to-face would earn the insulting individual a black eye or broken nose. So why do it in tough-guy Internet mode ? Of course, when a remark is made by one anonymous entity to another amonymous entity is anyone actually “insulted” ? Kind of like that crashing tree in the forest. If no person is there to see the tree crash to the ground does it actually make any noise ?

          “What I should do is just start posting….”

          Why not ? I may start teaching some manners. Besides, what do you have to lose ?

          Thanks for your hard efforts with your blog.

  5. Guess who’s coming to dinner?
    The Towel Head ref and the new convert Tyrone. The reward is white female
    eye candy and everything you’ve sown.
    Your home will no longer be YOUR CASTLE, it will be theirs.

  6. As a person who read the book Alive when I was 10-11(what were my parents thinking?!)I have no problem if eating my corpse would help others survive,hell,feed me to your dogs.I am a organ donor and to a degree see no difference.That said,you kill me to eat me,well,hope you die of food poisoning.I have set up after organ donations my body to be used for med students,then,hopefully my remains put out to sea to feed the fishies(some states not legal after students use body),so,depends on which state I die in as to how remains finally disposed of.

  7. Solid post and topic. I think we’ve all had similar encounters with folks that are “DGI’s”.

    “It’ll never happen” – IMO “it” covers enough potentials to warrant concern.

    “The Government” will take care of us… – Right. See Lon’s post above.

    “I’ll come to your house”. – Do you think I live in a warehouse complex? Even my somewhat normalcy biased wife has told people to “forget that”.

    So, I think that most of us try to use logic and hope that we make some kind of impression. My relatively new DIL asked my son why there were dates on all the cans in the pantry and why it looked like it was so “neat”. Son informs wife that we have X amount of foodstuffs in the pantry, they are kept in rows, etc for inventory purposes and dated for rotation and to minimize loss/waste. The mentions my “storage room” which initially freaked her out. Her folks (good people) have a ranch, but think they’ll get by on that if they have to “head out”. Dad has many and nice hunting rifles, but doesn’t believe her needs a “machine gun/Mattel” rifle or for that matter high cap pistol or tactical shotgun or even short barrel for his 870 duck gun. Says he’ll use high scope and won’t get “up close”. Junior continues to work on FIL. Helps at said ranch. Is taking the water on stone approach.

    Some of the other responses make valid points. You do need to live your daily life. Just don’t be the grasshopper. I’m not 100% sure TSWHTF, so I do the 401k thing, who knows… TPTB might be able to pull additional rabbits out of the hat. We might actually need to retire on savings.

    But then, as an old Arkansas friend says, “Mights (mites) grow in a chickens ass”, so I keep on getting this and that and taking care of one thing or another. The .Gov spends too much money and has too many people acculturated to the dole. When the music stops, TSWHT; like as not.

    I too am bothered by folks on “the web” that seem to thrive on the anonymity of the Internet and post all sorts of crap that they’d never say in public or most likely, to your face. I get not advertising your actual name and address. But, what is wrong with using manners and respect? In any event, I appreciate your writing (JC) and most of the comments following. I don’t agree with SFC SMB all the time, but that’s life, right? He’s got a view point, and credibility which at least gets him consideration.

    Cold Steel, Above The Rest and To the Top!

    Jeff B.

  8. All due respect don’t we first kill all canines in area? They go prior to harvesting avalible quail,rabbits, deer. The idea of the dog round up is multi important A: how you gone to feed them B: dogs pack up , kill game and become feral. Your golden retriever may be sweet but think about all the pit bulls in the barrio/ ghetto/ media modified white tattooed under the age of forty wigger populated small town environments. Well? Learn to prepare dog read a book about plains native culture talk to some expatriate South Asian type.

  9. Put back food, water and ammunition for a “rainy day”? Hell, I`d say probably half of American homes don’t have a functioning smoke detector…. They`ve got the latest iPhone tho.

    We`re talking about the same population that will trample each other for $100 off a TV set at Christmas time.

    • Very true.

      But, more folks have started thinking ahead than were. LTS items are sold in Wal*Mart, Sam’s and Costco. It’s easy to find several reputable sources for bulk items.

      Enough? No. But more than were. The ones you describe will be at the head of the pack when it comes to “sharing” and a collective mentality.

      I suspect many of us, on our own neighborhoods/AO’s are somewhat “gray” and try not to stand out or be noticeable. Mainly, to avoid the bargain shoppers when TSHTF.

  10. Excellent article Brother. The only quip I’d add to the conversation, as both of us have previously addressed in our respective writings, is the communal assessments of need and capability. The Rawles-purveyed notion of small groups ‘surviving’ which most preppers accept as Gospel is simple hogwash.

    It takes a community built upon common identity.

    An identity which is rarely built among the comforts of suburbia and amid urban sprawl. This is a truth very few have the mental capacity to understand, let alone accept. As SFC Barry indirectly pointed out above, whole ethnicities experience ‘SHTF’ all the time. That shared history becomes the bond and the symbol of strength amid struggle. Those desires to preserve cultural identity are the real survival mechanisms, and is curiously left out of most forms of ‘education’. Once erased, a culture is destroyed, no matter how many of the descendants continue to exist.

    • Amen Brother..”It takes a community built upon common identity” That right there is why I have been so incessant that we need to be moving to like minded areas and forming those Communities built upon our love for Liberty, Honor, and Decency that is a sustaining, sufficient, and secure area…

  11. Interesting shared ideas. Number one: one has to believe that there will be trouble coming (in whatever form and for how long?) and two, take seriously (if you believe in the first place) the necessary steps to ensure at least a level of survival ability. Location plays a huge factor if #1 and 2 are in place and to that end rationally thinking (a challenge for a great majority) about and planning are critical. Perhaps the most difficult for most (non-military types) is the idea of having to kill someone else in the most horrific situations: can you do it? what do you do after? what will my ‘friends’/family/mate think of me, etc., etc. In the end, while you and yours may be able to hold out for a while (depending on the situation whether natural disaster, economic collapse, political collapse (or?) it really will take a ‘community’ in some form to survive and to that end if (in my opinion) one is not doing the hard work now, when ‘it’ happens it will be too late..

    • Yea a lot of people need to look inward and be honest with themselves on where they are at location wise, prep wise, and spiritual wise and then putting the effort in to correct the deficiencies….If more people would do that then we would definitely have a better chance of surviving and thriving… JMHO

      • …seems as if I’ve heard you mention that a time or two before, my brother. And over the course of… years…
        I’m old (no remarks about buzzards, please…) but memory still serves. And the advice – as you know – is agreed upon, and taken.

  12. and that is what prepping is, preparing for an outcome you hope won’t happen, but if it does, you are worlds ahead of everybody else.

  13. JC,
    I would like to thank you for putting into words what I have been trying for years. unsuccessfully, to get my daughter and her husband on board with the possibilities and a measureable means to approach them. In this short post, you have given voice to what my wife and I have been trying to say. Now, this will be a complete success if they actually listen to what you say instead of “oh mom” or “whatever dad”. They have the attitude that if it doesn’t happen to them then it must not be serious, therefore, nothing needs to be done. Reminds of the kid that just has to stick the butter knife in the wall outlet even after being told not to and why…they just have to find out for themselves. Your writing may just save them from having to find out for themselves.
    Thank you for leaning forward in the foxhole and reminding all of us.


  14. I would like to edit me first post,said was a good article,want to change that to excellent article.The response and ideas/opinions ect. has been great,this article has a lot of people thinking or in some cases rethinking their thoughts/plans ect.,that is what excellent writing does.

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