Reagan’s Candor About “The Problem”

Considering that a large part of my formative years were spent with Ronald Reagan as President, this video did not surprise me. No matter what naysayers espouse about Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, what I do know is this. Any time he spoke to the American people, he made me proud that he was My President. He made me proud to be an American, and I was proud that we had a President that put the fear of God in other nations who made the mistake of threatening or screwing with us. The whole video is good, but a key point starts at 4:13


If the video doesn’t show up, go here


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



3 thoughts on “Reagan’s Candor About “The Problem”

  1. mr. peanut was one of the biggest reasons I left active duty in ’77. Reagan was one of the main reasons I went back in the reserves in ’85. He repaired much of the damage done by jimmy, both to the military and the country. Won’t get into what slick and barry did – and are doing to both entities. Glad I am now retired………………..

    OTB MCPO sends

  2. Refreshing to hear a politician that could explain without preaching, who could speak from the heart.
    Proud to have voted for him, honored to have served with him as commander in chief.

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