They’re A Dime A Dozen

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Do you feel silly that Kerodin had you fooled into believing he was what he said he was? Don’t feel too bad. Fox News and the Federal Government got duped by a guy who said he was a “CIA operative” and “Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer”. Does this sound familiar? Yeah. Kerodin used the line “Counter-Terrorism expert and direct action security specialist” when he was trying to extort malls after 911. He threatened to tell everyone they weren’t a secure place to shop and they were ripe for terrorist attacks unless they gave him money not to put their name in his “Intel Report”.

Kerodin's International1-1

Kerodin was 35 going on 36 years old when this advertisement went up in early 2003

Kerodin's SF4

So he graduated from HS, went to Basic Training at Ft Knox, and was kicked out. Relate his age here to his statement (Kerodin International) about 20 years of martial arts experience in the screenshot earlier.

Kerodin's SF3

Now he’s talking about his “first martial art”  Vo Bihn Dihn that he started after he was kicked out of Basic Training for lying.

Kerodin's Martial Art9

But I thought Vo Bihn Dihn was his first martial art? His year 18 must have been really busy, with taking Vo Bihn Dihn, 2-3 classes a day in Aikijutsu and all the jobs he needed to pay the SF mercs to teach him their skillset.

Now here’s what the Secret Service and his victims said about the crime.

Kerodin's Mall Con

Kerodin's International Conviction3-1

“No office, only a website”. How many websites does he have now?

Kerodin's domains

This is as of May 2016

Kerodin's International Conviction2-1

I wonder how much research he did on the Patriot/III movement before he started here? Is he an “Aspiring Patriot leader”?

Kerodin's Mall con1

Kerodin's Catching a case1

He decided to take his “Patriotic Activities” to the front lines? He changed his name to protect his family, huh (how convenient for his family when he was arrested)? Notice how he throws in the “(compliments of an HVAC background)” truth to cover the rest of the BS.

Kerodin's Catching a case2

“‘I ran a series of Red Team Operations across the DC area”,  and now he’s running the “Jedburgh Academy”, “Wanna be” much? If you didn’t know what really happened from the Secret Service interview and statements from the Mall officials he tried to dupe, his story sounded almost believable. He used just enough truth to make the BS sound correct.

Kerodin's Mall Paper22

His “List of Malls & Their Extortion Vulnerability Scores”

Kerodin's Terrorism Summary1

His “Blue Collar Intel” clairvoyance being exercised in 2003.

Conmen are a dime a dozen, some are just good at hiding it for longer than others. A friend asked me “If that’s the case, why are you so focused on putting Kerodin’s info out there?”. My reply was that “Kerodin is the only one who ever used my reputation and backing to forward his agenda My mistake was not performing due diligence looking into his background before I backed him.  I’m now correcting the problem because I owe the people duped by me backing him.”



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


15 thoughts on “They’re A Dime A Dozen

  1. I like the part where he was going to give a presentation alongside ‘a rather significant official at Treasury’.
    Hobnobbing with your enemy is acceptable? Oh wait, when there’s money to be had, there is.

  2. The beginning of the end for Simmons was when he was introduced to a real-deal former field guy (Kent Clizbe).

    The behind-closed-door comments about Simmons – ‘What the fuck is an outside paramilitary special operations officer?’ Led to some comedy gold. Such as, after having been in the field for a couple of weeks doing some grueling & decidedly Un-Fun shit (and it being training, so a lot of self-torture followed by a cock-tease as far as mission payoff goes) dudes saying ‘I think I’m going to shift when we get back, and become an INSIDE paramilitary dude. From now on, I only work indoors.’

    ‘Outside’ of course alludes to outside of any org., along the lines of nonofficial in terms of cover/assignment. The terms used make no sense. ‘Paramilitary’ dudes (SAD) while in-house, are of course trained and capable of conducting clandestine ops.

    If you need to go ‘outside’ for the sake of deniability for some reason and it involves KP&BTS…well that’s why mercenaries exist, right? Only applicable for covert as opposed to clandestine of course.

    And if he was ‘outside’/NOC, there’s no way in hell he’d ever willingly be in front of a camera with his face exposed, nor would he shoot the shit with ‘random’ (as in the nature of the introduction to Clizbe) agency personnel, even field (DO/DCS) personnel.

    This any many other ‘WTF?’ instances is why Clizbe had him pegged in minutes.

    Now Kerodin, although being a sickly, pathetic fish in a much less visible pond, generated some of the same humorous questions when I first read about him on Knuckledraggin.

    ‘Direct Action Security Specialist’. Here’s the textbook definition for DA (as it applies to mission/mission capability):

    “Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments and which employ specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage designated targets. Direct action differs from conventional offensive actions in the level of physical and political risk, operational techniques, and the degree of discriminate and precise use of force to achieve specific objectives.”

    Please tell me what cosmic glue could bind that to physical security and security engineering at a SHOPPING MALL IN THE USA.

    I won’t even start on security engineering pros usually dwelling in the realm of DoS (State), or his very telling choice of ‘counter’ (counter-terrorist) as opposed to ‘anti’ (anti-terrorist). There is a very big difference between the two, and a professional would never make such a mistake.

    And he studied Japanese weapons formally so he uses the word ‘katana’, but instead of ‘bo’ he uses the English word ‘staff’.

    I could go on and on (why not use a name for your company that wasn’t your family name, and then no-need for a name change? Ah, my brain hurts), but to end with some humor…if you guys have never seen the ‘Shrine of the Mall Ninja’, well…when the actual posts were being written a lot of (spookish) door kickers were torn 50-50: either a Kerodin or an actual pro having some fun and ‘trolling’. Whichever it was, good for some laughs and very Kerodin-esque.

    • I rarely click on links people post…mostly because I assume people are idiots until proven otherwise. Not that everyone is, but it’s generally a pretty safe assumption at first. 1) Kudos to the user name. Solid. 2) Was not aware of the SOTMN or the saga beyond GlockTalk. Thank you. Pure Gold. Wasted 30 minutes on it because you can’t stop reading the verbal trainwreck and people taking it seriously. Now back to taping ceramic plates on my head.

  3. Well done research. The wayback machine must have been burning up! You would think Scammy would keep a cheat sheet of dates so that his BS would flow correctly. Not even a competent conman. How embarrassing for him. And to think that he went off with the Akita and didn’t even mention the Akita whisperer. How embarrassing for her.

  4. From reading this, Im starting to think Special K may be the Gecko. They both have a thing about shopping malls and they are both ninjas.

  5. “I ran a series of Red Team operations across the DC area at our most distinguised malls.”

    This would make him a literal “mall ninja”.

  6. You should run a parody website off of word press. Instead of “III” make it “Three” and submit it to the search engines. Could have a lot of fun that anyone searching that term will stumble across

  7. If memory serves, A CIA “case officer” is bound by the National Security Act of 1947 and CANNOT tell anyone that the are or ever were a CIA “case officer” without the written consent of the DDO or higher . A CIA “contractor” probably wouldn’t want anyone to know what they were or had been doing because: To disclose a “classified” or “black” opp. would at best lead to an unmarked grave. At worst to some very unpleasant people asking questions in a very unpleasant way. The mob and the Mexican MAFIA “ain’t got shit” on the corporation when it comes to house keeping. That’s how I KNEW that phony “K” was a BS Artist. I had, at first, figured that his shtick had to be a PSYOP or a con. But he’s just too soft to have ever been an “operator” in anybody’s shop.. The boys over on the DDO side of the agency play for keeps. . I KNOW what hard looks like. Its the eyes, and his are soft. Woman soft, and filled with fear. He’s never killed anything in his life.

    • Honestly, I never gave a shit about what he implied that he used to do. I barely read his blog. I believed that most people deserve a second chance and I thought the “III Percent Society For America” was a good idea, and wanted to be part of it. The first “tell” I noticed was what pay grade he wanted as IIIPSFA president. Next was him bringing another ExCon conman on as the III Chaplain. After that, everthing was scrutinized (blog writings, etc) and things started popping out of the woodwork.

  8. At least JC, you weren’t deceived very long. Special K is just an opportunist con man going from one scam to the next and not even very good at it. His early attempts to write sci-fi porn were juvenile. Admittedly he has upped his game by latching on to the restore liberty movement, he saw a vein that could be tapped. I caution everyone I meet, do not fall for every imbecile spouting quotes from 1776 and calling you brother. I am offended when people I barely know call me “brother”. Just like military rank or a high pay grade, brother, is a term you earn .
    “I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.” Camille Claudel

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