Rightful Liberty This Is Not

Please tell me what the difference is between king Samir Shabazz and kernal Christian Kerodin.?Short answer. There isn’t any. This is a carry over from this post.

First up, Queen Shabazz

Next up Under Private (grade of E-$) Kerodin

Kerodin's Beck Speak

He says this,

Kerodin's Header

Here’s his sidebar mantra

Kerodin's Muslims

Here’s his philosophy on Commies because of course….“they are not human beings”, right?

Kerodin's Kill order

“Killing them carries no moral burden”? Think about that for a long second. Talk about a tortured and calloused soul. I don’t know what happened to this poor bastard to make him think this way, but this is just sad.  Am I a fan of Muslims or communists? HELL NO! Do I believe that if they are not harming anyone they can believe what they want? HELL YES! Rightful Liberty means you don’t get to choose who get’s the boot or get’s dead. Rightful Liberty means that by their actions against others, they choose if they get the boot or get dead. It’s that simple folks, anything else is delusional and is the same type of mindset the Baton Rouge and Dallas shooters used as an excuse to murder cops. Kerodin claims he speaks for those that are “III”. I think not.

Titties blog post10

Here’s a gratuitous “Being Ventura” pic for GamegetterII, LOL


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


11 thoughts on “Rightful Liberty This Is Not

  1. Nice pic!
    Much closer to the Jesse Ventura look.

    “don’t know what happened to this poor bastard to make him think this way, but this is just sad.”
    Maybe it has something to do with the Federal Bureau of Prisons ?
    Maybe it was a “bad” cellmate?
    Maybe it was not being able to pull off the “I studied/trained in martial arts daily for 17 years” horsepucky?
    Or the traveled to world hotspots and earned a paycheck as a super secret commando nonsense?
    Possibly it’s because his income has dropped to near zero due to lack of IIIPSFA dues paying members?
    Or maybe it’s because there’s no one in his new “neighborhood” in Idaho who believes all the BS about his experience,or his earning a paycheck by traveling to world hotspots as a super secret elite “special” commando.

    • Well, he definitely had a little time to dwell and let it fester while he was locked up. Before long he’ll be like Golum (IIIGolum) with no one to talk to but himself and Shelob in the cave (Torech Ungol). Obviously, he’ll be fondling “His precious” (the Randall knife he had relations with) while he’s singing and talking to himself and setting up prey for Shelob (as he’s done in the past).

  2. Eh,if sam needs to be brought up in same paragraph as Tolkien(sigh),well,lets just end said paragraph by having him get getting stepped on by a Ent!Seriously,done,problem solved.

    On a more serious note seeing what is happening in the world/reading the head shot article ect. had me appreciate this early a.m. rolling a smoke and having a coffee outside while watching a pair of red tail hawks and their young(getting big).I am lucky enough to have watched this progress almost daily as obviously they have nested near the home on the field/tree line and see em when working in this area almost daily.While I keep practising with firearms and enjoying them(still much better with bow)am glad have never been in a situation were I have had to kill someone in defense of meself or others and would be pleased as hell if it remained that way,call me a pussy/a long haired hippy whatever but tis moments like this am visit with the hawks that allow me to enjoy getting out of bed and at moment at least my own world though has challenges is at least for the most part peaceful,trying to be ready if that changes but am cool as hell with it staying the same.

  3. I find Special K’s analysis of the lack of violence at the RNC humorous and was because Obama ordered Shabazz to stand down in his estimate. No it wasn’t dumbass, it was because Bikers For Trump showed up with a half a zillion bikers and vowed to protect the pro-Trump folks. If Obama and Shabazz had any conversation it was the NBPP leader telling Obama, ” you one crazy fucking Kenyan if you think me and my peeps gonna take on them whiteys.”

    • I heard about the “Blue Gun Intel” ANALysis done by Fairy K (of III Cosmetics). He has to explain things so they fit his “Everything’s a conspiracy” paradigm. If not, he’ll be like Sharpton and Jackson and lose the few who still listen to him (the “3 Person Society”)

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