Their Desire Hasn’t Changed

H/T to MDP for the video

Considering the current info coming in about “Black Lives Matter” and the “New Black Panther Party” and actions taken and rhetoric they’ve pounded around the country and at the RNC, I thought this re-post of something I wrote almost exactly three years ago would be apropos. Remember this?



The “King” Has Spoken

13 July, 2013


The “King” has spoken people,.  Apparently king samir shabazz, AKA, “Queen of the Night”, has made a statement, wait for it,…..wait for it……… “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.” You can’t fix stupid, you can only mitigate its affect on the surroundings, so I’m going to give “The Queen” some advice. Hey Queenie, you realize by taking it to the white suburbs, your declaring war, race war, on white people, and as much as you talk smack about it, you don’t want to reap that whirlwind. Don’t give those small minded bigots of the white race. what would appear to be a legitimate reason to start attacking Blacks. Most white people think the race haters are morons with no moral standing, don’t make whites question that belief by attacking white people for no reason.

Nevermind, I know your too small-minded, petty, and full of hate and the entitlement attitude to even understand what I’m talkin’ about. By the way, tampons make good field dressings, so you should stop by Walmart on your way to the suburbs, and stock up, “cuz your gonna need ’em. I know you guys don’t have to go to work the next day, so do me a favor and do it on a weekend, so I don’t have to take off work to WHOOP YOUR ASS!. Thanks (Not really)

Class Pic


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
Maybe I’ll get lucky and Kernal Kerodin will use this post as an excuse to show I’m a “wacist”. Apparently he’s been given (said it came from someone else, yeah, sure it did) a false impression concerning me “cleaning up my act” because IAD and the AG (haven’t spoken to them since they said the allegation was “Unwarranted”, or in other words BS.) are “camped in my rectum”. Sorry Kernal, you’re the only one with experience having things “camped in the rectum”. Unlike you, I don’t need to copy everything done by those around me or my historical heroes to feel accomplished, and that includes my friend SFC Barry. He’s his own person, and I am my own.
What I am curious about is your statement of “If he had a single hair on his sack he’d stop stealing kisses from SFC Barry under the cloak and just come out of the closet and own his White Power.”  According to you, I already “own” my “white power” (big examples of it in the “Expose of LEO’s and .mil Wacist among us” book you wrote, right?) , and according to that, I am a big time “White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist”, racist, and “Neo Nazi”, right? Which is it? Am I a big, bad Wacist or not? Charging “racism” is the cry of a desperate individual (SJW), and you’re about as desperate as they come in trying to make your detractors look like bad guys, aren’t you? Silly We-Ginger, the lie is all you know, isn’t it? Hey IIITurd, do I look like Jesse Ventura in this pic?
Boonie painting1
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

2 thoughts on “Their Desire Hasn’t Changed

  1. OK,thanks for the laugh,been dealing with a family member and really needed a giggle.That said,tampons will make a dressing if all that is available/basic water filter also(can’t say have actually tried it).

    While more then their share of idiopts some of the original black panthers instead of being violent prone idiots actually came up with solutions for problems.They along with I am sure others realized hungry kids do not do well in school,they started on a voluntary basis free meals for kids in need in schools.Govt. of course took over that gig when they realized they had competition.Some were as I said violent prone assholes,some originals in that group/movement/what have you actually worked to solve problems,they are now distant from movement and hopefully solving problems to this day,the new party sure don’t seem to be solving any issues

  2. I had this conversation about a race war with a friend of my wive’s from work. He is really into black power and pride (with a focus on the pride), but he doesn’t seem to be consumed by hatered for white folks and the two of us get a long really well (strangely). When I told him that a race war between whites and blacks would be one of the worst things that could ever happen to blacks in our country, he chuckled at me and implied that it would be whites that would be sorry if something like that happened. After a few minutes of back and forth I pointed out some fact that left him quiet, at least until we had a few more beer. First I pointed out that no sector of white society is dependent upon blacks to survive or even thrive, but the reverse was not true for blacks. I also pointed out that blacks make up only 11-14% of the population (he was surprised by this as he thought they made up a lot more; for some reason he believed their numbers were nearly equal to whites, which is sad coming from a school teacher) while whites make up roughtly 45%, that whites control roughly 70% of the wealth in the entire country, and that whites make up nearly 65% of all service vetrans. All of those factors add up to nothing good for him and other blacks if they started a shooting war.

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