Guilty By Association, Demographic Or Profession?

From the desk of JC Dodge

So I was getting post info together for my thoughts on the Dallas shooting last week, and I read this headline, “BREAKING: 6 Police Officers Shot – 3 Confirmed Dead In Baton Rouge, LA”. I find the irony of “Patriots” who look like SWAT or Delta “Operators” on their FB profile pic, and who continual echo the mantra “The police should not be militarized!”, ridiculously ignorant.  At a minimum they are hypocritical and not just a little bit disturbing.

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Let’s look at some of the situations in the last week. We have the situation in Dallas last week where twelve people were shot (11 Officers, 1 civilian), and five of the Officers died. There is the event in Baltimore, where a guy started shooting at police with an AR pistol when the police pulled up to his location (they had heard gunfire coming from that area).  And finally, the unfolding situation in Baton Rouge. These events are similar to what I experienced in Iraq (especially Dallas where the guy was using groups of civilians to hide behind, and is a similar ambush type). If you are acting like an effeminate apologist by denying these facts and making lame excuses, it shows less than stellar analysis on your part.

The same people who “Gun up” for an “Active shooter” scenario from the civilian side (yes, cops are civilians, but I’m making a distinction in career choices not “Us vs Them”) , have a problem with cops preparing in the same way for a similar situation. What do you think the odds are that a Police Officer will be involved in an active shooter/ambush situation like the ones mentioned earlier, compared to the average civilian? keep in mind that their chosen profession generally implies that during practical application, they will to go into harms way (this was proven in Dallas last week).

What, you believe that because of what a court said in some ridiculous precedent/ruling that says the police are not required to protect civilians, that that is the case and how most of them feel? Then I guess we should make some assumptions about you based on what some vague demographic or career choice info says, huh (You’re a postal worker, therefore you’re gonna create a workplace active shooter situation)?

If you believe that (following the court’s ruling of no required protection of civilians) about the majority of cops, , I’d say you only know a few cowardly fucksticks wearing a badge, or you don’t know any cops, your’e getting your talking points from anti cop FB posters, the MSM, some blogger who has an ax to grind (rightly or wrongly) against the police and spouts anti cop rhetoric all day long, or some guy who needs a “domestic enemy” so he has an excuse to “Gun up” against “The threat”.

Do I like that the police are being “militarized”? No. Do I think they need to be able to address the threat imposed on them? ABSOLUTELY! Just like any war we fight is not like the war before, and the evolving threats require forward thinking people to prepare for it, cops are in the same boat. As a Survivalist, I believe in preparing for the threats I could face, not just the threats possibly imposed on me in 1920. A Police Officer who is not able to have an optically sighted carbine, a rifle plate carrier, and a serious IFAK (first aid) in his cruiser in most jurisdictions is being set up for failure in the real world.

Why would a bad guy choose to use a semi auto carbine when committing criminal acts? Because he has correctly assessed the threat of the police, and realized most don’t have the means to gun it out with him at ranges (beyond 35 yards), and they don’t have the means to protect themselves from the round his weapon fires. Of the two, which is more important for the Officer? I believe the plates are a higher priority for them, simply because their exposure to hostile fire is greater.

Why are rifle plates more important? It’s simple. In an Infantry context, the rifle team or squad would lay down a base of fire to keep the bad guys heads down. The police should not and generally do not “lay down a base of fire” simply because of the “innocents” and background,(especially in an urban environment) and needing to account for every round sent downrange (unlike the military). From what I’ve seen, the Officers in Dallas were not aware of the proper method required to safely move from cover to cover as a “Buddy” or “Fire” team, while still only sending accurate rounds downrange.

In an environment such as the Dallas situation, you should never be without at least a “battle Buddy”. The footage I watched of the Officer shot at the pillar was proof of that (if he’d had a “Battle Buddy” covering his movement, he probably would still be with us). This is the simplest of combat concepts (maneuvering as a Buddy Team, this is what is taught in MDT’s RBTEC), but although the police departments (some) have militarized from the equipment aspect, they haven’t learned the most important part, which is what’s in your head (they either knew it and didn’t apply it [Vets], or they just were ignorant of the concepts involved). This is not a “Monday morning quarterback” session, it is looking for answers that will save lives.

Kerodin's cop BS

The perfect example of someone who talks big and likes to gives excuses for murder. It also fits perfectly with his paradigm of kill all cops, .gov employees and their families

So now we’ll talk about the excuses made for the murder of Police Officers that had not committed any individual acts to warrant being shot or killed. By all means, if they did something to warrant it, please show us. Don’t be a hypocrite and say all police should be stereotyped as “jackbooted Goons”. If you do, that can easily be turned around and used to give reason for preemptively shooting members of several demographics (that’s not how it works in any legitimate measure of use of force).

The shootings of Castile in Minn., and Sterling shooting in La were the “excuses” made for this, and that’s exactly what they were, excuses. At that time, no one had any legitimate info on those shootings, and even now info is vague, but they are pointing to the possibility of the shooting having some legitimacy. I won’t speculate on them, simply because I don’t need to impress anyone with my “prescient” ability to read facts (because it doesn’t exist) that haven’t been submitted, or can’t be proven to be accurate yet.

To the account of Sterling being an ExCon with a long rap sheet, I say “So what.”. The individual’s actions on site are what decide where you go with use of force, not his having a “Pedophile” conviction, or multiple gun and drug violations. You dumb asses that want to assume the cops were at fault need to reflect the last time you made an assumption like that based on “eye witness” accounts like in the Brown/Wilson shooting. How’d that turn out?

There was no excuse for the shooting and murder of cops who were in Dallas or Baton Rouge. It’s that simple. If you believe there is one because of the whole “Cops shooting blacks” thing, I guess you also believe you need to start shooting black men too, right? Black men kill more blacks (racial fratricide) in the United States than any other demographic or profession (if you did not know that fact by now you are purposefully ignorant). Cops kill more whites than blacks in any given year, and the killing of two black men was only something these screwed up people use to justify their twisted thought process and actions.

Let’s say only five percent of people in Law Enforcement are good guys, and ninety five percent are thugs (a ridiculous notion, but just a “what it”). Do the five percent deserve to be gunned down in the street because of the ninety five? Of course not. I know what I believe is the percentage of good and bad cops based simply on what I’ve seen as a Law Enforcement Officer. Are there bad guys in LE? Most assuredly, but I challenge you to show a profession that doesn’t have it’s sadistic “bad eggs”. To the good guys in Law Enforcement out there I say, “Keep it up, and be an example.”. To the bad guys in Law Enforcement I say, “Your time is coming, you’ll be held to account in this life or the next.”

My friend Doc at Maingun decided to do something about the “Lack of Rifle Armor” thing. He has started a “Go Fund Me” site that is geared towards giving 100 Police Officers rifle plates and plate carriers for on patrol. If you think that Police Officers don’t deserve to be gunned down simply due to their profession, by all means go check the GFM site out. If you do believe they deserve/deserved it, I feel sorry for the warped sense of “justice” you espouse, and I also realize that you ARE THE PROBLEM! Be a sane example, not a sensationalist provocateur.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



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  1. I agree. Are there bad cops? Of course there are. Are there bad soldiers? Of course there are. Do the bad define the institution? No, but they do blacken the institution’s reputation if the propaganda focuses exclusively on the bad instead of the majority “trying to do the best they can.”

    It is illustrative that the “trying to do the best they can” cops are the targets of these attacks. What is happening is a classic UW AGITPROP operation — attack the otherwise innocent to provoke an overreaction. It is also illustrative that anarcho-Libertarians (i.e., “patriots”) have been sucked into the propaganda narrative of the Bolsheviks who are behind and commissaring these attacks on cops. All of this is tightly organized, lavishly funded, and under rigid operational control at its highest levels.

    “Black Lives Matter” (no, they don’t) are tools. Sure, they have to be ruthlessly suppressed. But just start (ahem… clearing throat…) “taking out” the commissars of all this and by their shrieking you will know them.


  2. Thank you for your post. Too many people assume that since a small group of cops is bad (to one degree or another) then all cops are bad (to the extreme).

    They need our help and support in order to do their duty and make it back home.

  3. I see all of this as more divide the folks and conquer plans.I will say all lives matter ( unless you kill for no reasonable reason i.e.,defense of yourself or others or one rapes ect.)The good folks in all groups whether cops/political activists/preppers ect. need to take charge of their own group and behaviour of said group.I may not agree with all or any of these groups but as long as not killing others for no reason,well,tis really not me business.We need to find what we have in common as a society and work with that,we also need to condemn insane acts of violence by members,whether they are members of your own group or anothers,but especially if a member of your own group,in the end,we are the ones responsible but also the ones can can bring some positive changes

  4. JC, I have interacted with many so-called militia groups and have even bumped into the infamous Sammy K once. Took me about 5 minutes to figure him out. There are plenty of people who talk about liberty and call themselves patriots who I would shoot on sight in a WORL world. They have one thing in common, they all hate cops or claim they do. I have decided they fall into one of three categories. Either they have always had their asses kicked by cops because they are shit heads, they are paid government instigators trying to ID future suspects, or they are just stupid anarchist who have no idea what they are asking for. Not being in an active military unit in combat, we do not have the luxury of calling everybody wearing our uniform brother. I encourage everyone I care about to learn to vet everyone before you let them in your perimeter.

    • I agree Dave. My mistake was not going back (due diligence) and reading his previous statements prior to giving IIITurd a chance to redeem his past indiscretions (something I’m trying to rectify by continually posting about his BS). If I had read all his rantings together I’d have just shaken my head.

  5. JCD,
    While freely admitting that I have never walked a mile in your or other LEO’s shoes, allow me to offer a few thoughts on what you stated. I agree with the sentiment and even the immediate solutions to what you said, but perhaps the real answer lies a bit deeper. Rifle plates solve little. The sword will always defeat the shield, and if every officer in the US had rifle plates they would still not be safe from a Dallas event. You know better than I that while an advantage, plates don’t protect things like your femoral artery, or that funny looking (IMHO) face you hang your ‘stache on. A sufficiently aggrieved person could cobble the $$ together to go bigger as well, it’s not like there aren’t options out there to defeat Level IV stuff if you want it bad enough. Not the least of which is somebody parking a van in front of a police station full of _____ and setting it off. You get the idea.

    This is merely the symptom of a much larger disease. Western culture is fraying at more than just the edges now and no matter how many Bearcats, ceramic plates and high speed guns we give cops, it doesn’t do a damn bit of good without 99% of people respecting the ROL. The excuses are just that, it didn’t matter if the guys were executed Katyn Forest style by the cops, in a society where the ROL exists there would be an appropriate way to handle the situations that didn’t involve shooting guys hundreds of miles away. The chickens of laws for me and other laws for thee have finally come home to roost. The American oligarchs can only flaunt the judicial system for so long before people realize it’s a sham and they lose any and all respect for it. Is it fair to blame to cops for the actions of judges, Congressmen and the ‘Justice’ Dept.? Nah, but it’s the reality. It’ sucks the whole way around, and I resent that mostly good dudes (and I know enough LEO to make that statement) are getting smoked while I contemplate the reality of a potential race war breaking out. So in short, we are all guilty by association. The cops. The decent black people who have adopted Western culture. Decent white people. The patriots. Veterans. Christians. Those who stood by and didn’t do enough to prevent things from getting to this point. Few are blameless at this point, as Bonhoeffer said, ‘Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.’

    • Jesse, I understand your premise, but my point was addressing the immediate “tactical” concern, especially since I believe addressing the “strategic” seams to be pointless at this point. The sword and shield analogy is true in a standard context, but when the uses of the sword are very limited, I believe giving guys a decent, realistic, and relatively cheap “shield” makes the most sense. They aren’t the military, and cannot engage like it does (longer ranges when possible). Practical protection (weight vs what it protects and to what level) is always a trade off, and I believe plate carriers are the most practical solution. Notice I said “Serious IFAK” in what they should have. It’s also implied that they know how to use that IFAK. This addresses the vulnerable areas not protected by their “shield”. Unless I’m missing something that didn’t realize I implied, my post was only about addressing the immediate tactical threat that has manifest itself, and getting past the revolver vs automatic mentality (remember, police went to automatics to address the threat they were coming up against, not the other way around. Evolve or Die). The reasons for this manifestation can be debated, but honestly, I’m sick of hearing how whitey has kept the black man down, because it’s a BS premise, and certain elements in that society will never be satisfied. That’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? It’s easier for blacks to now point to cops (because all black cops are “Uncle Tom’s in the black man’s eyes, right?) and cry “racism” now, than it is to point to the average white man, because there’s a black man sitting in the oval office. But let’s not dare point to factual statistics huh? Just the fact that 13% of the population is committing 85% of the recorded crime should be a big eye opener for someone who is objectively analyzing the problem. Are their bad cops doing bad things? Yes. Are their more good cops doing more good things? Of course, it’s just not in the news. Just the fact that the people Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton say they represent haven’t realized that the goals had been achieved is proof of mass ignorance. It behooves them (JJ and AS) to continue stirring a pot of stew that was done years ago. The “Chefs” just haven’t told the people they’re supposed to feed it to for one basic reason. They’d no longer be needed or get paid.

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  7. gentlemen and author,
    You have all made excellent points and have contributed well. The “movement” against police is contrived and we, the population, are being fed propaganda 24/7. The primary issue is w/ the rule of law or it’s disappearance. And the fish rots from the head down,
    and $$$$ purchases lawlessness to further agendas. Bad agendas at that.

  8. JCD, Respectfully,

    I disagree.

    When a man chooses a career path, it defines him. When a man decides to be a Machinist, his job description doesn’t require or allow him to go around using force against his neighbors. Are there Psychopaths, sociopaths, bullies and thugs who are also machinists? Sure there are, but it is coincidental as in the rest of society.

    When a man chooses a career path as a policeman, he knows full well his job description requires him to go around using force against his neighbors. Are there psychopaths, sociopaths, bullies and thugs in police departments? Sure there are, as in the rest of society. But, It isn’t merely coincidental. The job gives psychopaths, sociopaths, bullies, thugs, and control freaks perfect cover for their personality type and their behavior patterns.

    Is every man in Police work a bad guy? Certainly not. Are there more of above type in police work than in other professions? I believe so. The job is attractive to them by its nature and gives them perfect cover. How is this so? Public perception, for the most part, is, “if it was the cops what dunnit, it was the right thing to do, because it was the cops what dunnit.”. The perception within the judicial system is, “If it was the cops what dunnit, it was the right thing to do because it was the cops what dunnit.”. The ethos within the profession is, “My brother is always right. Even when he is wrong, I have his back. When I am wrong, he has my back. We cannot be wrong, because we can only rely on each other.” Look at the video of the BART system Policeman shooting Oscar Grant in the back. Did his partner disarm him and say, “Bro… you need to go sit in the cruiser and think about the statement you gotta write!” No it didn’t. Watch the video and see how they react to the shooter (cop). There was a negligent homicide committed and NONE of the cops in the vicinity treated the offender they way they would have treated someone who was not of their Gang.

    When I was in Savannah, I regularly went to a gym in town and worked out with two local cops. Both of whom were good guys. One of whom later became the Chief of that department. God bless them. When I was in 12th Group (USAR), there were two policemen on my A detachment. Both were humble and decent men. But for each of them, there were dozens who did their best to try to bust one of us for the slightest infraction. Busting a Ranger was a big trophy for them. They would tell us how pleasing it was for them to ruin a career when they made a DUI arrest or some such. If you have lived in Fayetteville for any length of time you have seen the same attitude and the same game played with SF guys.

    I do not condone the murder of cops. I do not condone the murder of ANYONE.

    Police are losing legitimacy in our society because of their own behavior toward the public. Their natural reaction isn’t to look in the mirror and ask, “How did we get here? How can we earn back the trust we have squandered?” Their natural reaction is, “We need to get more control over these civilians… everyone but us should be disarmed… etc.”

    OK, too long winded. See also,

    Be well and God bless.


    • “When a man chooses a career path as a policeman, he knows full well his job description requires him to go around using force against his neighbors.” That is not what the job is. Having to do it is one thing. Saying “That’s the job” is like saying a soldiers job is to “Kill people”. A soldier might have to do that (especially if he’s in long enough), but the job of a soldier is to make a force strong enough that no one wants to fight his military (deterrent force). I met an FBI guy a few years ago who was in 20th Group, and I could tell he was an out and out “Thug”. He espoused the “US vs Them” paradigm to his core, and fortunately, that’s not what I’ve seen as the norm in FBI guys I’ve known. Perception is a huge part of it, but a lot of the public perception is based on what the MSM has shown, correct? The Baltimore “freddy gray” incident is a perfect example. The MSM had those guys convicted before they even went to court. Now it looks like someone who is part of the system (M. Mosby) could be disbarred, and the guys involved are being found innocent of all charges by a Judge with a penchant for being a hard ass on cops. I also agree that the perception given off by some in LE has tarnished the rep of many, due to criminal actions or negligence on their part to correct fellow officers immediately.
      God Bless you too Brother.

  9. These are the “same” cops that were after the Bundys. Just because they shot some blacks this time doesn’t mean they are on your side.

  10. Im telling you JCD, Im about fed up with this anarchist cop-hating rhetoric I hear constantly from people who call themselves patriots. I have been working with private citizen groups for several years and trying to help them get skills that might help in SHTF, but I keep hearing this shit like Sammy K spouts, from people who should know better and its no wonder there has not been any serious organization that would make the Fed worry about us. I have decided that people talking this crap fall into one of three categories; asshats who have had their butts handed to them by LEOs because they are basically shit heads who need ass kicking, anarchist dipwads whose only claim to combat is playing war games on video, or government paid agent instigators who are just trying to ID future person of interest. Im still trying to figure out what the admin at WRSA’s angle is as he loves these type of commenters too much on his blog. Pretty sure its the later category. Anyway glad some like you are hanging tough and trying to impart some wisdom on those who need it.

    • Thanks Dave, I appreciate the “atta boy”. Starting with your last, “Im still trying to figure out what the admin at WRSA’s angle is as he loves these type of commenters too much on his blog.” I know him personally, and believe he is just trying to be “Too Fair” when it comes to posting the rants of those types. I’ve been very fortunate on my blog, because as SFC Barry has told me “For the most part, your commenters are decent and stay on point without saying some of the crap you see WRSA commenters saying.” I have only ever censured three commenters, and it wasn’t because they didn’t agree with me, it was due to them “wearing out their welcome” with specious attacks aimed at me (I only have so much patience). If people stick with talking about the content, they can have at it. I find it funny that Fairy K has attracted the attention of some who will not “let it go” now. He thought I was bad when I said his “Your a militia commando” thing, calling his “academy” “Jedburgh”, and pointing out all his inconsistencies in what he has said about his past “qualifications” was BS. He’s got serious problems now.

  11. I can only assume that you think of yourself as the “classic peace officer”.
    and as such your aim is the betterment of society.
    with all due respect and deference due your position.
    If you recall your oath and your sense of honor how much longer can you in good continence serve two masters? History has shown that you will be used as a tool of oppression against your countrymen.
    As insult and and unjust laws are heaped upon injustice, if you wish to save your immortal soul you better damn well be asking that question. Because the time for choosing is getting near. to quote Samuel Adams.“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    I ask this because I think you really do try to do the right thing but if you take the kings gold you will do the kings bidding.
    Sic semper tyrranus

    • Mike, I find the irony of people who don’t know me still making assumptions like this about me rather vexing.
      “how much longer can you in good continence serve two masters?”
      “if you wish to save your immortal soul you better damn well be asking that question.”

      but then you also put out these assumptions as well,
      “as such your aim is the betterment of society”
      “I ask this because I think you really do try to do the right thing”

      There is no serving two masters, I serve my community, period!
      You think I’m trying to do the right thing, but then assume that I don’t know what the “right thing” is by saying I need to think about being Damned? You think I don’t think about how I should conduct myself every day and live the principles espoused in the DoI?
      Which is it? Am I trying to do the right thing and make society better, or am I a “think for the moment” ignoramus who doesn’t realize how important it is to do the right thing?
      “if you take the kings gold you will do the kings bidding.”
      What about if I take the “kings gold” and I do what the king was mandated to do when his throne was founded? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? I’m not a mindless robot who “just follows orders”. I didn’t do it as a soldier (due to my early on formative leaders in my first unit) when I was a leader in harms way, and I don’t do it now as a member of law enforcement.
      As I told a hippie chick I know when she was going on and on about wanting anarchy, I said “You know what anarchy is?” she said “What?”, I said “Anarchy is 50 guys chasing you down the street with their peckers hanging out, wanting to ‘do the deed’.”, her expression was distressed to say the least. I then said “You know what civil society is?”, she shook her head “No”. I said “It’s me at the end of the block you are running down, with a semi auto rifle and a basic load, prepared to put myself in harms way to stop them.”.
      As an adaptation of the Chinese phrase “May you live in interesting times”, I hope you guys get everything you “want”. I’m ready for (or at least can handle) that kind of an environment, but most I’ve seen are definitely not and cannot.

      • First off I am not an anarchist .
        Secondly I served in the USCG and Arng 3rd 172nd inf mtn .
        I swore the oath to uphold and defend.
        I think that the constitution is a good start but needs some adjustment.
        Third I value what you do here or I would not waste my time reading your blog or commenting as we both have better stuff to do.
        Really I do not want to see you dragged down in a profession that is loosing it’s way.
        As first responder myself I work closely with the local Leo’s often and sadly I only trust one of them and he is a hell of a stand up guy and always Jonny on the spot. Ready to help us. He got right in a pond to help me recover a body of a local who drowned. I can only assume that’s the kind of cop you are. But you are right I do not know you and that is why I ask.
        As patriots we must challenge each other so keep it up and I will vex you from time to time

        • So your solution is that all the “Good guys” should get out of that profession and leave it to the thugs? Maybe you think we should get rid of the law enforcement community as a whole? Hell, let’s get rid of firefighters too (they take the “king’s gold). You can put your own fires out, and you know a lot of arsonists are firefighters, right (I saw it on “Backdraft”)? The only Constitutional area I’m concerned about is the BoR’s and I think paragraph two in the DoI addresses what I should keep in mind when doing my job. The fact that you only know one guy in LE that you trust is sad because I know dozens that think exactly as I do.

          • Hold up.
            I agree it is sad that my local department has one good guy on it that I trust.
            To getting rid of the fd or pd for that matter is an issue that has some merit if we went back to a time when volunteers did that work or even private companies did it. But that is a little off topic.
            If I could trouble you to read a couple things I wrote up about this stuff I would like your input .
            Off line so as not to clog up your comments

          • “To getting rid of the fd or pd for that matter is an issue that has some merit if we went back to a time when volunteers did that work or even private companies did it.”
            Because a PD run by a private company would be better than the quasi mess we have now?
            How is it “off topic”? You said earlier “Really I do not want to see you dragged down in a profession that is loosing it’s way.” This basically insinuates that I should get out of it, correct? As I said, let’s say all the “Good Guys” get out, then what? The “people” just kill the rest who have “ID’d” themselves as “Bad Guys”? I try to think things through to their logical and realistic conclusion, and I see no good outcome with those that actually give a shit and want to do the job correctly just “getting out”.

          • Im am truly not hating on cops but holy flipping wow. how in gods great green earth are we suppose to work with this shit.
            WTF If you or I acted in this fashion on deployment in a war zone we would be in FT. Leavenworth.
            I mean holy sheep shit this causes all manner of bad to come about like if I see a cop I cross the street kind of bad and holy crap if BLM and the PD are on scene do I call for Close air support and run like my hair is on fire.

      • Sir, I don’t know you personally. Your immortal soul is between you and your God. However, I have a few points.
        1. Police are the “pointy end” of government. Most here and at WRSA want less government. If government is tyrannical, it is the police doing the tyranny.
        2. “Good Cops”, as a rule, don’t “rat” on bad cops. Those that do are ostracized. Or worse.
        3. Police officers (in general) never face consequences for their actions. Cops rarely lose their jobs (or Almighty pensions), face jail time or financial ruin wether malfeasance or misfeasance. If “mundanes” run amok victims demand payment in money, blood, or loss of freedom on the part of the bad actor. If victims are compensated for 5-0 misdeeds it falls to the taxpayers to foot the bill. No consequences for bad behavior leads to more bad behavior.
        3. They enjoy various and sundry other perks that “mundanes” don’t. From extra weight given to their testimony in court (need I mention”testi-lying”), to less restrictive guns laws, and “professional courtesy” if stopped while driving “con brio” while off duty.
        4. I was interrupted while typing so I didn’t remember where is was going with this rant.

        In short, you provide good perspective and info to the patriot community. I don’t view you as enemy. I don’t believe in collective punishment, even if the few bad apples make the other 0.0001% look bad. 😉
        Hope to buy you a beverage in the future.

  12. You know where I stand on the issue…And to Dave I don’t fit into any of your three categories but I really don’t care for hired thugs who enforce the dictates of the state but I also don’t believe in living in a place without rules…I believe in a county Sheriff and when the county pop increase’s have him hire deputies…If the problem is to big for him to handle he forms a posse or he has volunteers that he has vetted and trained in the past help him..I believe in a sales based tax to support and pay for them…I’m sure you have seen what I posted over on WRSA so no need to post here…So you going to come after me also Dave…

    • Just because you don’t fit into any of his three categories doesn’t mean you don’t have one. The way it’s supposed to be is Mayberry RFD Similar to what you mentioned). Unfortunately, It’s not that way anymore, and putting the “genie back in the bottle” isn’t an option without a huge reset.

      • He was implying that If you don’t care for cops you are one of his three categories… I was refuting his statement is all…I think a reset is going to happen no matter what..So it’s what we do now that will play a big part in whether we survive it or not…Why stack the odds against yourself by having a job that enforces the dictates of the state that causes quite a few people to hate your profession not because they are criminals, or Anarchist, Shitheads but because they don’t like living in a police state… I doubt I will have anyone coming to kill me because I’m a lineman…

        • Im sure you’re in a category all by yourself, one that I haven’t even thought of yet. I do agree with you that a reset is coming and it ain’t gonna be pretty or even what the anarchist “let it burn” crowd envision. I keep stressing one point to all the cop-haters I meet that I would like to see someone refute. There has never been a successful revolution in the history of the world that was not aided by police and military, whether they actively participated or just stood down and watched. When the reset comes we are going to need our military and civilian police officers. Patriots, to use the term loosely, would do well to cultivate relationships of the good kind, with their local PDs and stop all this cop-bashing that is one of the cornerstone tactics of the American Communist party.

          • I agree that the cop haters and other anarchists are delinquents.

            But here is your refutation. The reality is that all revolution is top down. There never has been any such thing as a bottom up revolution. It is true that some police and military will side with the revolutionaries. That is because they are suborned from the top, not because they are recruited from the bottom.

            As to “patriots” (I am not as gentle with them as you); they would be embarrassed to know — or maybe not — that almost their entire rhetoric and polemics are Communist in origin.


  13. SFC Barry
    The american revolution was unique may be even a one off. and those revolutionaries as you call them were indeed from the upper strata of the citizenry however not part of the government and the army at the time was formed separate from the British regulars . Many of whom were veterans of the F&I wars that also pulled from the ranks of the militia and minute men who were also veterans but not part of the government either .
    Though all of them were British subjects of the crown.
    To their advantage they had common law and natural law on their side and people of the time were quite well read in the bible and many writings of the day as well as the upper levels in greek and latin classics.
    so the concept of free men was quite well known to all.
    Cut to today, citizens are slothful, ignorant and greedy and from that pool come the filth that inhabits the halls of power, the military and police forces.
    When policing has a profit motive for the state. the citizen can run afoul the law in literally thousands of ways. Asset forfeiture laws, restraining orders are two that come to mind where you are guilty until proven innocent, and by then the damage is done as you are broke and defamed. I don’t see cops standing the line against those, or against arbitrary violations of the 4th amendment when they use a dog “trained” to alert on drugs to get probable cause for a search.
    police unions literally sit with a politician and negotiate what multi thousand dollar item the poor tax payer gets to buy for the PD and they get no say in the transaction.
    and don’t give me the bullshit answer that you get to vote. Because universal suffrage has so diluted the voting pool as to ensure that well reasoned voters are of no matter to the process, because the welfare mental defective down the street, the full time cop and FF and teacher are all going to out vote the lone reasoned citizen. Just to keep the gravy train running.
    Then day after day administrative laws are passed and enforced by the PD, EPA, ATF, DHS, and FBI. Yet I don’t see these paragons of virtue and freedom stepping up for truth, justice, and the American way.
    So you will have to forgive me if i don’t hold my breath for LEO’s and soldiers to step up and change the system.
    That I want to return to natural law and simple justice of common law of the Declaration of independence and the Constitution. so I guess if that makes me a commie with commie ideals then screw you and the white horse you rode in on.
    Thus always to tyrants
    just incase your latin is a little rusty

    • “That I want to return to natural law and simple justice of common law of the Declaration of independence and the Constitution.”
      What about this part of the Constitution,
      “The Congress shall have Power To …make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”

      This has screwed us, and gave them the “authority” to make all the laws and rules that they have used to oppress us.

      • Yup nothing made by human effort is perfect .
        But the USC is still a damnd good starting point.
        Like a house with a good structure you fix its faults you don’t tear it down and build new when you know new will never be as good as the old frame

      • “This has screwed us, and gave them the “authority” to make all the laws and rules that they have used to oppress us.”

        Who is ENFORCING the laws and rules and oppressing “us”??!?!!!?!!
        Here’s a hint:
        Law ENFORCEMENT officers.
        I hope a light bulb went on for all the copsuckers out there.

        • That’s like saying all Doctors are responsible for abortion laws and the practicing of it by some doctors. The people made this monster, not the police and not the military. Until the people take responsibility for their actions (the easy choices), and quit stereotyping the easy, visible target, it will continue unabated.

          • “That’s like saying all Doctors are responsible for abortion laws and the practicing of it by some doctors. ”
            No sir. Doctors swear to “… first do no harm”. Cops swear to enforce ALL laws. Enforce. EnFORCE. FORCE. Hmm…

            “The people made this monster…”. Yes. I agree. Mea culpa. Myself, my parents. The majority of Americans going back to 1914 or 1865 or Marbury v Madison or the Whiskey Rebellion. Now what?

            “…quit stereotyping the easy, visible target…”. Hard distinction: law ENFORCEMENT officers are the pointy end of government tyranny; however, good officers do their job professionally, and don’t mistreat the innocent. As an example, please allow me to go full Godwin. In 1939 Germany Fritz is rounding up Jews and sending them to death camps. Hans is arresting rapists and sending them to jail. Fritz is guilty for his actions; Hans is not. Seven years later Hans is guilty by association because he was working for a tyrannical regime.

            I’m sorry I had to exaggerate so badly. No I don’t think you are a Nazi. No, I don’t think FedGov is equivalent to the 3rd Reich. Just trying to illustrate a point.

          • “No sir. Doctors swear to “… first do no harm”. Cops swear to enforce ALL laws. Enforce. EnFORCE. FORCE. Hmm…”
            “First do no harm”, you’d think people would be a lot more concerned about Doctors than they would Cops, considering the amount of blood on their hands on an annual basis from abortions, huh?
            Every Law Enforcement Officer Oath that I’ve seen first mentions supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State, and enforcing the laws of the State and following the order of the Governor.
            “I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
            Here’s another one,
            SO HELP ME GOD.”
            Whether a Law Enforcement Officer holds to his oath is on him, and the individual responsibility should fall hard on HIS shoulders if he doesn’t.

          • Yes. Doctors kill about 1million babies per year. By your argument, it is the fault of the mother who requested the “procedure” because she didn’t have the foresight to take her pill, or insist on a condom, or just keep her knees together. Ok, fine. No argument here. Doctors also kill about 200,000 per year with medical mistakes plus 10’s of thousands more with CORRECTLY prescribed drugs and additional thousands with infections acquired in hospitals. MDs are genocidal maniacs!!

            Those LEO oaths don’t say “I will uphold only Natural Laws such that I do not infringe on the Rightful Liberty of my fellow man.” Or “I will uphold only those laws I feel that should be upheld.” No they say, if I may paraphrase you, “I will enforce the laws that easily duped sheeple vote to enact in order to generate the most revenue for, and obedience to, the State. ”

            In other words we agree… doctors are more likely to kill you than a coked up gangbanger and that tyrannical cops are the fault of “the People”.
            And again, I have no ill will towards you, personally. I also recognize the reality that humans are almost certainly incapable of living in a anarcho-capitalist utopia we have all read about, so some government (and it’s attendant “thugs/enforcers”) will always be a necessary evil.

          • You know why they don’t say this “I will uphold only Natural Laws such that I do not infringe on the Rightful Liberty of my fellow man.” Or “I will uphold only those laws I feel that should be upheld.”? Because there are plenty of people who don’t even know what “natural law” is (unfortunately), or who know how to objectively apply “laws I feel that should be upheld.”. These are the unfortunate facts, and I don’t like it any more than you do.

    • Mr. Hall,

      There was nothing unique about the American Revolution whatsoever. It wasn’t even a “one off.” It wasn’t even the first model. And “The People” had altogether nothing to do with it. Here I will ignore all the tired lies, false philosophies, fawning hagiography, emotionalism and sentimentalism about it and lay out the mechanics of it.

      First Principle: All revolution is top down. The Founding Delinquents, all of them, were either high up in the Colonial government, or what we today call “oligarchs,” or propagandists supported and financed by same for their own propaganda — said propagandist extending into the universities and Protestant clergy. Many of them — the key players — had high degrees in Freemasonic lodges. The rest were opportunistic sycophants of the former.

      Second Principle: All revolution requires foreign support. Who financed the American Revolution? The Rothchilds (both London and France) through their agent in the Colonies Haym Solomon. [The hagiographies have it that Solomon “scrificed his fortune” financing the AmRev; that is a lie; by the end of AmRev Solomon was richer by half.] Who provided military technical expertise and who trained the Colonial Line? European officers who belonged to the military lodges of Freemasonry. (All of them.)

      Third Principle: All revolution requires the support of some foreign intelligence agency. The foreign intelligence agency supporting AmRev were the Freemasonic lodges. Both Committees of Correspondence (espionage) and Committees of Safety (terrorism) we run out the Freemasonic lodges smeared throughout the Colonies (at that time, usually run out of taverns — go figure). I hear the objection, “But they were ”Merkun’ lodges!” No they weren’t. Freemasonry is international and seamless in control. “‘Merkun” lodges were tools of the “Great Experiment” — the Liberal experiment, the dress rehearsal of the French Revolution, that plunged Europe into the Liberal cesspit, and the Communist revolutions that followed.

      “Concept of free man was quite well known….” Yes, except that revolutionary “concept” was an outright fabrication and the Greek and Latin quoted by the Founding Delinquents were mutilated beyond all recognition, as was the mutilated Protestant blasphemy called “bible” they were so “well” read in. The revolutionary’s “concept of free man” was (and still is) a lie. Worse, it is Satanic. More to the point it is anti-Christ.

      The Declaration of Independence had nothing to do with “simple justice” or “common law” whatsoever. The Constitution is just legalasting jiberish. But they were cornerstones of the Communist Project. If I put a copy of the Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics before “patriots” they would hardly notice the difference between what they now worship.

      The only reason you curse me is because I tell the truth. Which is not surprising given that “patriots” suckle lies from the moment of their birth.


      • SFC Barry
        I guess you told me.
        You laid out the exact case why we are all wasting our time.
        You also just laid out the “anarchist ” case for devorcing our selves from any government at all.
        Anything after this is just so much mental masterbation because any freedom effort is damned to hell by God.
        So in that case I will simply try to live my life and avoid the boot of tyrrany as best I can and teach my kids to hate all government fervently but love thier fellow man as best they can.
        If you are any Allie at all to FREEFor we sure as hell don’t need enemies.

        • Mr. Hall,

          As I have stated elsewhere, I long ago renounced my “oath” to defend the Constitution, enemies domestic or no. The thing is a matter of utter indifference to me. (The ink smeared foolscap has no “enemies foreign;” the idea itself is nonsense.) I am neither friend nor foe to “FREEFOR.” How can I be friend or foe to something that does not exist? I will defend my country. I will not lift a finger to defend a scrap of paper founded upon falsehoods and dreamy utopianism. (Uptopia is Greek, meaning, “nowhere.”)

          I note that you didn’t say, “I’ve never heard such things before; how did you arrive at such conclusions?” Which would have been a thoughtful response to which I would have patiently explain so long as you would listen. Instead, your response was, “I guess you told me.” Which means you are deaf.


          • Sfc Barry
            You have made an assumption of things not in evidence.
            No request for explanation was asked because non was needed.
            What you said was not new to me and neither are questions about feilty to a scrap of paper.and just because a thing has never been done dose not mean it can’t be done .
            I will think on these things and then decide if my beliefs hold up if they don’t then I’ll change them if they do I will not.
            For your part if you have renounced your oath then dump the title of rank and privilege issued by your service to a scap of paper.
            Mr Barry ?


          • Note: I respond to Mr. Mike Hall (mike | July 24, 2016 at 21:40) via myself because somehow comments got turned off after Mr. Hall’s comment to my post above — (SFC Steven M Barry USA RET | July 24, 2016 at 21:07) — despite all other response links remaining open. Sorry for the inconvenience.

            Mr. Hall,

            The evidence is your words. I cannot know what you do not say.

            You imply (without saying it) that just because there has never been a bottom up revolution (you admit my argument) does not mean there can never be a bottom up revolution (denying my argument). Well… which is it? That is a contradiction. The anticipated response, “We can’t know,” is pure Lockeianism. AmRev has been referred to by its cheerleaders as, “The House That Locke Built.” And here we are.

            The definition of truth is the intellect in conformity with reality. I pray you make it.

            Titles… The Anabaptists and Levelers and other Protestant protocommunists would agree with you. And cetainly the “no titles” clause in the Constitution. Lofty egalitarianism.

            The simple fact of the matter is this. Had I joined the Foreign Legion and attained the rank of Adjudant Chef and retired therefrom, and refused French citizenship, I would still have the dignity of Adjudant Chef (RET) of the Foreign Legion because it was given me by authority and I earned it. It could only be taken from me by the authority that conferred it. The leveling (i.e. Communist) mob has no right to refuse it me. Same with SFC USA RET. Futhermore, my lack of loyalty to the French government by my refusal to accept their offer of citizenship would have nothing to do with the dignity I earned in its service, just as my renunciation of an “oath” to a scrap of paper has nothing to do with the dignity I earned in martial service to US.

            I understand that these things are impossible for Americans to understand because Americans confound their country with their government.


  14. SFC Barry, I understand the general impetus behind most revolutions, though there have been some that started at the ground level, they usually have not succeeded. I asked that someone “show me a revolution that succeeded, that was not aided by the military or police.”

      • Sfc Barry
        Jcd has be most patient to allow our on going discussion so I do not wish to waste his time or wear out my welcome as this is his blog.
        I also find our discourse to be mentally stimulating and very interesting.
        I also enjoy challenging myself.
        So if you are game we can continue this via personal e-mail so we do not us up his band width.
        If JCD has the ability and you are willing he can fwd my address to you.
        I look forward to continuing this of line.

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