“Gamma K’s” Hypocrisy

Kerodin's Yingling12

Kerodin talks shit about a guy calling himself a “Colonel”, but flies this little patch and wanted paid as an Army Colonel (0-6) as president of III Percent Society For America.

Usually, when Fairy K speaks, people don’t listen, at least not anymore. He usually has one of his “Three Person Society” members (Allan Muccinex, Tone Jeff, or El Tea bag) to engage in conversation about this and that on his blog, but generally, he just talks to himself as “ANON”. At the beginning of the month, the IIITurd made a comment about a good guy that needs a response. Christian Yingling is a friend who was talked about in some comments that pointed out a “rant” he made on FB during the Malheur disaster , and it was then made into a post over at WRSA. Whether you agree that Christian was right or wrong in what he said, the people he was addressing was his own group on FB, not the “libertah” community at large, and needs to be put in that proper context.

Kerodin's Yingling2.jpgFor having “Burned my bridges” I sure do get a lot of messages from different groups around the country (especially on the East Coast), and I’m betting IIITurd doesn’t get calls from any of them. But wait Fairy K, you talk shit about Christian Y calling himself a “Colonel”, but didn’t you called him a “Colonel” too? Well let’s see. Here,

Kerodin's Yingling8

He had no problem addressing them as “Captain” (Sandman) Crum and “Colonel” Yingling here, did he?

and here,

Kerodin's Yingling9

No problem mentioning them by their title when it helps him get money huh?

and here,

Kerodin's Yingling10.jpg

Note in this one he had no problem referencing “Colonel” Yingling and Sandman to help sell patches and pad his pocket, did he?

But then all of a sudden, there’s this,

Kerodin's Yingling13

Ironically, Christian is a Veteran, and Sandman (from the earlier screenshot) is not. That isn’t a hit on Sandman, and he’ll be the first to tell you so. He has done well, even without a .mil background.

Kerodin's Yingling14

” ‘Competitive Military Gamer‘ ‘Pennsylvania Militia’” ? He didn’t think that when they were his “allies”. BTW, I’ve had “Trainer” status since about 1993….just sayin’. I’m curious what money has to do with that.

and the screenshot from July 3rd. Why? I’ll tell you why, because Christian Y and Sandman (the ones I know about) told Kerodin they wanted nothing else to do with him or his IIIPSFA after the incidents involving the Courtland Grojean BS and the stuff with Kenny Lane at KMLA, and to remove their group names from his sidebar. Poor Fairy K had to take down his “Alliances” sidebar. He lost the support of militia groups that he said were allies, and now he’s pissed. Let the badmouthing begin, right? That’s his M.O.

Kerodin's Alliances

I’m curious who Max’s biggest “client” is? I’m also curious why he cares about whether or not Christian has paid for a class. Is the accusation now “fact” because Fairy K said it is so? Is that even an “accusation”? Go figure. Furthermore, let’s say every person that I’ve pictured in my blog received the classes for free, does that make me less of a professional? What if I told the SUT students to just give me what they can afford, and pass around the hat at the end of the class?

So according to Fairy K,  you’re only a “Professional” if it’s your day job? I wonder what Mosby or Dan Morgan think of this opinion? Let me tell you what they think. They thinks the same thing I do, and  that is that no one gives two shits what a “wanna be”ExCon with a slanderous agenda has to say, especially when the “wanna be” knows nothing of that which we teach (his idea of “Command” and “Tactical” is being in the “Sticker Ops Commander/NW Command”). Hell, he can’t even attend the classes, due to legal restrictions placed on him by “The Man”.

Kerodin's Max Day Job.jpg

How would IIITurd even know what “Professional” looks like, he’s never experienced it for himself. It’s “Professional” because Max is part of the “Jedburgh Academy” cadre, right? Or is he? Max just hasn’t pissed him off yet, LOL.

Speakin’ of the Jedburger Academy, other than patCON, has it had any classes? It was supposed to begin this past Spring, right?

Kerodin's Jedburger Academy2

Of course the lines through the dates mean the class is over, right? Considering he never spoke of any of them happening (and you know he would have), it’s a good bet that they did not.

As to Christian Yingling being called a “Colonel”, I say “So what?” Christian has a few dozen people who look to him for guidance. The same group that he was addressing during his “rant” on FB. He knows I don’t agree with the whole “Rank” thing in a group, and he knows why (we’ve talked about it at length). But I also will not put a guy down for using a title when it’s a title his group calls him by out of respect for his initiative to lead.

What I don’t have respect for is a “wanna be” like “Gama K” who used Christian Y’s title and position to help forward his monetary gain, but then makes fun of that title and degrades Christian Y when he had no further use for him and Christian had told him to “take a hike” because of his “Gama K” type of malicious actions.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



8 thoughts on ““Gamma K’s” Hypocrisy

  1. “…[G]arbage ‘SFC Barry.'” And, “…burned militia bridges….”

    It is impossible to burn bridges with “militia” that simply do not exist. When the self declared “unorganized militia” (who seem very keen on organizing) can show me their activation charter authorizing their existence (and TOE and MTOE) signed off by the Governor of their state (according to their State constitution), maybe I’ll pay some disinterested attention to grocery baggers and office drones spouting martial titles to which dignity they are untrained and profoundly unqualified.

    As to “…[G]arbage ‘SFC Barry.'” Wow! Simply reputation shattering! He forgot to add anti-Semite, racist, xenophobe, misogynist, homophobic, bigot (sounds awful, doesn’t it?), hater, neo-Nazi (an impossibility), fascist — oh, there must be more. Problem is, all those swear words are only bone chilling when they are hissed through clenched teeth in Yiddish.


    • As I’ve said plenty of times, you don’t need a document, Constitutional or otherwise, to authorize you and those you care about to train together for mutual defense. I believe the people who say they need permission to do that, don’t have the understanding to organize an effective defense anyway. The documents mentioned just put you under an authority you might not even support, or worse yet, might consider your enemy. Local organization and control is the only way to go. “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

      • I wasn’t talking about well intentioned people who organize for local self defence and community survival/rebuilding in the event of calamity, natural or otherwise. I was talking about the deluded ilk who believe it is their “right” to create private armies and arrogate to themselves dignities to which they are not entitled.


  2. I asked Fairy K to pull down our name from his page a year ago…..glad to see he finally got around to it.

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