A Universal Truth Expressed By Vox

A friend texted  me the other day and said “Go check out Vox’s ‘Gamma’ post.” Of course being employed I had to wait till later to read it, but boy, did Vox hit upon a universal truth in the first few paragraphs of the piece. My first response was “Oh, apparently Vox has IIITurd’s number as well.” Reading further revealed that Vox was talking about another “Turd” in another “Punchbowl”, but as I said, the mindset is universal.


Wounded Gamma loses again


One significant characteristic of the Gamma male is that he cannot deal with being publicly shown to be wrong. Such an event punctures the delusion bubble in which he, the Secret King, always triumphs, so it creates a wound that never heals, and festers much longer than any higher-rank man can imagine. Even if he manages to control himself and not let it show immediately, it eats away at him and preys on his mind.

The way the Gamma usually deals with a festering wound is to attempt to negate it by subsequently demonstrating his superiority to the party who dealt it to him. This means that he will lie in wait, for years if need be, for what he sees as an opportunity to prove the offending party wrong. This, he believes, will disqualify and discredit the party, which somehow means that the Gamma was not wrong the first time, even though he was. But no matter, the Secret King triumphs in the end!

This behavior is so predictable that I not infrequently find myself able to correctly anticipate when a previously wounded Gamma is going to think he sees an opening and launch what I am coming to think of as a restorative rebuttal.

So instead of just being a good little “blue collar intel” guy, posting what he believes is cutting edge info for his 3 “Serious” patriots, he decides to run off at the keyboard…..again.
Kerodin's Vanderboegh comments2

I find the “Shut their cock-holsters” line to be tragically funny. I’m not the atrophied, pudgy “We-Ginger” excon that did federal time with a cell buddy named “Bubba”. I bet he likes putting “blue guns” in his “cock-holster”.

Apparently, Kernal IIITurd believes that not putting out all the info you have is synonymous with “Not knowing jack.” He apparently made a comment that was forwarded to me that implies that we (Me, Kenny, Matt and whoever else is on his “enemies of liberty” list this week) have implied he’s committed crimes but haven’t proven it. I guess he’s referring to a statement I made in a comment on my blog concerning when I found out that there are some others now “looking into his actions”, and they are more motivated than I am to find/prove criminal or civil wrongdoing. I said this in a comment,
“If he was truly delusional, of the “mental issues” type, I would feel sorry for him. As it is, I think it’s just a “trying to impress” and make people think he’s a bad ass. Unfortunately for them, they’ve now attracted the attention of people that are looking into things that I never cared about since I never gave them any money or even cared about the other scams they might be up to (scammers are a dime a dozen). It appears a lot of what they’ve done with us was a huge distraction. Although at every turn we’ve smacked him down, it was still probably just a distraction. BTW, It would be interesting talking to those parents who signed their kids up and paid for classes. I bet they have some stories to tell.”
Thankfully, I never put myself in a position to lose money to Fairy K. The word “on the street” is just that “The word on the street.” nothing more, nothing less. I don’t know specifics (and I don’t want to), but I know enough to know that he has attracted the attention of people more serious than I, and we know what I can do with the little knowledge I possess on using a computer, Courtland Grojean anyone?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


10 thoughts on “A Universal Truth Expressed By Vox

    • Here’s the thing GGII, Putting any effort into finding those things out, takes away from preparing for actual problems. All the things I’ve found were floating on the surface of his cesspool. I did not donate money, therefore I don’t believe my time “well spent” if I put effort into proving he’s a thief, and show false indignation to being wronged. I have shown the things that concern me based on his “wanna be” manner, and the obvious lies about his past experience and training. I can say the things I have, simply because he can’t keep his lies straight (his “first” martial art for instance), and has written things that contradict each other. Couple that with what I (and many other Vets and experienced martial artists) know about the type of person he says he is, compared to the blowhard that we see, and it’s a “No brainer”. Their are people on his trail now that apparently feel he wronged them in a significant way, and more power to them. Their cause is just in that regard, and mine would just be posturing.

      • That’s pretty much the same reason I gave up on following all the links to their ends-that and it really did give me a headache.
        I only lost some dues $$$ so it’s not worth me wasting my time on K kapers.
        As I said while back,I have a friend who’s been into martial arts since we were in high school-maybe even jr. high-(that’s now known as middle school to the younger guys)-he laughed at K’s description of his training,”skills” and supposed techniques.
        I figure there’s enough people who either were really wronged,or who feel they were wronged that the truth wil come out sooner or later-hopefully sooner.

  1. We didn’t have to prove a damned thing – Kerodin himself validated our concerns with 1) not answering legitimate questions put forth by his then supporters and 2) attacking those that wanted answers. Verbally assaulting our women just sunk his ass even deeper.

  2. Wasn’t Scambo’s “tell all” book, exposing all the racist, Nazi, White Nationalist, misogynistic, drug addicted, homophobic, phony, on the .gov dime, welfare recipients, on and on and on…. supposed to be out this summer? And the open financials, and the board elections, and the TOC, and the reports from the convention…
    Effing idiot… “fcuking cnut”. It still is funny to read his comments, and his back and forth ‘dialogue’ between his few ‘trusted allies’ and himself. And his other self. And, his alter ego. And his inflated ego. And whoever he has Holly posting as. And the multiple personalities he’s created to appear relevamt…
    Oh, and CalfMed, who chimes in when his mom gets him home from another trip to the mall, so he can “count coup”.

  3. Another thing to keep in mind is that a person does not have to post documents to make sure they get to the appropriate authorities. That is the funny thing about signing mortgage documents….they are time and date stamped….filed with county of record….and available for viewing….They also make a photo copy of your identification at a real estate transaction..So for the correct dept of investigation to pull up, print and investigate…..lenders are happy to assist with that type of thing….and statutes of limitations can be extended to make a Federal case….or so I have heard.

    • …and that is another reason why I love you and Kenny. I’m just saying. God bless you and Wirecutter, kiddo. And mucho Mark Heard, lol

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