Brushbeater Sends

What Brushbeater says here is dead balls accurate. If a student comes to me after a class and asks advice about something having to do with what was learned, it is a responsibility to help them with the issue. As many will attest, I have spent hours on the phone, helping former students (or even students of other instructors) figure out answers to scenarios or training ideas they have come up with, and helping with the organizing of their groups.

Initially, skillsets require “earning it”. Whether monetary, mental, physical or all of these categories, you need to earn it. Paying for a HAM class, putting an “academic” effort into learning something through study (CBRN for example), or putting the physical effort into something like getting ready for an SUT class is a necessity if for no other reason than appreciation of the required effort, and there is no other way around it. 

If you specialize in a technical skill to the point where you are extremely proficient, why wouldn’t you pass it on to someone with similar interests (networking, duh)? Simple things like pointing out other sources of knowledge, or just giving “hacks” that you have found make learning or advancing in that skill set easier are a huge help. In the preparedness community, helping others of like mind should be the minimum you should be willing to do.

As Rod Stewart said in one of his songs “Time is a thief when you’re undecided.”. Help those that are undecided, regarding how to approach or do something, to become “Decided”. Give them good info that you learned by doing. For those approaching the “Old Heads”, as Brushbeater said, be humble. No one likes a “knowitall”, especially one who is a novice, and relatively clueless.


Hamfests and Torch-Passing

Seriously… Seriously.

I’ll not only echo Mike’s rant, but I’ll raise the ante a bit, especially after “Field Day 16″ aka what I called ” NC rolling dumpster fire of stupid”.

To the old codgy bastards- just fade off into the noise floor. Seriously. Yes, I just said that. If you have nothing to add, teach, or encourage without being a shit faced asshat then there’s a comfy place waiting for you. I’m sure if you’re just as sour to your family as some I’ve seen be to newer licensees, there won’t be many wailing for you either.

Your job is to grow the knowledge base. If you can’t do that, go home. Yes, a LONG while back now the FCC dropped the code requirement. Get over it. It’s not coming back. And guess what? I know for a fact most of you old timers just memorized the theory test answers too. How do I know? A long time Extra and good friend told me so. Instead of ham exam online they just took the whole printed question pool and memorized the answers by highlighting the correct one. So get over yourself. You know you did.

To the new guys- be humble. I’ll teach a humble guy anything and everything I can. Listen first and talk second, and be willing to help out as much as possible. To an arrogant little shite, I’ll make fun of you first, then show you my pissed off former NCO side once I’ve had my fill. It takes A LOT to get me there. Actually I’ll do that to a disrespectful old timer too. I did so yesterday as a matter of fact.

A little story- We had half the field day turnout this year from last year. And next year, we’ll (actually, they’ll…I won’t be there) probably have that many fewer. Why? Because of a handful of “I know everything, I’m holier than thou, kiss the ring” attitudes. Field Day contesting starts at 1400…so it’s logical to understand that 80m and 6m SSB is not yet open. So don’t bitch at the guys running it when at 1500 they have two contacts, as an old timer know it all did. He should know there’s little propagation on that band during daytime hours. Or better yet, just let them know they should have just stayed home and drank beer (yes, that’s what the old fuckface actually said.) And a few did just that. My guess is that more indeed will heed his advice, because they were my guys, mostly new, and running a more relaxed band- and left with a poor outlook despite my words of encouragement. They managed over 100 QSOs and a Sat contact, but hey, when the old men are busy being assholes, no success cures being kicked in the dick from the get-go.

Or the new guy, we’ll just call rodeo clown, a fat wanna be commando (but curiously, yet predictably, never served) driving an Excursion and licensed for all of two months, lecturing us on the proper erection procedure of a tower according to the ARRL book he bought on Amazon. Yes, that happened. Yes, that’s exactly what he said. Yes, it got fixed in a professional manner (well, sorta…I was tired and fed up). Both the attitude and the mismatch on the Yagi. He’s very good friends with the old shit head from above.

Field Day is supposed to be the one designated day to get out in the bush and run your kit the way you would in a “disaster”, not become one. You know, all the fun stuff I talk about in this blog. It’s not to run around being an asshole, it’s not to reinforce your own elitist attitude, it’s to work the business end of communications and learn how stuff works under less than ideal conditions.

So, before I stop, I’ll say that clubs are a good thing, most of the time. And there’s a lot of really, really good folks in the hobby. But when you see a dickhead, kindly call his ass out, kindly let him know it’s not only voluntary but something that may go away in the future, should they not be critical to national survival (yep…war powers act is real, and still on the books) and that he should kindly change his attitude. And if not, walk away and find someone who is willing to help you. We’re out there. I partly started this blog just for that reason.

And it’s fucking ALPHA, ZULU, SIERRA, and ROMEO, not America, Zed, Sugar, or my favorite, “Radio”.

Off to work some HF.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


3 thoughts on “Brushbeater Sends

  1. I jump HAMs shit for a lot of their attitude (I know better than you because the fedgov says I am a profeshoNull) and get piled on at most blogs/forums for it but when good gets written, i’ll be among the first to say Well Done. To both commenters in this case.

    And I might add that its not just HAMs that have asshats like this. Pretty much any group of pros or hobbyists have the same spread of characters within their ranks.

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