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***Food Safety/Cooking for Large Groups-Class I***

Posted: June 27, 2016 by gamegetterII 


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Class will be held on Sat. August 6th in Sagamore Hills,Ohio  9am-6pm.

Last day to sign up will be Wed. July 20th.

Cost is $150.00 per person. Deposit of $75.00 is due no later than Fri. July 22nd.

Remainder is due no later than Mon. Aug.1st.

Click below for more info/details…

***Food Safety/Cooking for Large Groups-Class I***


A one time class II + III will be held on Sun. August 7th,so anyone attending class I on Sat can take class II+III the next day.

Those who took class I back in March,and  who did not attend the May class II& III weekend can take the Sun,Aug. 7th combined class II&III.

I’ll cover all the material we would cover in a two day class for class II&III,we just won’t be able to cook as many different things.

So,for this class only-the Sunday Aug 7th combined Class II& III will only be $150.00-rather than the $300.00 the two day class would normally cost. Since we won’t be able to cook as many different foods,my “materials” cost will be lower,less food,less charcoal,less wood for smoker.As I said,I’ll cover all the things I would normally cover in the two day Class II&III,we just won’t have the time to cook as much. I’ll provide detailed instructions on the cooking methods we don’t use during class.


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