Evolving From IIITard To IIITurd

It never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think Scambo could not get any more greedy or full of himself, he comes up with another way to subvert something that started out with good intentions. I was recently informed that now he has taken the concept of the Patcon, and turned it into a patCON. I understand why he can’t get anyone signed up for his Jedburger Academy on it’s own merits, but to subvert something designed to help people network, and get together in “Meatspace”, and make it into a commercial venture is beyond ridiculous, and totally unacceptable.

Kerodin's Jedburgh Academy Pic3

Above is ther IIITard’s schedule for the “Jedburger” Academy (hold the fries). Obviously, we are past spring, and just as obviously, he had no takers on his classes (if he really was going to have them). How do we know? Here’s how. Anytime he does anything of import, he announces it on his blog. He makes things like “Sticker Ops” a front and center theme because he has nothing else to point to for “validation”. What do you think he’d do if he actually had a successful class in the “Jedburger”? Well, HE’D POST IT OF COURSE! There is nothing at all showing on the blog or otherwise that he did any of those things this spring (surprise anyone?).

Kerodin's patCON 2016-1

Kerodin's patCON 2016-2

So now in an evolutionary move, he has taken himself from being a IIITard for all the world to see with his “IIIShenanigans”, to going “Full IIITard” (aka IIITurd) by restricting those that are coming to Patcon to only “paying customers” for his Jedburger classes. “As noted above, only class participants and their guests may attend PatCon 2016.  Guests are limited to immediate family and significant others only.” The epitome of greed has just subverted a tool of freedom and liberty for a buck. I find it ironic that he can’t even attend all the classes he has scheduled right now due to his ExFelon status.

Kerodin's Builders classes

Of course that “Free” part means you spent $1050 on an AR kit, or at least $1250 on a 1911 kit.

For all we know, he doesn’t even have anyone other that the “III Person Society” planning to attend right now. The point is that he has shown once again that his greed overrides all else, even in an event that was designed to help others network in an environment that doesn’t require plunking down your cash for a “class” to gain entry.

On another note, while doing a little research for this post I found this. Note the name at the bottom in yellow.

Kerodin's American Combatives Academy2


Kerodin's American Combatives Academy1

This came from this link. Do you think IIITard is affiliated with John Kary? Uh…NO. How do we know? Because IIITard would have told us, since that would lend credibility to his claimed “bonafides”.

Kerodin's American Combatives Academy7

Here’s the link to these articles

I wonder if Mr. Kary knows that IIITard is riding his coat tales? Using someone else’s earned and reputable name or title (like Jedburgh, Commando, etc) to forward your agenda is Fairy K’s M.O., just like changing his names when convenient is. Kary runs American Combatives Inc. and here’s a book by Kary that describes his system, sound familiar? 

If you want a laugh, go to this link. There you will find approximately 105 links to various “IIIEnterprises”. Of the 105 or so in the links section, about 59 are dead links, and several are just a picture and nothing else (Is he “Cyber Squatting” again like he was doing when he lost that HVAC company name case with Service master or something?). For a real laugh go to the “Fighting Blades” blog, where you can read this kind of fantasy drivel.

Kerodin's Knife sex.jpg

“Her purpose in this world was explained to her.”? Uh, OK. My God man, turn off “Lord of the Rings” and wake up! Also, considering Fairy K’s actions up to this point, I don’t think any explanation of “Honor” coming from the IIITurd would be close to reality….just sayin’.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


23 thoughts on “Evolving From IIITard To IIITurd

  1. I am a bit bummed Tolkiens great work in article involving sam,that said,you want something from Tolkien,well,would be the friendship and help of the Ents obviously!I would love to travel back in time and have a few beers with Tolkien and Lewis while they were both at Cambridge,must have been great conversations.

    As for the build classes,well,plenty on net,part of the reason building is to get exactly what you want that works for you(tis a journey itself) and to keep a few tools off of lists.

    • I agree, it’s a favorite of mine too. The point was about it being fantasy, and we live in reality. Although in some ways I’d love to live in a world like that, I know I don’t, and I don’t try to forward some mystical “give my knife a life” BS.

      • Both Lewis and Tolkien fought for the British Army in the battle for the Somme,one of WW1 most horrific cost of lives and casualties battles.Lewis died but not really noted well,was the same day JFK killed,also,that same day Aldous Huxley died(author of a Brave New World,a excellent read).I would say the experiences of Tolkien and Lewis inspired a lot of the horror and bravery in their fiction,tough lesson to say the least.

  2. (holding head in hands…) “…[O]ne of our shops?” The Jedburgh Academy must be quite an operation to have multiple manufacturers to equip IIIOSS and its multitudinous mission requirements.

    If “Kerodin” (sp?), or whatever his name is this week, were one of us we might remark, “Poor deluded soul, how sad.”

    But he is not one of us.


    • Maybe the shops in question are where stickers are stuffed into envelopes for mailing and where the III logo is sewn to paintball “gear” that’s sold at a 200% markup?
      Kerodin is one of a kind-who the hell hosts a “patcon” where you can only attend if you pay to take one of their classes?
      The only people he’s interested in meeting are those he can separate from their $$.
      Got to be some kind of record for a new low.

  3. John Smith, future III% Jedburgh (if Scammy had the slightest inkling of my skill sets...that wailing you hear is your Irony Alarm) |

    You know what? Fuck it, I’ll go. ‘Send me’. 🙂

    I stated before both here and @ Knuckledraggin’ that I do not consider myself a III%er, and I still don’t. I do not think I rate due to beliefs, etc.

    I’ve got respect for the level-headed, ‘hope it doesn’t come to that’ types (especially former mil).

    But the bottom line for me is well-meaning albeit moderately clueless (because they don’t have the background to detect the BS) folks spending their hard earned cash to learn skills to aid their fellow Americans should it ‘come to that’ and then being ripped off by some scumbag is wrong, period, no matter what side of the octagon you place yourself on.

    They could be spending the money on (grid-) comms, which is still applicable in the case of a massive national disaster and would save lives, not just their own.

    They could be spending the money on some level of medical training, same re: saving lives.

    They could be spending the money on food-related courses, which could save countless lives long-term when you consider that they’d be the future teachers in the case of a really catastrophic event.

    So fuck this guy. I’ve got more (tax free) combat-ish-related pay laying around doing nothing than you can imagine.

    Some legal eagle educate and/or correct me as necessary here. But if I pay in advance for training that never happens or is fraudulent, with ample documentation + audio + video to back up the accusations I get the feeling that criminal fraud charges are not some pipe dream.

    Scammy doesn’t know me, doesn’t have a clue, and I’ve passed myself off as many things that I was not when I needed to professionally, short/intermediate/long term. He will never, ever see me coming or going or have clue #1 until LE shows up with warrant in hand.

    Of course, if his training as advertised is legitimate I will be more than happy to state and display this as well. A scumbag is a scumbag but an honest deed does not require an honest person to have it be worthy of credit.

    I guess theoretically it could be called an idiotic waste of time, when compared to taking 100% of my down time and dedicating it to screwing bronzed skin ladies with coconut boobs 2 or 3 at a time on the beach. But 80% dedicated hedonism and 20% exposing a scumbag fraud preying on honest, patriotic Americans whose tax $ have provided me with training, ammo, medical care, cool guy lifestyle perks etc. for a long, long time doesn’t seem like some huge sacrifice. Money well spent and all that.

    Lookout boys, I’ma gonna be a Jedburgh. 😉

    No further discussion will take place in the clear, until the LE Saints come marching in, so to speak.

    Wish me luck, or at the very least minimal exposure to STDs.

    Time to see Speshul Kays counterintel apparatus (along with his dreaded ‘IFF’) in action.

    • RGR John, Send me the plan and timeline to the “special” email we talked about. You can feed me raw info throughout the event, and I’ll forward it to the “serious” intel guys for mastication and end product intel analysis. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog and know you’re coming. He’d be concerned.

  4. John Smith, former casual and temporary Kenjitsu student (I learned how to not cut myself) |

    “Her purpose in this world was explained to her.”

    The hidden ironic hilarity in this statement: the realm he’s referring to, but that he obviously has no formal reading/education in.

    The most legendary sword makers (it was a lot more than just smithing) in Japanese history did indeed wax and muse on the religious/spiritual angle. But the religion was a specific one, and within that context there were no ‘female’ swords ever considered. It was an impossibility due to the nature of the religion and attendant philosophy.

    The easiest way to describe it in layman’s terms (and I am no expert, far from it, but I read what I was told to read by real lifelong experts when I shared my curiosity with them) is if a Katana had a spirit it was demonic (in the context of the relevant religion, which is very different than any western religion in this regard), period. This doesn’t mean ‘evil’, but it cannot be female and the variation was ‘very bad or evil’ on one end and ‘violent for the sake of joy through violence’ at the ‘good’ end.

    ‘purpose in this world’ is assnine in the extreme when considering the actual philosophy of the religion involved. Again, layman’s terms – the spirit (demon) gives zero fucks about what some human considers its ‘purpose’ to be and ‘in this world’ means absolutely nothing to a Japanese demon. The poor MFer was either somehow tricked or trapped into winding up bound with the weapon (a lot of causes for this in the relevant religion/mysticism) or it chose to get mixed up with the weapon because the maker had a reputation or a debt (spiritual) etc. and said bored demon knew that the Katana going out the door was going to be in the thick of it because of who and/or what the wielder was.

    For a decent glimpse of the not-necessarily evil nature of Japanese demons, if you ever watch ’13 Assassins’, the weird ‘Koyata’ who should have died from his wounds but didn’t was a Tengu, a specific type of ‘demonic’ lesser god/supernatural being (depending on the religion and its interpretation). But if you watch his mannerisms, humor, and so on and then take a more warlike version of him and stick him in a Katana, you’ll maybe get the idea.

    There is an awesome and subtle reference to a famous legend from this mysticism in the movie ‘Predators’. When the yakuza soldier goes down fighting, pay close attention to the patterns the wind makes in the grass as the camera looks down on the bodies of both fighters.

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