2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Jedi-burger, Idaho

  1. Ya know, there are times that I feel sorry for sammy secret squirrel. Not very often, but once in a while.

    I feel sorry for him because he has to live in a world of fantasy and make believe. Kinda like Michael Jackson, ya know?

    Hey, wait a minute, isn’t that supposed dojo of his, up there in St. Maries, supposed to be for training children? Training them for what?

    Danger, Will Robinson, DANGER!


    • If he was truly delusional, of the “mental issues” type, I would feel sorry for him. As it is, I think it’s just a “trying to impress” and make people think he’s a bad ass. Unfortunately for them, they’ve now attracted the attention of people that are looking into things that I never cared about since I never gave them any money or even cared about the other scams they might be up to (scammers are a dime a dozen). It appears a lot of what they’ve done with us was a huge distraction. Although at every turn we’ve smacked him down, it was still probably just a distraction. BTW, It would be interesting talking to those parents who signed their kids up and paid for classes. I bet they have some stories to tell.

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