Good Cop, Bad Cop

Not matter what type of job you are in, there are good guys and some bad guys. In law enforcement, it is no different. For a given amount of personnel, there are a certain percentage of bad guys. These are guys who abuse authority, like the power trip they believe the badge gives them, or use their position in society to make money through corruption.

I have always said that there are two groups of people in this country that should be held to a higher standard. Law Enforcement, and Judges. In law enforcement, you are in a position to be judge, jury, and executioner sometimes, and with that responsibility and power comes the need for serious discipline if it is abused. Judges have the power of God in certain respects, considering what they can impose in judgments and sentencing. There again, a big responsibility and lots of power requires higher standards and more serious discipline if found to be abusing it.

I refuse to tolerate abuses of position, and I know a number of others in LE that are exactly the same way. The cop in this video apparently also refuses to tolerate that, and the fact that someone caught it on camera and published it is awesome. The guy on the ground is a typical “I didn’t do it” pain in the ass “Drama Queen”. It’s easy dealing with guys who don’t give you problems. What shows your true character is dealing with the assholes or “actors” who want to attract attention. The subject was “playin’ it”, and the handcuffing officer was feeding into it. The other officer did the right thing and addressed his partner physically when necessary.

Way to go Brother, doing the right thing isn’t easy, especially in that job. Your conscience is what you have to live with, not your asshat partner.

H/T Wirecutter


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


3 thoughts on “Good Cop, Bad Cop

  1. Good post. You’re exactly right. (I will disagree about judges, but that is another subject.)

    The problem, as I see it, is not that there are good and bad people in any organization. They are a minority in either case. The problem, I say, is the indifferent people who make up the majority. It is because of their moral indifferentism that bad people tend to get away with their immoral or unethical behavior. They cower behind the “Thin Blue Line,” or “The Regiment” in the case of the military.

    For wickedness to succeed all it requires is for (otherwise normally) good men to do nothing.


  2. JD,unfortunately these folks many times do have to live with their partners,their lives could beiin danger if they can’t count on back up/slow response/ect.This is true in many fields including mine,which according to numbers is more deadly then being a cop.I don’t expect a fellow worker to always be able to stop a disaster but at least be on the job and warn of coming danger and also get more help if needed.

    I am very wary of cameras but perhaps all cops should have one mounted,sure,they can be screwed with but at least it is one step in getting truth of situations and perhaps a learning curve on how to do something better in future,still undecided about that

    While there are videos of cops doing bad there are many dash cams ect. of cops doing good,the one that always comes to my mind is dash film of a cop trying to get a person out of a engulfed in flames vehicle,guy had balls of steel,unfortunately the crash victim died but not due to cop not doing everything possible including risk of own life,always remember that when I see video of cops doing wrong.

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