The Devil’s Brigade

A friend sent me this info. Looks like good stuff.


The Difference Between a FairyTale and a War Story:  One Begins with, “Once Upon A Time,” and the other begins with, “This Ain’t No Jedburger Shit…
 Devils Brigade post DB Commander


Prediction:  When a certain “Jedburgher Academy Head Master” discovers the recent TV Series, “The Devil’s Brigade,” perusal of his site will include references to their lineage, pictures of their commander, and op-ed pieces on the usefulness of the V-42 Stiletto in concert with the garrote.
 Devils Brigade post DB flag


Interesting perspective:  The Headmaster has been known to disparage those who take or have taken, “The King’s Shilling”…..half of the Devil’s Brigade were Canadian….all taking the King’s shilling.
Watch for a t-shirt merchandise offer similar in design to the following, all for $30 or so….plus shipping, of course.
 Devils Brigade post DB tshirt
Here’s a link to the series.
Remember, you read it here, first.
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
 “Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”

4 thoughts on “The Devil’s Brigade

  1. You forgot the best part – instead of saying that he’s taking pre-orders til he gets enough to purchase in bulk, he’ll keep telling customers that he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the work and kept sending it back until the printer got it right – for a solid year like he did with the hoodies. Then he’ll send you the wrong size.

  2. …Kenny, he only orders one size – because on the Planet Kerodin, there is only one size that fits all. Short ‘n stout… as in “he’s a little teapot…” available in “lll colors”:
    “Pink Hands/Blue Guns/Yellow Streak”
    …and best to you and the future Mrs, JC.
    Grandpa says remember to be kind to each other…

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