As The IIITard Turns- This Episode “Stalking?”

Threat post12.JPG

The Love of my life, and best class helper ever! Yes, her safety is off because the rifle is chamber empty (with a snap cap), and hammer forward.

So how do you handle a veiled threat? Men, how would you handle a veiled threat to your significant other? Do you spout off at the mouth with threats that have no force behind them, and that cannot be acted upon? Do you go after the person wherever they may be and preemptively pound the “IIITard” out of them? Do you go further than that? When given a situation such as this you can do one of two things. You can react badly, acting out of an emotionally juvenile need to “Show you’re a man.”, or you can be an adult, and assess the situation to determine what, if any, response should be acted upon.

Fairy K of III Cosmetics decided to try and step up the rhetoric by making comments about the upcoming wedding of Mason Dixon Vixen and myself. I guess he felt that it would show to all the world (primarily just the “III Person Society”) that his “Blue Collar Intel” network was “The” information powerhouse to be reckoned with, but all it actually showed was that he could do a google search using my Fiancee’s name (yup, he’s a CONversation piece that one is).

Then he decided to cross a line, and make a comment that tells me he wants me to know he knows where my Fiancee works. When Whitney found out, she said she wanted to address it, since it was about her directly, and my response was “Go for it.” She commented over at IIIPooPoo, and the below screenshots shows the conversation.

Threat post1

Threat post2

“Experient” is the name of the company that my Fiancee works for, and is listed on her main FB page because she felt no need to hide her employers name, and still doesn’t.

Threat post3

She commented only to let him know she knew the type of BS he was playing and didn’t appreciate it. She didn’t say anything derogatory, and her response was apropos. notice how this IIITard starts off acting (story of his life, right?) like he’s friendly, even after he asserted that Whitney and Lisa Lane were “Fat and Fugly” two months ago.

Kerodin's Disrespecting the girls1

But didn’t he say this a while back about attacking the women folk?

Kerodin's Disrespecting the girls2.jpg

Obviously, what he said about our upcoming wedding and him “Checking into that properly” (What, like he checked into my status in LE as Courtland Grojean the “Reporter” and tried to get me fired?), was an veiled threat towards screwing with our wedding plans and the venue. More important to me is the veiled threat towards my Fiancee by saying basically “Hey, I know where she works.” Should I worry about his brother stopping by and messing with her (I don’t know him, he might be a perfectly likable fellow)? So how do I address it? Well I’ve listed below what is considered to be the “Gold Standard” when determining what type and amount of force is justified in a confrontation.

Ability- Does the attacker have the ability to physically harm you? Example: 90 pound, 4’9″, untrained female hitting a 300 pound 6’5, overtly muscular MMA trained male. Can she hurt the big guy? Yes, but the level of damage, and the ability of the trained individual to respond with “Less Than Lethal” (it generally will not kill if properly applied, example: pepper spray or a strike to a joint) combatives precludes the use of deadly or even “Less Lethal” (less likely to kill if properly applied, example: bean bag round or a palm strike to the chest instead of a bean bag round or fist to the throat)  force. Does Fairy K have the Ability to attack my Fiancee? Sure, but what adult sized (even if small) male doesn’t if they can get hold of a bat or a gun? Does his talk about his skills and feats of “Daring do” worry me? Uh….No. So we’ve determined that there is Ability present, even if it’s amateur hour. 

Opportunity-Is the person in the position to Attack you? Example: Someone 100 yards away is not a physical threat with their personal combatives/weapons (hands, feet, elbows, etc.). Does Scambo have the Opportunity to personally go after my Fiancee? Sure, if he took a road trip, but I’m thinkin’ he doesn’t have the funding for that right now. Does he have the ability to call someone to “Take care of that.”? Sure, but who really is gonna take the chance of catchin’ a charge for him, especially with his Convict background and penchant for “Conning” people into things? So we’ve determined that even if it’s a stretch, he does have the Opportunity to be in a position to hurt my Fiancee, or have her hurt.    

Jeopardy-The difference between a situation that could be dangerous, and one that actually is. Example: A patron in a convenience store notices off to one side a group of older male teenagers staring at them with a look of open hostility, but staying where they are.As opposed to the same group getting into positions that surround the patron, and making overtly threatening remarks to that patron. So does the IIITard’s veiled internet threat rise to the level of imminent Jeopardy? As much as I’d like to say yes, objectively, I have to say no. He has said so many things over the years that were veiled or implied threats to others, so to take this seriously, it would require something to show he ever followed through on anything in his life (threats or otherwise), and there is no proof whatsoever of that being the case. So we’ve determined that imminent Jeopardy is not present.

Preclusion- Was the “Force” you applied the last resort, or did you have other options you did not take advantage of? Example: The above 90 pound, 4’9″ untrained female pulls a knife on the 300 pound, 6’5″, muscular, UNTRAINED, muscular male. Obviously, we can’t determine anything about Preclusion right now, because there was nothing of substance to to react with force to. You have to have completed the act of “Force response” before an assessment can be made of the “Use of Force”. 

So according to the above criteria,  I guess a preventative “Use of Force” in this situation is not warranted huh? Am I supposed to rebut with my own internet threats? Nope, not my style for the same reason I always carry concealed as opposed to open carry. A bad guy will see my gun when they’re lookin’ down the barrel. So let’s look at some statements that have been made for educational purposes.

Threat post11

“Hit them where they show themselves vulnerable” You mean like a job, a wedding, or the safety of a significant other? So should this be taken seriously? I mean, he does consider me an “enemy” doesn’t he..

OK, so let’s say he shows up at my front door with his hands empty, how could I respond? Obviously, I could not shoot him in the face, because even though he has said a number of things on his blog about me, he’s always been smart enough not to make an actual threat. What are my options? Tell him to leave? Yes. What if he doesn’t want to leave? Call the PD to remove him for trespassing? Yup, that’s how it works in our “civilized” society. What if he decides to put his hands on me? Can I shoot him in the face? Nope. In that situation, I’d have to place him in a position to no longer be a physical threat, but unless he is stupid enough to pull out a weapon, my verifiable background, dictates that I use empty hand combatives against his talk of “experiencing wetness”, unless he escalates it to weapons (maybe he’ll whip out a garrote). You can’t kill or attempt to kill a man in a fight because you heard him talk shit about being a bad ass to anyone, it’s that simple.

I have been in life threatening situations, and can articulate in court why I feared for my life (if so), and why I used the level of force that I did. Even though I cannot respond to him showing up empty handed at my door with deadly force, that does not prevent my Fiancee from responding that way. She does not have the training and background that I do, and her force escalation against a man who has said he’s a bad ass and has tried to make people believe he has killed others would be straight to deadly force (a firearm) because she has no other options when confronted by someone who has no reason to be in that location, on private property, other than to attack them. Of course I know he would agree with her being able to do that, considering what he’s said about his own wife’s “Self Defense Doctrine”, and of course it’s to the extreme,

“My wife is under no moral obligation to let a known Bad Guy with known bad intent to get within handgun range or buckle-to-buckle range. I believe she maintains the Moral High Ground of Self Defense to proactively defend herself, if needed against a known threat, at rifle range.”

He has foolishly said numerous times that those (wives, etc.) who are with people who “Take the kings coin” are just as responsible for what he calls “treason”, and should be dealt with accordingly.

Threat post4

Do you fall under the “Actively Worked” category? Ever vote for a “Bad Person”?

So here’s the next point. Could this be considered stalking when using the “Scared Holly” definition? I don’t know, you tell me.

The Threat post1

This is an excerpt from Holly Kerodin’s assertion in court that Kenny Lane was stalking her. The “Petitioner” was Holly Kerodin Not C.A. Kerodin. This was a Protective Order hearing where they were trying to get Kenny’s guns taken away. You know, “Guns” the things the Federal ExCon Scambo can’t own.

Let’s see. He’s posted my full name on his blog. He’s posted images of me that were taken from a “secure” FB page (we know who grabbed that for him). He’s post my employment info. He called my employer and tried to get me fired. He’s talked about our upcoming wedding plans, and sayin’ he’s gonna “Check into that properly.”. Now he’s posting my Fiancee’s place of employment. Unlike the Kerodin’s assertions against Kenny, all my facts can be substantiated in court. By the “Scared Holly” definition, I assess that Ol’ “Fairy K” is stalkin’ me and my Fiancee, am I wrong?


Threat post10

There was no “Behavior Modification”. Hell, he can’t even get his dogs to listen to him, why would a consenting adult do it? “You stalk my wife, you get the full Kerodin.” But they didn’t get the full “Kerodin”, they got the “Full Holly”, and they failed miserably, even after Holly (a black woman) asserted the “Holy Grail” of PC accusations, RACISM! “You’d better pray the legal system resolves the issue.” Or what? You lost. Is this where you “bring the pain”?

So concludes another episode of “The IIITard Kronicles”.

And yes, the portable reloading kit post will be out this weekend.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


52 thoughts on “As The IIITard Turns- This Episode “Stalking?”

  1. Well said. Of course you are depending on Scammy and the Akita Whisperer to be capable of logic, be honest and tell the truth. Let’s see their pattern. Threaten. Promise to come see you to handle this “man to man”. Call the law on you. It hasn’t worked every time he’s done it. You’d think the fool would come up with a new bag of tricks. 0 for 3 Scammy. In baseball, that means you are out.

  2. Sammy is an idiot, a pussy and a braggart. He’s proved that over and over and over again. He had the opportunity to give me ‘the full Kerodin’ when he came down for court and passed on it, even asking the bailiff to hold me in court for a full 10 minutes so that him and Nervous Holly could make their getaway. He knew my address and my employer and I had posted many many times my route home from work. And yes, I was really hoping he’d get stupid.
    He likes to brag, he likes to threaten, and I’m sure he wishes he had the balls to carry them out. He picks on females because he’s afraid of their men.
    And I’m guessing it was Alan ‘Pipeline’ Mullenax that passed on the FB info. I call him Pipeline for a reason.

  3. A conman will split when the con is up. A sociopath buys his own lies and will do anything to keep his fantasy going. Anyone who doesn’t support his fantasy is an enemy, has nothing to do with Enemy of the State; and anyone who buys into his delusions is useful. The only people he keeps in his world are useful to his needs, everyone else must be destroyed before they bring down his curtain.

    What Kerodin has is a rich and exciting fantasy life. Far different from what his life in prison was, where the fantasy was born, and his living conditions now. The only weapons he has are words, which are just as empty and false as the dreamworld in which he lives.

    Oh, and MDT, you’re marrying WAY above you. She’s lovely.

  4. Well I’ll be damned!I believe that tis a smile on your face!I was wondering if it was possible!I mean you had a bit of a grin on you with last years successful hunt photo but I would have said dog looked happier.I was wondering if perhaps you stepped on a rusty nail and got a touch of lockjaw,glad not the case.

    I really doubt K is a threat,but,tis your nature to be aware so am sure all fine,do not let that ass be a splinter on a great new chapter in your life.

    I would like to thank Whitney for showing you tis OK to smile in photos and for being willing to marry you even though you are one of these “weird lefties”. Seriously,congrats on the upcoming wedding and a long and happy future together.

  5. Sammy is a worthless fleshsack full of shit.
    I’m not as erudite as those above, but it is the truth none the less.
    Some day Sammy’s fantasy world will meet reality and he will get his comeuppance.
    As for those who still follow him; you must really be losers if they look up to and follow him.

  6. sammy secret squirrel is a keyboard commando, that is all talk and no balls. Kinda reminds me of the perverts at the SPLC. All talk and no substance.

    One day, someone will have enough of sammy’s bullshit spewing, and do the world a favor and make the trek up to St. Maries, Idaho, and remove this little wart off of the worlds butt.


  7. He’s a textbook hustler with an inferiority complex who’s far removed himself from his most feared enemies – dotgov and a number of former creditors. In other words, he stepped off’n the porch – to run away. As far as travelling to your part of the country for visitation goes, consider the fact that he had to solicit funds (albeit fraudulently) to relocate to the Aryan redoubt. If the shoe fits….Anyway, sooner or later his chickens will come home to roost and he’ll be forced to put up or shut up. When that times comes, be prepared to copy and paste those results far and wide.

  8. I am not a regular on this site. But WTF is going on with this III/Kerodin crap?
    I appreciate all you, Mason Dixon, and the others are doing with your blogs and info, so do not take this wrong. This IS NOT directed at you people who offer insight, information, and, yes, entertainment with your blogs.
    It is people who are WEBWarriors who talk big shit and brag about delusional exploits.
    Why in the name of Patrick Henry would anyone who is going to lead a “Patriot Movement” air this crap for the .gov to read and laugh about????
    Do the terms “Silent Professional” or “Gray Man” hold no meaning to these people???
    Jedburghs??????????? A lot of Real Men died with that title, and a lot of Real Men of that lineage are fighting and dying in the world today.
    How are they going to “surprise them from the shadows” when they constantly keep themselves in the limelight of WebWarriordom?

    • “Jedburghs??????????? A lot of Real Men died with that title” Paul, that was one of my main problems that I originally aired publicly. He ( a guy who couldn’t be a .Mil/Vet due to physical issues and being an ExCon) was telling people the should call themselves Commandos (III Militia Commandos) and I called BS. I said the same thing, mainly that using that term so loosely disparaged the men who originated and earned the title.

  9. MDT
    Bet you a buck…there’s a commercial billboard for rent in the vicinity of St M Idaho just waiting for a fascinating biography for all to see.

  10. I would be willing to bet that if he actually came face to face with you he would crap his pants. Given that, you might want to start referring to his nom de guerre as Courtland Gross-jeans.

  11. I still think y’all give this twerp too much crash space in your heads.

    Congrats, by the way, from a fellow (and soon to be ex- ) Marylander. My wife and I lied to the National Park Service about making a movie (we even had studio equipment there) and had our wedding overlooking that really pretty cascade at Great Falls. Hope y’all have something as pleasantly memorable.

    RustyGunner, from Charles county

    • It’s not about “Crash space” in our heads. It’s about making sure newcomers to the whole militia/III/prepper side of things know to stay away from his con of “Serious III/ Patriots”. Some new things just came out, and are going to be posted shortly. He has no idea how many people he’s pissed off, but we do. We hear about it every day, and some big players have just gotten involved.

      • Yep.
        Some folks never post on these blogs, but they dang sure read them.

        As for your question above, A Man ought to do what he thinks is right. Sage words when mentioned by the Duke, and still applicable today.

        • Fortunately, I already know what I’d do. I’ve “Seen the Elephant”, he has not. Knowing what you’ve done in situations from hands on close quarters to a gun fight is very reassuring and gives confidence that you’ll do the right thing in the future. Not knowing, and being a cowardly blowhard who has to hide behind his black wife to make accusations relevant (“stalking” and “racism” against Kenny in court) must be terrible. The closest the ginger midget will come to ever jumping off the porch will be to go get the mail, and he probably has to have his wife order the dogs to go with him for protection since the blue gun doesn’t do much.

  12. PUPPY poo obviously is insanely jealous of anyone with a real job, (Government or otherwise) any one with a pretty woman and is more than 2 feet tall. I double dog dare the little cretin to threaten me, it will be the worst day of his sniveling life.

  13. Congratulations to you both, brother. And thanks for sharing this episode of As Scambo Runs (his mouth). As for defense of kith, kin – and especially spouse; I’ve shared before – say all the nonsense you desire about me; but threaten my wife? You’ll be fortunate if you wake up to an idling diesel in your yard and me knocking on the door… because if I get lazy, or I’m tired; I’ll set up a long way away…

  14. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Wish the best for both of y’all, though I fear you definitely got the better end of the deal (certainly in the looks department). Here’s to many happy years for you both and a wonderful life together. 🙂

  15. Well, this ends the debate for me at least.

    Speshul Kay is truly the heir to the legacy of the original Jedburghs.

    I mean, if the internet existed back in their time, those dudes would have been all about cyber stalking the fiance of an American Soldier and combat veteran.

    adjective: pathetic
    miserably inadequate.

    • He truly is. They would have cyber stalked and played Modern Warfare 3 in the basements of their mothers till their hands bled and the orange color on their dicks was permanent from the cheetos residue.

  16. Congrats to you and your wife. And you really do look like a young Jesse Ventura. It’s uncanny.

    As far as this Kerodin character goes, I don’t know any of y’all, I just read a couple blogs every now and then(here and Kenny’s, not scammy), and from what I’ve seen he is all talk. I wouldn’t even worry about it. Id imagine he is so scared of going back to prison again that he isn’t going to come anywhere near y’all. A little weasel like him probably had a pretty rough time in there. He will make is little threats and him and his two or three people that comment on there will keep jerking each other off in his comments section.

    As far as retaliating or preemptively doing anything, no need. If a monkey in the zoo flung his shit at you, would you throw your own shit back at him? Obviously not, throwing shit is what simple minded primates do, not adult humans. Same thing with this guy. Nothing but a shit throwing monkey.

    • I’m not really concerned about him physically or for that matter even what he says on his blog. The only concern one might have goes along with what they say about bullets. It’s not the bullet with your name on it that you worry about, it’s the one that says “To whom it may concern.”. Scambo could say Kenny and I were devil worshiping, KKK members by now, and have video “evidence”, and I don’t think anyone but his three acolytes would believe him. We’ve shown him as a liar and a delusional con man, and the only sad part is the energy we had to put into doing it.

  17. Pingback: A REAL woman would have left Sam Kerodin a long time ago… | The Sun Also Rises

  18. The 2 thumbs up was for the fine looking woman you have chosen to marry. Congrats to both. The wink is self-explanatory.

    If I WERE to put anything in Kerodin’s eyes… think skull pucking. (With a rubber. Double. I don’t want to catch his syphilis on the brain).

    • P.S. I thought it funny that Kerodin has now posted for us a hand to hand combat post from his vast YouTube knowledge on such matters.

      • it was meant for those that are his “Betters”. It’s his way of trying to imply his intent without saying it out loud. If you say it out loud, people would expect you to follow through, wouldn’t they? Picks on women. Can’t say what he means. Sends his wife to do his dirty work. Can’t pick up a “Barrycade” for fear of a federal charge, but he made sure people knew he was there doing the “heavy lifting”, didn’t he? Doesn’t even have the respect of, and authority over his dogs, that says a lot. Obama has actually accomplished more than this blowhard, and he hasn’t accomplished shit.

  19. D’oh.

    I forgot to say ‘Congratulations you two’. 😉

    And you are a far, far braver Man than I, Gunga Dixson.

    You taught a woman you are romantically involved with how to shoot, accurately. 🙂

    If I had ever done that, I would have been shot and killed long ago.

  20. I guess HVAC repairman was deep IIIOSS cover during his 17 year intensive martial arts pilgrimage. And obviously, his conviction for extortion was a brilliant ploy to establish impeccable IIICreds. Such sacrifice for Duh Kawz!

    She is a charming woman. You two happy together was not staged.


  21. Reader, vet, family man here. Relax. Boy’s a joke. You’ve more to fear from a crazy-ex girlfriend.

    And from a legal standpoint, his whole body of work would be all the defense you’d need.

    Besides, he’s public. And HE knows that.

    “Time and I can take on any two…”

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