Training Should Never End

I hear a lot of people say “I’ve got enough training (one SUT class), I don’t need any more.”. Usually, they are the guys who have spent more on their AR, than they ever would on any amount of training (even training on how to properly use that AR), and when you suggest they should always be getting more, they have some excuse about why they aren’t. What’s the range of an excuse? ZERO METERS!!!!

Case in point. I recently took time away off of the job to go to a two week training course. We won’t get into specifics about what the training was, because for this post what specifically it was is not important. Let’s digress a minute. There are a number of areas of study I have had an interest in over the years. Two of those topics are firearms (specifically how they relate to wilderness and defensive survival applications), and hand to hand combat skills, under which I place edged weapons (specifically knives), and items like the kasari fundo.

With the Hand to Hand stuff, I started learning one type of martial art while in college, and I progressed to another type in my early years in the military. Later in the military, I went through Army Combatives Level 1 (when it was a new thing), and in the last decade, I’ve been involved in using different styles from Krav Maga to BJJ, and also SPEAR. Is this said to impress you? No. If I was trying to impress you, I’m pretty sure I would have mentioned this long before now. I haven’t offered it in my business yet, so it hasn’t come up till now.

My point is that even though I’ve been involved in a lot of this stuff for decades, I still take the opportunity to learn new things, and my mindset is that I will never be done learning and training. So I went and got beat on for two weeks, and in the process, I learned some things. I consider myself a “Knife guy”, and have been since I was a kid (no, I haven’t had a Damned ceremony with my knife, that’s GAAEEEY), but I learned one knife technique at this class that I was unaware of (so it was worth it).

A secondary point of the class was learning how to pass what we knew on to students in a training environment. Generally, I consider myself pretty good at passing on info to the end user (at least feedback I’ve received from students makes me think that LOL), and I’ve been doing it for a while, but guess what, I learned a new approach that makes good sense, and I will be implementing it into ALL of my classes. Why? …..Well, why not? I have no illusions of being the “be all end all” trainer of anything, and if this new method helps me get life saving info into the “Harddrive” of a student, so they are better able to retain it, I consider that a “Win!”.

So what’s your excuse? Not enough money? There is plenty of free crap out there you can take advantage of, especially with stuff that is associated with CERT. You don’t have the time? I bet you will have the rest of your life during “Critical Mass” to think about the life saving skills you should have taken the time to learn but didn’t make a priority, won’t you? You aren’t in good enough shape? First, you guys know my shpeel about PT, but let’s say you are as good as you gonna get physically, and that it’s not very good. There are plenty of things someone can do from a training aspect, that does not involve physicality. Gamegetters class is a great example, and an important skill to know. Being a Survivalist isn’t all about your physical ability.

Make a list of life saving skills you need to learn, lifesaving skills you have and need to review/brush up on, and things you want to learn. Prioritize it by  saying “How screwed am I without this skillset?”, and move out from there. It’s only the lives of you and those most dear to you that sway in the balance, right?

Trainer post pic

Here’s a pic of a Buddy that I’ve trained with. He is a Black Belt in JuJitsu and Judo, and has been a practitioner for 17 years, and he’s always looking for new things to train in. He’s a very good instructor, and one of the most humble guys you’d ever meet. BTW, the reason I posted a pic of my friend is because I asked him first, and to make a point. I normally don’t post pics of friends or Loved ones.

Now compare the pic above to the pic and screenshot below

Tittie blog post3

Trainer post1.jpg

Not all of the “17 Years Experience” claims are comparable, are they?

Trainer post pic4.jpg

I know, I know… comes a Kaper,  CAKcolube and all….right?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


5 thoughts on “Training Should Never End

  1. Very good. Concise. Reasonable. It is why, even as it has been a long time since active duty… I still remember why I train. As my uncle, GSgt. G.C. Burke hammered home since I was 7… “you are always a Marine. You may not be active duty, but you are always a Marine. Train, because your country will need you again.” Copy that.
    And Dodge, I just have to ask… WTF does Scambo have in his mouth? And why does it look like a donkey dick?

  2. Interesting read and while looking at the redirects to different training,well,said to meself with one seems silly,then while thinking it through for a minute/getting more coffee,well,felt very stupid,will get to that in a second.

    I look at life as learning new things everyday,on the job and outside of job,we may not realize it but we unless dead all learn new things everyday,even when we don’t think we are,tis why I enjoy thinking/relaxed with a cup of coffee and look back on things I have done/been exposed to in day.

    As for pt,walk.This will get one in better shape with low impact over a period of time,as you get in better shape take a small pack and start hiking/seeing new things.You stick with it you will soon realize you are hiking hills/even small mountains ect.,getting in better shape and enjoying nature ect. as you head off for new places to walk.The other advantage is while walking where you live get to know the area better,look at alternative routes/places for cover/perhaps natural water supplies/all sorts of things to look for.I would say whether you live in the city or deep country the better you know your locale the better you be whether a natural/man made disaster,well,excluding asteroid hit/nuke.

    OK,now to feeling stupid.While looking at the kasari fundo thought to meself,who the hell carries a weighted chain?!I get having a work knife/stout pen ect. and how they could be used but the chain seemed pretty esoteric.I then while getting another cup of coffee saw me wallet on kitchen table,one from the biking days.I have had it for decades,a wallet with a clip for the belt/connected by,you got it/a chain.I held in both hands and have about 11″ of chain without key end or said wallet in hand,my guess is while not perfect in hands of someone who knew what they were doing would help,especially if say robbed and undoing/handing over wallet and felt you where going to get hurt no matter what you did complying(will not die for my wallet but will not if feel threatened with death/injury go without at least trying).Well,glad I got todays learning out of the way,even if I had to feel stupid!

    • You’re not stupid James, you just had an “AHA!” moment. The reason I concentrated my efforts on the Kasari Fundo was due to how easily it can be improvised with thing you use all the time, and that in chain form it can be used for strikes, locks, disarms, and blocking edged weapons. It can be improvised (but most won’t stop edged weapons that can cut through them) with belts (the thinner the better for flexibility), a long corded lanyard on keys (one of the best improvisations, due to the weight the keys give it), a tie (tie keys onto thin end, but it takes a minute), and as you said, a wallet chain. I know a guy who used to wear one as a belt, and all he had done was put a clip on one end, and a small ring on the other. Except for the knife, and the staff/baton, the other weapons I learned during that time were not practical to me. Even the sword is not practical (I wish it was, I love swords) unless you’re living in “En Kharakas” with gnomes, trolls and “III Fairies”.

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