Kenny Sends

III to III for Mike Vanderboegh


You know, sometimes I have the best of intentions but my timing really sucks.

I had planned for a few months now to do a III to III thing for Mike after he passes to help his wife Rosie with expenses. Okay, that’s the great intentions part. Now let’s get to the shitty timing.

The man is terminally ill. It’s no secret. It’s also no secret that men worry about what’s going to happen with their loved ones after they pass from this life. If they’re suffering from a terminal illness, expenses pile up and bills will have to be paid. Oh boy, will bills have to be paid. And wives still have to eat and have shelter. We do worry about that – we’re men and we can’t help it.

The man is suffering physically. There ain’t a damned thing me or you can do about that. What we can do is put his mind at ease by helping to pay some of those bills or by putting a few bucks in his pocket.
We as Patriots and/or III Percenters owe him a great debt. He’s the one that started the movement or at least coined the name and brought a lot of us together. He’s the one that exposed the federales’ negligence and wrongdoing in the Fast and Furious debacle. He’s the one that stood up and cried “Shame” when they tried to enact even more rules and regulations on our Rights.

He resisted. Are you willing to give up a few bucks to show your appreciation for his efforts? Hey, I’m not asking you to throw down the rent money, but surely you can give the cost of a couple boxes of ammo or a case of beer. It wouldn’t be a big sacrifice to you as an individual but collectively we can make a difference. We can help put this man’s mind at ease.

Okay. If you can help you can do it one of two ways, either by mail or by paypal. Please do not send any funds to me to forward to him. Send them directly to him so they will get to him as soon as possible with no lag time. His paypal donation button as well as his mailing address is in his sidebar at his site HERE. If you don’t do paypal, send it through the mail. If you want to remain anonymous with your gift, please send cash or a money order. A card or note of appreciation would be nice but not necessary.
Sipsey Street Irregulars

Thank you for your generosity. You folks have always come through in the past when a Patriot was in need and I have no doubts you’ll shine this time around.
-Kenny “Wirecutter” Lane



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


6 thoughts on “Kenny Sends

  1. Thanks for sharing, guys. I know it’ll be appreciated.
    You know, even though you may not agree with everything MBV says (who agrees with everything anybody says?) you have to acknowledge that the III Percent/Patriot movement would be nowhere without him.

    • You both have done an incredible service to an incredible patriot. This was completely organic and unexpected. You have done far more than your fair share in helping him out, and it will not be forgotten.

        • And sharing posts is one way to help get things done,so it is something(something important).A lot of posts I see here are from elsewhere and a lot of your own posts make it to many different sites,(yah,I am a site slut).

          The thing about info. is the more that it is spread around,the more folks can act/research ect. on said info.

          • Right now I’m working on some of the posts I mentioned in earlier comments. They will take a little while due to some pics that are needed, and real time data I need to collect. In the middle of some training right (yeah, I am continuing to go through training, it never stops) now so it will be a bit before I can finish and post them. Meanwhile, I will fill in the gaps with pertinent posts from other bloggers, and “Fairy K Specials” for your education and entertainment.

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