It’s For The Children


Kerodin's Martial Art10So I guess Kerodin was honest about something. Holly said in court that they had a martial arts school that trained children, and now there is verifiable, photographic proof. We saw in this post what the Jedburger (quasi adult) Academy was up to, now behold “Threeeeeee Spaaaaaartaaaaaaan MMAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. H/T to WD

Kerodin's Kid MMA1.jpg

Note the use of the world famous “Mouth Lock” used in hotspots around the world. The “Attacker” is too small or young to take out the person being “Kaperized” any other way.

Kerodin's kid MMA4.jpg

Note how the “Attacker” (left) partner can use the hands for other things (pulling out a garrote, massaging the handle of the “Sacred Randall”, prepping a tube of CAKcolube for insertion, etc.) while maintaining the “Mouth Lock”. The “Attacking”  partner maintains distance with the feet so the “Attacked” partner cannot sweep the feet/legs, when they are swept, the “attacker” becomes the “attacked”

Kerodin's kid MMA2.jpg

Note how the “Attacked” partner has reversed rolls by sweeping the legs, and is now going for the “Mouth Hold” technique.

Kerodin's kid MMA3.jpg

The “Mouth Hold” technique can be drilled back and forth between students. The students will continue to switch the roles of “Attacker” and “Attacked”, always starting with attacking the other for no reason.

So there you have it, a IIINinjaCommandoOfficerKaper technique that is taught to the youngsters of Jedburger, Idaho. They gonna be some “Killahs” when they hit puberty, huh? I’m sorry I doubted the veracity of the skills being taught by Kernal Fairy K. He’s a “Roll” model (and when I saw “Roll” I mean “love handles”, round is a shape!).

Tittie blog post4

By the way, recently my significant other (Mason Dixon Vixen) got me a  B Day card that was priceless. Here you go.

Sammy Squirrel1.JPG

Sammy Squirrel2

She embellished it with a few “Special K” additions LOL

Gotta Love a woman that “Get’s it”, huh?


We’ll end this post with a gratuitous “Being Jesse Ventura” shot.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”



6 thoughts on “It’s For The Children

  1. Belly roll? Check out that hot dog roll on his neck!
    Man, you’re making him jealous when you pose with a non-blue weapon – he can’t do that because he bows down to his masters.
    I hope you realize you ruined squirrel and dumplings for me…..

  2. I hope we can safely say again no cute yard rodents were harmed in this post!

    Oh,Happy B-Day(even if late) and,well….,you really could have pulled a stunt double role in the Predator movie

  3. …like I’ve told Kenny; you need to warn me – because laughing whiskey out my nose hurts like hell.
    And you look smarter than Ventura, anyway.
    And, Scambo looks like a “fcuking” cunt from any angle. Quite obviously, he does PT all the time.

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