Repeat It (The Lie) Enough Times, And…..Fail,,,,Again

From the desk of JC Dodge

So I get multiple emails from people last night and this morning concerning allegations made by Fairy K of III Cosmetics, concerning my “Disciplinary” status within the agency I work for, and the crap said about Kenny at Knuckledraggin.  First, let’s look at one of the screenshots I received.

Kerodin's crybaby1

“Daffy” is a term the Alan “Perpetually Mad” Mullinex, Jeff “Tonedeaf” Tovsen, L “I will warn you a second time” T, and Christian “I can spell cunt, but I can’t spell fcuk” Kerodin use when referring to me. Allan’s one of Fairy K’s last followers, and is a member of the inner sphincter that is the “III Person Society”. He was also the first to eject from the III Percent Society Board after he tried to deny that he had accepted the “Treasurers” position ( I showed the Board that that was BS). Actually, he has admitted elsewhere to leaving for the same reason Kenny did. Mullinex realized that Kerodin was going to try and be the “King Kernal”.

“He got his feelbads hurt”? There was no “feelbads” involved. Since I’m a professional and understand that Internal Affairs has to investigate allegations (Fairy Grojean calls it “Asking for a statement”, but it’s an implied allegation, and the ExCon knows it will be investigated). On a side note, I guess when it comes to the “names” thing, he’s kind of like Robert Downey Jr.’s character SGT Lincoln Osiris. “I’m a Dude, playin’ a Dude, disguised as another Dude.” Let’s see, originally he was Christian Allen Hyman, then he changes it to Christian Allen Kerodin in 2003 right before he started the theft scam that got him two years in the Federal slam. He goes by “Sam” (something Holly had told me was not his real name), and when he wants to try and get someone fired from a LE job, he goes by “Courtland Grojean”. He has so many other names he uses, it’s hard to keep track of all of them, just like his domain names. From how he acts, he wishes he was black. Why do you think he had his wife go after Kenny? Because he needed her to level the “racist” charge as a black woman, not a white woman like Kerodin.

“Openly White Supremacist”? If he only knew my life, and how ridiculous that statement is, his mind would boggle, LOL. That accusation will be great in actual print, then it can be acted on appropriately.

“They never did offer a statement directly on that point”? That’s interesting. Did they offer an indirect statement? Of course they didn’t, since there are professional ethics rules and guidelines in play here. So are you saying there was an indirect statement about me to Courtland Grojean? I find it interesting that an agency that did an investigation over whether I was a NeoNazi, White Supremacist, and/or Anti Government, and ruled those allegations as “Unwarranted” would give anyone an indirect statement at all. As a matter of fact, the people that would have been the ones to give such a statement are pretty anal about not giving out info, simply because they would be concerned about being hemmed up for it and losing their job. Considering the repercussions someone in an administrative position could receive if it was found out that they gave out info, or talked about someone that had been cleared of wrongdoing…..well that’s a big deal at that level, and they wouldn’t have done it. Once again Convict, your assertions are not believable.

But I hear Daffy got a talking to and is under considerable scrutiny these days”? See the statement above. An investigation of that type can have one of three different rulings from Internal Affairs. “Substantiated”– Substantiated means that the accusation made was true, and will probably be followed by disciplinary proceedings. “Unsubstantiated”– Unsubstantiated means that the allegation could not be proven, but it also could not be disproved. “Unwarranted”– Unwarranted means that not only was the allegation not true, but it should have never been made, and was a waste of time and resources. There was no “Talking to”, the allegation was ruled unwarranted. There was no “Scrutiny” after the investigation was done, it was an unwarranted accusation. Once again, if Scambo only knew what was going on with me, he’d be jealous. But then again, obviously he already is.

“Mandatory, routine, mental health screenings”? I don’t know about that, but I can tell you they use polygraphs. Can you pass a polygraph Scambo? I can.


By the way Scambo, I don’t have to get Mason Dixon Vixen to whisper to our dog to get him to listen. He listens when I speak. What kind of an effeminate household do you have there, when you can’t fight your own court battles on actual merit, you have to get your woman to do it for you because she’s female and black, and she has to whisper to the dogs to get them to do what YOU want. Hell, even the dogs don’t respect you, LOL.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


12 thoughts on “Repeat It (The Lie) Enough Times, And…..Fail,,,,Again

  1. “Even the dogs don’t respect you…..” Oh shit oh dear that was priceless.
    I love watching him/her/it get schooled almost as much as I love doing it myself.

  2. The most fascinating thing about the Holocaust(R) Survivor is that he goes from nobody felon HVAC extortionist to IIIPresident, and just around that time of attraction by the disparate to the emotionally charged IIIMagnet the Shitty Pharisee Lubavitcher Cabalists (SPLC) and the Ashkenazim Destroyers League (ADL) announce an explosive record number of “extremist” and “anti-government” groups. And of course, the SPLC and ADL are the FedGov commissars; _every_ “anti-extremism” throttle is under their dead hand.

    It is not the least bit astonishing that Mullenax is a hanger-on. It’s the best he can do. (He claims to be a PhD; in what is anybody’s guess; he has a rich store of slogans but no philosophy; anyhow, he should get his money back.)

    Their name for me is “Bugs.” I’m getting a little slow these days and it took a few seconds to figure out it referred to Warner Bros. cartoons. The Warners were… well, you know.

    The “patriot movement” (which is neither patriotic nor a movement) is hopelessly infected by “…omnibus hominibus adversantur.” (Thess. 2:15) They always work both sides.

    “Dog whisperer…” Well, yes, of course.


  3. He’s crossed the line into actionable libel, by a significant margins. I suggest you act accordingly. The law does not allow the damaging of a private person’s reputation in such a manner. Special K has no affirmative defense for his allegations, and you appropriately deserve compensation.

    • What will be interesting is if he’s stupid enough to put anything like that into a hard copy book. I’m sure the Attorney General’s office will take a keen interest in his assertions about what they “Told Grojean” about me.

    • My only caveat to that would be whether JCD would be considered a private person, by virtue of this blog and his side gig. FWIW, I’m no expert in libel law, but the public person argument could be made. Doubt it would work, but depends on the judge. We can only hope Scambo decides to ‘close the gap’ with the wrong bear.

  4. Ever notice the alligator mouth always gets the bird shit ass in trouble. Some folks need to get, “don’t start none, won’t be none” tattooed on their fucking forearms.

  5. Its a sad world when a male can hide behind a skirt and not have to answer to a man for his words and actions. Hopefully one day that will change.

    ((also loved the line: “even the dogs don’t respect you”))

  6. I’m sorry, he had me at “book coming out”. Is that like the Jedburgh thing, or the Citadel thing, or the Short Bus thing, or the III Arms thing, or the lawsuits thing, or the audit thing, or the Cleveland thing, or the IIIPS elections thing, or the aw fuck, I give up.

  7. Dude, whomever that is n the pic with the dog, you and I have the same dog…exactly the same except for the shit!
    Sounds like this “Scammy” asshole POS likes to start shit he can’t finish and as a subject he’s probably due less then 0 attention or respect!

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