A Message From The Mojave Desert Patriot

I was going through the blog list this evening, and came across this gem from MDP. I really thought he was joking when he wrote the line at the end with the link about the IIINinja, here’s the screenshot of the actual Scambo post with the IIINinja line.

Kerodin's IIINinja

Because Scambo knows about NOC’s? Of course he does, he’s seen “The Recruit” like the rest of us. Go to 0:34:29 to learn all about NOC’s, LOL. The “IIINinja” was a new one I hadn’t heard before. That’s another  pricelessly, gaaaeeey “IIITerm” from “Fairy K Kosmetics and Kapers” right there.

Speaking of videos, check out this one from Glenn Beck’s show where at 13:06 Scambo is asked Part way into Beck’s question, Beck says- ” No more open carry, we’re going to, no more, no more even having a gun in the house, we’re going to do that. What happens then?” Scambo says- “That’s a hypothetical we hope never comes around. Obviously we are not secessionists, We believe and we state it very clearly, the laws of the land will be followed. Idaho as well as the Federal laws, even laws that we believe are unconstitutional. We are not looking to pick a fight with anybody. Um, we would do the best we can to make sure those laws don’t pass. “

Kerodin's unconstitutional response1

I bet the “Fuck’em sideways with a big stick.” line would have gone over well with Beck, right? So what do you believe Scambo? Or does the tune change depending on who you are talking to?

But the Beck gig was all for show to garner funds from otherwise untapped resources, wasn’t it? He told Beck what he thought would sound good, not what he thought. I think that’s called a lie, right?

Kerodin's Beck Speak

The “III Ferryman”

Remember this line in “The Outlaw Josey Wales” at 0:23

“You know in my line of work, you gotta be able either to sing ‘The Battle Hymn Of The Republic’ or ‘Dixie’ with equal enthusiasm… dependin’ upon present company.” Maybe we’ll just call him the “III Ferryman”, hmmm?

So ends another block of instruction.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


8 thoughts on “A Message From The Mojave Desert Patriot

  1. That is exactly what went through my mind. I just couldn’t remember the name of the movie. Good catch. Thanks.

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  3. There is also reference to the “NOC” in the first ‘Mission:Impossible’ movie, if I recall… much the same as Scambo’s “ask any old school spy…” regarding his garrote… his ignorance is startling. As with his pseudo military parlance… let’s ask ourselves… could we find and befriend an old school spy, or an agent with Non Official Cover?
    These folks made their livilihood – and stayed alive – by NEVER speaking with loud mouth, braggart, pretenders – like Scambo. Or, anyone else, for that matter.
    As in the SF community, or the extreme long range community, – these groups are not sewing circles, or gossip groups. So, sorry, Scambo – no one is talking to you about ANYTHING.

    • He really doesn’t understand that. Maybe he got in on a NOC’s ANON meeting. “Hi, I’m ____ ______, and I’m a NOC.”….”Hi, ________” Too bad he’s not a “IIINOC”, cuz then we would have never heard about it, LOL. Since it’s in the same post, maybe it means “Ninja Organized Caper”. I love what he says here, insinuating that he’s “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.”
      “Make no mistake, living as a III Ninja in a hot environment will be filled with mental pressure and tension one can not truly imagine, until you’ve done it.”
      One IIICommandoNinjaOfficerMilitia, coming right up. As Steve said, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry…..and the crying is from laughing so hard!!!

    • Well I think we should give him the job of IIIJester since he’s played the fool so well…I wince with each stupid thing that spews forth from his mouth knowing there are still some people holding on to him for dear life…I have to Wonder if they still have enough sense to feel a little ashamed when their dear leader proves himself to be a moron time and time again…

  4. Sadly, brother; based on what I’ve read… no, they haven’t. It makes one wonder just what type of bribery, or evidence photo, or just what it is, that keeps a few people who ought to know better – staying aligned with an obvious enemy of liberty… all the while insisting that the rest of the world is crazy, and they hold sanity and truth.
    Wrong – o.

  5. ‘let’s ask ourselves… could we find and befriend an old school spy, or an agent with Non Official Cover?’

    Some points/thoughts to ponder on…

    When the day comes and it’s over, and said person who spent time working under a NOC/assignment…

    Depending on the scope and nature of the activities, there is a group of people out there, some individuals in their own possibly nasty groups, and they all ‘know’ the former person as someone else.

    Maybe the parting and final memories were neutral, maybe they were positive. Maybe there is a file on a make-believe person with a real face and some version of the counter-intel crowd in whatever world the former person lived in has put the word out – indefinitely.

    One of the top 3 nightmares is the former false world somehow coming into contact with the post-assignment ‘real’ (family, friends, etc.) world.

    Did you know that facebook’s facial recognition software is over 90% in terms of accuracy? But hey, it’s not like someone will ever hack the relevant facebook DBs. Right?

    So your gut is right. Ain’t gonna happen (someone who has actually worked under a NOC/assignment chatting with ‘Scammy’).

    I can imagine Scammy trying to figure what I mean when I type /assignment after NOC via google. Good luck. 🙂

    There’s a Japanese-American fellow I had the honor of knowing whose family was in for a real eye opener after he passed on. Intel service in WW2, and then on to intel agency service. Partial blindness in one eye and nerve issues from shrapnel near his spinal cord and in his neck that the surgeons didn’t want to touch.

    His family were clued in a little when they were made aware of his having been awarded the Intelligence Star, more than once. They still weren’t given the details of why.

    They were surprised, proud, and shocked all that the same time. Because for 20+ years, he’d been a gardener.

    He didn’t deceive his family. He just never went into any detail about what he did before he was a gardener.

    That is the kind of person we are talking about.

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