Meanwhile In Jedburger, Idaho

Jedburger Idaho1

The Jedburger on the right is demonstrating the famous “Tail supported, Double Foot to the Face” technique

Jedburger Idaho2

Once again, the Jedburger on the right is using the little known “I’ll Chew Your Foot Off” maneuver. You’ll probably remember the Black Knight (he was, it’s not racist) threatening to use this technique in “Monty Python And The Holy Grail” after having his arms and legs cut off. Seams legit, but I haven’t been a “Counter-Terrorism Expert”, and a “Direct-Action Security Specialist” since I was 16 years old like some people have been, so I really wouldn’t know, would I?

Jedburger Idaho3

Again, on the right a Jedburger demonstrates the infamous “Double Mule (ass) Kick, With Double Palm Support”. This special technique has been demonstrated to “Serious” patriots In places like Mercer  PA, Cape Carteret NC, St Maries Idaho, and other locations too secret to reveal on a non secure blog, such as this one.

This is my attempt a humor, no Jedburgers were harmed in the making of this attempt.

H/T to WD for the material


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


18 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Jedburger, Idaho

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  2. …you fuckers need to quit making me waste good whiskey by laughing it out my nose. It stings like hell.
    Does anyone have any info on the availability of the new iiiperson bobbleheads?(tm) (collect the entire set of 8)
    Or, any info on the new iiiperson social club bubble gum cards? ™ (collect all 8!)
    Rumor has it, that the entire set, once collected, allows you to partake in an hours long training class that will teach you an entire 5 minute YouTube video of pointless bullshit that anyone who spent time in boy’s third grade gym class already knows.
    (yeah, I’ve returned…)

  3. Reminds me of the time some serious men who had been and done that up close and covered in wetness, were training my CoastGuard special ops/black ops team.

    “When garotte is made from a bikini top you need a flat chested gal so the cups don’t get in the way.”
    Sgt. Schultz , veteran of heavy combat in Monaco and Oahu..wet of course.

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