A Battle Of Wits With A Defenseless Man

Social experimentation can be fun, especially when the one being “experimented” on is a hypocritical moron. I posted this piece at 2248 (10:48 PM) hrs EDT last night the 21st of May, and I received a text around 1800 hrs this evening, saying “Go laugh your ass off!” I went, and indeed, I laughed my ass off, simply because according to him, I’m now a narcissist for posting pics that back up his assertion that I own man-boobs , LOL. His response post time was at 1717 (5:17 PM) hrs EDT, so it took him 17 hours to give a response that reminds me of Pee Wee Herman’s “I know you are but what am I?” mantra. The second screenshot is something that he used to post all the time on his sidebar, and my Buddy thought it would be apropos to place it here with a screenshot of the “Narcissist”post. Everyone needs a hobby, apparently Kerodin’s is calling Men and innocent women names, mine is showing what a lying, wannabe, felonious con man looks like. Enjoy

Kerodin's blog response

Kerodin's Bitch Header

Remember saying that? We do, LOL


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


11 thoughts on “A Battle Of Wits With A Defenseless Man

  1. Wait, I thought Kerodin didn’t read ‘enemy’ blogs.

    Kerodin, Obama and the Kardashians are the most narcissist people on the face of the earth – in that order.
    Everything he’s ever written comes back around to Sammy. Sammy this, Sammy that, the man that gets things done.
    It’s al about Sammy no matter how he tries to spin it.

    Dear Mr. Fantasy doesn’t realize that damned near anybody and everybody knows how to google and they pay attention to what they read. Try this sometime – google his name. Then google your own. How much negative crap pops up on each of them? Hell, I run a blog and throw my name around freely, yet when I google Kenny Lane I don’t even pop up for the first few pages.
    Now google my dog’s name, CharlieGodammit. Seriously, do it. My dog has a better reputation than Kerodin!!! My dog, man… I mean, he’s a great dog but still…..

    What a punk – Sammy, not CGD.

  2. Well,have some time off and getting ready to do some hiking,but,recently whether on the job or climbing a bit tore my “man boob’,how the hell I did that over other muscles is beyond me.I hope this idiot goes away as still looking forward to air gun review,till then,have fun in the playground,really though,you guys have won.

    On a side note,am reading again latest edition of John Wisemans survival book,know a lot there but always seem to pick up more useful info.to store in head and try some time.I had it when first came out but either lost/loaned and recently just got a new copy(3rd edition,a bit more info.).I recommend this book to all but especially good for new folks wanting some basic survival info.I find it presented well in a way that any Dick or Jane will understand which is great for folks just dipping their toe in this area.I guess just a basic primer but folks need a start somewhere and feel this is a good one to get going with,my .02

  3. Just a friendly recommendation from a guy who appreciates your posts: Keep your Kerodin portion of the site up for reference but move on. I know this fella burned some folks (I don’t know all the details, but after doing about an hour of looking around, it’s apparent the man pissed loads of folks off), but you’ve got a lot of good things going. Don’t carry this shitbum around like an anchor, doing nothing but weighing you down. As I recall, “don’t wrestle with the pig”…

    Peace out and thanks,


    • That is the plan 75% substance, 25% Scambo. The only reason He’s gotten as much attention as he has of late is his attack on our ladies, and him giving me the ammo this weekend to “Stomp the PeePee”. I have a number of posts that will be done over the next couple months talking about his specific “scams”, and why they are scams, but yes, he is not going to be the majority of content here for various reasons. The “Pig” post was done Saturday evening while at a class (Bushbastard 3 “The Test”). I had nothing better to do, and it was fun to write. Thanks for the input.

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