The Pig Enjoys It

Titties blog post12

Yup, Iraqi Soldiers made me feel like Jesse Ventura alright.

This is not going to be the typical post you’re used to seeing from me. Generally, when someone has negative things to say about me specifically, I normally just ignore it. In this situation, a good friend of mine is apt to say, “If you wrestle with a pig, you get muddy, and the pig enjoys it.” So JC, why are you posting this? Well, when I was notified Friday afternoon via email that there was a specific “JC” post on a few of the “Fairy K-III Kosmetics” blogs, I went and checked it out…..and laughed my ass off! I figured I’d try to help Kernal Kerodin out, since the numbers for his blog and the III Person Society are obviously down, and posting his thoughts might help spread the word about Ol’ “Man Titties” and his many “Failures” (apparently that’s me, LOL).

Blog stats5

As of Friday

The three screenshots below are his two posts on two of his 3,759 blogs. (unless he just bought more).

Tittie blog post5

Interesting how he had someone pull the bottom pic off of my FB page. By all means, ask Mosby about that pic from 2013. “So I can hunt the Predator”? Been there, done that….have you? Mine’s documented, yours isn’t.

Tittie blog post6

I’d hope you consider holly your “ally”, she is your wife, and the “Pooch Whisperer”, right? Or maybe it’s Mullinex……..?

Tittie blog post7

“Kilo Delta Actual”? Too bad it’s not “Kilo Delta Factual”, huh? Hey, whatever makes you feel “military” right? Even if it’s just terminology.

Let’s take these issues in order.

1), I’ve never driven a bus in my life, and it was actually one of the few vehicle licenses available to me in the military, that I didn’t get. How ironic that this statement is coming from a guy who not only actually OWNS a bus, but a SHORT BUS at that! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Titties blog post10

I guess this is my “Jesse Ventura” look in 1989

2) Although I respect Ventura’s military service, I’ve never been a fan of him in his various ventures. I’ve actually had friends compare pics of me to Ventura before, due to the type of pics they were, and all I did was laugh it off. I’ve made my own way in the military and after , so having the “Fairy K” of “III Kosmetics” calling me a “Wanna be”, just makes me shake my head and laugh.  Considering his obsession with Commandos and the Jedburghs, and especially his trying to make out like he’s done anything other than HVAC repair, his accusations of “wannabe” is somewhat ludicrous.


Once again, an “obvious” attempt at “Being Ventura”.

3) “Man-boobs”? I understand that when you were locked up Scambo, you had to look at your cell buddy’s chest muscles as being “Boobs” to do what you were required to do. Here’s the thing “Kilo Delta Actual”, if they actually are muscular, they are called the “Pectoralis Major muscle”, and “Man-boobs” are generally considered to be excessive body fat.

Tittie blog post8.jpg

Tittie blog post1

Taken Friday after I read the “Man-Boob” post. This is the actual end result of a performing the exercise known as the “Push up”. Note the Beretta M9 on my left hip is not blue.

Tittie blog post3

This is the end result of more “Intake” than exercise. Obviously a total lack of upper body exercise leads to the atrophied look you see here. I call this the “Modular Food Storage Unit” (MFSU). Note the pink hands, and atrophied arms. Maybe he could “Crossfit” or something since his MMA training isn’t helping.

Tittie blog post4

This is another “Load Bearing” area people tend to carry excess calories. Now I know why he wants to use the “Cross draw holsters with his blue guns. A normal side draw would poke a hole in his “tire”.

4) “Wannabe Trainer”? I’ve actually worked with Mosby and Max (the only trainer out there to do so with both of them, and I spoke about this and about their ability as trainers and I’ve reposted it a few times). BTW Scambo, how is Max? When is he gonna start as a trainer for the Jedburger Academy? Scambo, You say I’m a “Wannabe Trainer” but then you say I trained a group. Which is it? ” ‘Competitive Military Gamer‘ ‘Pennsylvania Militia’” Who is that. Since the only militia group I have publicly talked about training is the PA Lightfoot militia, I guess you mean them.  I’m curious why Scambo would say that about them since he had them listed as “Allies”. Maybe it’s because they (along with the OVM) told him to take their name off the “Allies” list because they wanted nothing to do with him?

Kerodin's Alliances

Anybody notice this whole list is no longer up on his site, and hasn’t been for months? Wonder why?

Kerodin's Jedburgh6

really….a line out….LOL. “Militia Commandos” for the win!

Titties blog post13

Another gratuitous “Man-boob” shot. Maybe I’ll add this to the MDT courses….

5) “Promises a sooper-dooper training school with DTG”. Did DTG and I plan on doing a class together? Hell yeah. He’s a good guy, a friend of mine, and the idea to do a class together started when we were on the IIIPSFA Board (DTG was the CoB). Although we had some people interested in the class, it was not enough to support DTG coming to WV from Michigan to help teach a class. It happens, but Scambo wouldn’t know about that type of coordination, since all he does is talk about being a Kaper Trainer, and if memory serves, he went to Sandman’s area and gave a class for free in his Youtube learned defensive techniques, but that’s not the same thing……right?

Kerodin's Jedburgh7

Questions: When? It sure  didn’t roll to Burns. Why? What III arms products, what market are you selling “product in? The black market maybe? There was no III arms “product” in August of 2015? Finally, name a well known, professional trainer that will still affiliate with you. Bet you can’t.

6) “Racist”? We’ll address that point this summer when the promised “book” comes out. At that point I can legally smash his “internet dick” so hard that he’ll finally be able to actually pleasure women online, due to the “virtual” swelling.

SAW Gunner2

The  steely “Wannabe Ventura” gaze, and man-boobs galore, right” It’s only a Minimi, not a Mini gun though. We walked how far?

7) “Wannabe SF guy who never made the cut even though he tried…” Scambo calling anyone who served in the military (in any capacity) a “wannabe” is the ultimate hypocrisy especially when considering all his claims of “daring do”, and “badassness” but still possessing no bonafides . What I will say about this claim is simple and forthright. Every course I attended while in the military (multiple MOS courses and others) was completed satisfactorily with “Exceeded Course Standards”, and “Superior” ratings as the standard (“1059’s” Scambo, I know you wouldn’t know what that is…Vets will), and several of them were as “honor grad”. I don’t say that to brag, I simply made this my goal when I joined the military because  I wanted to break the lazy academic cycle (didn’t apply myself) I developed in high school. The only issue I ever had with the US Army’s schooling process was the “Cronyism” shown to ass kissers by some in command when it came to them getting a course someone else was already slotted and scheduled for.


Does this body armor make me look fat?


8) “Because Fail is simply a way of life for some people.” The only “Failure” here is Scambo’s. He fails to become a Soldier, even after lying to get in (supposedly…. I guess we’ll see, huh? It’s easy to blame the recruiter, isn’t it?). He fails to steal $122,500 from a Mall corporation, and does 2 years in Federal prison. He fails to show any progress for his “Citadel” project for the last couple years (you know, the thing he was pushing on Glenn Beck’s show). He fails to take the Short Bus to Burns, after saying a “Bundy type” event (how many Bundy’s were there in Burns?) was what it was designed and outfitted for.  He continues to talk about III Arms “product”, but all he can show is rifle and pistol mags he buys and marks up by 300-400 percent.

Tittie blog post9

Look, my gun isn’t even blue. This is what we called “Receive the mission”. This is what leaders do before issuing a warning order (TLP’s). Come on Scambo, I know you’ve read about it….right? Who’s so “Well read”? Scambo is….at least according to his lawyer.

Speakin’ of the whole “bringing trainers together” thing (you know, the thing Scambo said was his “original” idea for the Jedburgh Academy. The idea originally came up when those of us on the IIIPSFA Board that were also  considered tactical trainers (Kerodin was not one of them, he can’t legally own or use a gun, and if that’s not enough of a dis-qualifier, he has no background in it) were talking about that very thing (on the side, not as IIIPSFA, I even had spoken to Max about it), and Kerodin wanted to be involved, He wanted to make it a IIIPSFA thing, and we said “No, it is inappropriate for a Non-Profit.”. (and you wonder why he has a problem with DTG and myself? We told him “No” LOL). Of course right after the whole Board ejected from that “goat rope”, he started his “Jedburgh Academy” thing, and more power to him. No “Standing” or “bonafides” makes it a “non starter”, especially when you are guilty of the “wannabe” BS he is.

Kerodin's Jedburgh8

The “network” was being created, but Scambo decided to try and sabotage (a CAKcolube Kaper I guess) it for his own purposes. Good luck with that, a cool name is the most minor of issues with a business of this type, Having verifiable credentials is more important.   “IFF” Identify Friend or Felon”, right?


We’ll end this post with a gratuitous “Blue Gun” pic to make Scambo feel more comfortable. Yeah, that is a real Beretta M9 in the holster though because I actually have a choice, LOL.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”



28 thoughts on “The Pig Enjoys It

  1. It is heartening to hear that the Jedburgh Academy is up and running and has many training sites smeared across the continent. There must be at least III of them.

    As a lowly retired 18F04W3H (last Duty Position 18Z05W3H — there are more ASIs but it gets boring), glancing through the 20 pages of my DD2586, I was wondering if I might make the Assessment & Selection cut off for JA. Maybe it would help my chances if I included that I was honor graduate of my Q Course?

    The standards of the Jedburgh Academy(s) must be very high, since nobody has ever heard of anybody ever going there — or graduating. So it must also be very secret.


    • Wait for the first “accident” to happen at the Jedburger/Spartan MMA Academy when he teaches “How to use” a garrote (like he knows). I did have a lot of fun writing this post though. I have no problem making fun of myself, especially in response to something like the “Ginger Midget’s” attacks.

  2. Sammy secret squirrel is irrelevant. He is just a legend in his own mind, and I’m not sure that he even has an original thought.

    It is my sincere wish that he would just move out of my state.


  3. Poor Sammy. The little guy just can’t get a break.
    Haven’t y’all realized that his site was intended as satire? I mean, it has to be – it’s just too damned funny at times…..

  4. Those are tactical love handles on the Ginger Ninja, for use in the field on extended capers. While all of us in-shape people are dying of starvation, he will be laughing while he sneaks up to garrote his next victim.

  5. Hmmm….,your article awhile back on training courses and how they were run whether yours/Max’s/Mosby was pretty straight forward and honest including the ways you guys differ in how things presented.You are all too far for me to attend but gave one things to look for in me opinion if something offered more regionally.
    On a side note,you do look like Jesse a bit in that one shot,tis OK.I even though was a decade after his death was told by girls in high school I looked like Jim Morrison,worked out just fine!

  6. A man with nothing but his hatred. Ubermensch in his own mind, but the real question is, what’s the difference between his rhetoric and the secret squirrels in Saudi? I won’t lie though, I’d pay good money to see a grudge match.

  7. That’s gonna leave a mark. As far as I know-and from what’s been posted- there’s never been a single jedburg class offered. His IIIPSFA membership has to be way down-we know the comments at his site are the few followers he has left and Scammy talking to himself.
    Still makes me wanna puke when I think about how long I stuck up for him and his JA bullshit.

  8. Howdy,
    Came here through the Knuckledraggin portal. Heh, seems like you guys have a “tic” that just won’t go away. Maybe ya’ll need to starve it of attention.
    Keep up the good work and if you don’t mind I’m gonna put your site on my favs list….right below Kenny’s.

  9. Pingback: Scummy Scammy Sammy: A Legend In His Own Mind | The Sun Also Rises

  10. I find it interesting to watch the antics of someone who (probably) started out with good intentions but has spiraled down hill almost from the beginning. I’ve been reading Kerodin pretty much from the beginning and it wasn’t long when you could see the changes start happening. I’m glad common sense took over and the intelligent people left. No need to be tarred for being associated with a poseur.

  11. Anything they come up with as of late is as comical as Saturday night live in the 80’s.

    The pic from 1989 was impressive.
    Keep working on those man boobs

    • The difference is that the 80’s SNL crew had longevity, he will not. He’s just waiting to change names and start another scam. That pic showed my “Stache of Power” LOL. It was a little out of the regs.

  12. A convicted felon, with a completely phony mil/gov/martial/etc. background attempting to ‘shame’ a Combat Infantry NCO who has gazed at an Elephant or three.

    That’s some great tactical analysis and target selection there. Played out in the real world if and when things get too real, that’s the kind of mind that’s going to lead a team of wannabe commandos in a frontal assault on, say, a mech. Infantry battalion. But it will be okay. He’ll have a knife.

    As for Janos (Ventura), he was tolerated, probably more than he deserved, for some time by the Frog Brotherhood. His going after a fallen Teamguy’s Widow ended that. Ventura has the dubious honor of being the only former UDT/SEAL to have a motion brought against him to have him removed from the UDT/SEAL fraternal order. It received an overwhelming # of signatures from his former Brothers.

    Here’s a very telling article on him from years ago, written by a BTDT SEAL Officer.

    • Concerning a fight with Kerodin is concerned, I told a good friend last year that I would be more than happy if it ended as a knife fight with “Man Who Has Sex With Knife”. The thing is this. Kerodin talks about what he can do, I don’t, I’ve only given my general background. Kerodin doesn’t know what my overall training and background consists of, he just guesses and tries to make me give it all out in defense (not happening, he’ll only find out when he physically crosses the line). I know what he says his background is, and he makes it obvious that there is nothing other than some watched you tube videos. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time (formally, 29 years) starting with my first martial art type while a freshman in college (aviation major), and I continue to learn, formally and informally (he says he’s “arrived”). Hell, I’m going to a two week course next month, because rational people know that you never “arrive”, you just get better. My Family, and the people I teach deserve me knowing and giving them the best options available. As far as Ventura’s concerned. He’s a loudmouth Asshat, and appears to be a true narcissist (maybe him and Scambo can hook up). He is the typical society perception of “Bad Ass”, but looks can be deceiving, right? I wonder if anyone told Scambo that Ventura’s an actor, Predator isn’t real, and the only real Predators out there where the human kind, and the US Army acknowledged that I did it (CIB). He’s clueless. Wonder when the last time he jumped out of a aircraft (mostly helicopters) in the dark with 140-200 lbs of gear was………?

    • Wish I had pics from the time working on the ranch (2 summers as a Junior and Senior in HS) and when I was in college flying. Wish we’d have had “Digitals” back then, huh? Someone remarked about me always putting up picks of myself on the blog. My response was 1) I don’t put picks of the guys I served with unless I get their permission, so I usually just crop them. 2) I don’t put picks of Family up, especially my kids, because there are too many weirdos out there and my present job makes security a little more important than posting my whole family history here. I think I’ve only posted one pic here of “My Better Half” (Mason Dixon Vixen) and that was from a camping trip where we were using a dutch oven and it was a “Using Cast Iron” post, and she already has her own blog with her pic. and 3) I want people to know that if I give advice on gear, or how to do something, that I’ve actually done it, and am not “cutting and pasting” someone else’s experiences. If it is a reiblog of someone else’s info, it’s because the individual’s experiences and/or opinions mirror my own. Of course I know you’ve had to deal with your own set of weirdos, huh? You have me beat in that department Brother. Now finish “Part 3” so I can post it LOL.

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