Action/Reaction, Or “Eat Your OODA Loops”

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Once again the “Kernal” has tried and failed to show his thoughts are “Mainstream”.

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Info I received in an email today 5/14/2016

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Or wait, is this your policy?

So I guess the fact that a number of us have pointed out that Scambo talks to himself a lot in his comments (isn’t that a type of mental disorder?) as “anonymous” has made him react in a predictable way, huh? This is the typical actions of the “Wannabe coward”, AKA “Kernal Scambo Kerodin of the Montgomery County Hymens”, who wants to talk about women who have had nothing to do with showing the facts about him. Ironically, his own wife was the main culprit in the attacks on Kenny and an accomplice in the attack on me, yet we haven’t said much about her, except acknowledging her involvement. SJW much Scambo?  Recently, he’s been trying to make it appear as if someone else agrees with his perception of our women, and that they are commenting as “Anonymous” to make it appear as if they want to attack the women as well.

Kerodin's Habitrail.jpg

The “III Citadel” as it appears today, right Scambo?. No? Then show us the progress you speak of Scambo. You talked so much about it on Beck here and here in June of 2013, didn’t you? Three years huh, and not anything to show.

He’s been doing the “Comment as anonymous” thing for a while, and it’s easy to tell when he is. He needs to have his thoughts and perceptions validated, even if it means misleading those that might still read his III Person blog. He does this by validating it himself through posting as someone else (Courtland Grojean much?). The irony of him admitting we have caused problems with his income (but how could we effect his income,  I thought Scambo didn’t get anything from the III Percent Society finances), and now he wants everyone to post as “Anonymous”? Sounds like a win for us in my book. Apparently he doesn’t understand that there is nowhere left in his habi-trail “mind citadel” where we can’t shine light on his falsehoods and other BS. Of course he could be auditioning for “Anonymous” as well…..who knows?

Kerodin's Mask.jpg

Kerodin's Pics2

Of course Holly has to know what’s going on, how could she not? Her eyes were wide open when she took Kenny to court.These two should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not. SJW’s usually aren’t.


What’s next, “Fairy K-III Kosmetics” if it hasn’t already been done LOL. The byline could be, Making Fairies, Ashe Elves, and Gnomes look good since September 14th 2009″


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


32 thoughts on “Action/Reaction, Or “Eat Your OODA Loops”

  1. I’m thinking that wide-eyed look on Nervous Holly’s face is the same one she had when she got the news that ‘her’ restraining order against me was denied.

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  3. Let us assume that Saint Holly knows EXACTLY what is going down, and as a born and bred, dyed in the wool, Grifter she is showing a “tell” (a gambling term) that she has been caught and the wheels are turning, trying to figure out how she is going to spin out of this dilemma.
    For whatever reason, she may not be ready or able to quit Hymen/Grojean/Kerodin yet, but if the pressure continues and the income dries up, she is gone…Or, she really loves him, and how f-ing sad is that?

    • The pressure shall continue, of that you can be sure. If he hadn’t messed with the women folk, continuing to point out his BS was going to be dropped. He done screwed up. I don’t play with the petty name callin’ crap that is all he has. I’ll bury him with his own Damned “facts”. He can say what he wants, but when I use screenshots from his site, denial can only be a river in Egypt.

  4. Uh,I talk to myself a lot,especially on jobs when alone,many times talking meself thru something,other times good conversation hard to find,guess I am also nuts,do have voices in me head,and at times listen to em!

    That is one weird ass looking habitrail set up,expanded a friends kids with some pvc for creating more running room for the little rodents,guess where they hide unless the door is open to outside/fenced in including top area,man,that was a pain in the ass for 2 hampsters,but,they are happy hamsters.!

    I will say while you folks ribbing him/exposing do take some care.He has failed with legal route,as George suggested may go another route/lose it completely assuming he can fill up his gas tank,keep eyes open and be careful,anyone determined can shoot you in the back/what have you.

    • He’d have to have “stones”, and he’s proven time and time again that he does not. I’ve “seen the elephant” he only talks and fantasizes about it. Talking about it isn’t training or experience, and those are two things he doesn’t have or have the intestinal fortitude to go through. All he has is being “well read” (like his lawyer said when he was convicted), and that combined with %500 won’t even get him what he needs, since he’s a felon and can’t have a gun. He’s made his threats and implied what he’d do, but professionals know you don’t broadcast your intentions, you just do it. He’d need back up that he no longer has (did he ever have the “Do what I say” kind of back up?). He’s not even an amateur, but anyone can get lucky I guess. If the ginger midget shows up, he better have more than his sacred “I had sex with it” Randall. Thanks for showing concern though, I appreciate it.

      • I respect patton and his writings/thoughts,he made I believe some valid possible concerns.I have enjoyed/enjoy yours/Kens/Angels(even though a ginger!)writings and readers/the information and sometimes just laughs.I see a world it seems running off the tracks and get cautious/sometimes paranoid.

        I will say you all come across as savy and intelligent folks,how did you folks get duped?As I mentioned before, me dad was on top of his finance game,world respected in business(for being honest and trustworthy mostly,his finance mind was just the plum)and he got taken for a million along with others.The swindler was convicted but the damage already done,would hate to see any damage happen to any of you folks or those you care about.

        • Me personally, I was “duped” because I had recently had a friend convicted by the Feds of something that was a ridiculous legal stretch. I am a firm believer in most people getting a chance to prove they aren’t the person one bad mistake makes them look like. Combine those two things, and a lack of looking at background (except what he listed under his “Kerodin vs the Feds” tab, it appeared transparent) or his writing (I really didn’t read much that he wrote, but respected Pete’s [WRSA] opinion of him), and it made for a bad decision. I usually go with my gut feeling, but unfortunately, I ignored it this time (something didn’t set right), and I have tried to make amends ever since by warning those to whom I spoke well of him and warn the unknowing. I promoted what he was doing, until things started to not “add up” on the IIIPS Board. I will never apologize for trying to give someone a second chance, but I must apologize for not performing “due diligence”.

        • Well, speaking only for myself, I’m a side step out of formation on the whole “patriot” thing. So, several years ago, when an old friend sent me a link to check out “The Citadel” I checked it out then wrote back to him, “It’s a con.” Didn’t know anything about Special K then, and now that I do know about Special K and his ilk I have no qualms about being “out of formation.”


          • Until everyone can “IFF” (Identify the Felonious Fraud), I don’t want anything to do with something associated as “III”. Between his BS, and the Brandon Curtis (III Percent of Idaho leader)
            These guys are nothing but Con men looking for the next event/score. It’s sad, because Curtis came off as legitimately trying to do the right thing. Now I wonder if his actions were nothing more than cover to collect money (for himself and his debts) from donations that were supposed to go to those that thought they were protecting the guys in the refuge. I’m definitely not in that “formation”.

    • I await the opportunity… as I’ve said before, wouldn’t be the first time I heard someone screaming ‘call off your fucking dog!’. Of course, then my malamute has to get checked for rabies – fucking squirrels always have rabies…
      Quick – everyone, name your town – the ‘iiiperson tour” will NOT be stopping by…. I know the little shit won’t be anywhere near sandy desert hell…
      Hey Kenny, in that pic above, with PeeWee Herman Six, isn’t that NyteOrchid?

    • I’ve told him many times that if he had a problem to come down and visit and that he had my address. The coward didn’t do it then and he won’t do it now.
      Am I the only one to notice that he really ramped up his nasty comments only after I moved further away?

  5. Hmmm….,seems like other folks as you mentioned along with others liked his ideas/plans,guess you never know without trying,just sucks it caused a lot of issues.I would say there is enuff out there on net(just did a check meself out of ?)that anyone even looking at him a bit should be forewarned to the nth degree .I hate wasted time/energy but guess all a part of life/learning curve and all.Look forward when you have the time for air rifle review,broke out the blue streak and will be doing some target shooting with me mum this week when I visit.

    • The plan is to cover all the “III” topics someone might look him up for, that way they get the full story and facts (I won’t make something up about someone, no matter how much I dislike them). Funny you should say something about the air rifle review thing. I was just putting some thoughts and info together on that today. It popped in my head during a cold, wet run in the rain when I ran by a rabbit that was only 10 feet away, and didn’t move. I go over a lot of post ideas during PT (makes it go by quicker), and today was “Air rifles”, LOL.

      • Funny thing, I just bought an air rifle on craiglist this weekend. A very nice, like new Remington 77 with a scope and a bunch of BB’s and some pellets, for 40$. I thought I got a fair deal. I haven’t got out with it yet. It is my first air rifle since a crossman just after highschool, back in 78. Looking forward to learning about air rifles and improving my rifle shooting. I am not a good shot with rifles. That is why I bought this, to try and get better, before I spend money on a centerfire rifle. I have a .22 caliber rifle, but I can practice more with this air rifle.

        • Honestly I attribute my ability to snap shoot rather well to the adventures and bad guys I “dusted” between 8 and 13 years of age. Many a “Ruskie” can and bottle fell to my blue steel (not to be confused with Scambo’s plastic “Blue guns”). They have many fine attributes if you stay within the limitations imposed by their ballistics.

  6. Spehsul Kay is the exact opposite of actual rank-and-file, done-the-deed, yawned afterwards, Trained Killers. We’re talking the 24 year old 11Bs and 0311s with 3 glamorous vacations to Fallujah and/or Ramadi and/or Etc. The ones Heinlein pegged, different era be damned, in ‘Starship Troopers’.

    In the paragraph he was describing the different types of fighting suits (Command, Scout, and Marauder with Marauder being the pure ‘combat suit’).

    “Marauders are for those guys in ranks with the sleepy look — the executioners.”

    That sentence stuck in my head from the first time I read it as a kid. I was reminded of it numerous times over the years.

    There’s guys that talk a lot, and sometimes they can back it up. They are just outgoing extrovert types.

    But almost as a rule, the most stone-cold, no need to ever worry about them, they’ve got it covered, if they don’t it’s because they lost the flank to Godzilla and died shooting his face right up until they were eaten…are the guys that average maybe 8 words an hour and 30 minutes after having to pop their reserve on a fucked up jump with look at you with some dispassionate look and say something like “Yeah, that sucked. Wanna go get tacos?”

    The Greeks were on to something when they connected Stoicism and Warrior Virtues.

    • LOL, I’m probably not one of those guys. I remember sitting down to eat 5 hours after my first fire fight, and I couldn’t get my hands to stop shaking (that sucks with a canteen cup of very hot coffee, LOL). What I do know is what I have done, and that I have no problem doing it when I need to (thank God it was my situational awareness was instinctive, or I’d have been dead from the first round). Scambo doesn’t know, and unfortunately he’ll probably find out too late that he doesn’t have what it takes to “do the deed”. He’s already proven that by getting his wife to take Kenny to court (what MAN does that?), instead of doing it himself. Obviously, Scambo isn’t even good at “lawfare-do”, cuz Kenny spanked his wife’s ass (his proxy) in court, thus spanking Scambo’s ass as well. He should have been a lawyer, but he would have sucked at that too. The few guys that talk a lot, and can back it up, usually aren’t a problem, you just have to know how to talk and deal with them.

      • Nah, your 1st time reaction isn’t DQ at all.

        In my experience, depending on the guy, anywhere from 1-3 (?) until the body/mind learn to surf the adrenaline wave.

        That’s one of the many subtle things I really liked in the movie ‘Ronin’. The phony SAS dude yakking and hyping after his first gunfight.

        The funny thing is the first time I saw the movie I was really pissed initially during the movie, having some good friends who are/were UKSF. “This movie sucks! No SAS dude I’ve ever met would act like that!” And then he turns out to be a phony. Awesome.

        Another line of dialogue in that movie caused me to do a little digging and sure enough, there were some ‘technical advisers’ who were serious commando-spooks in their day, thus a lot of the subtle cool dialogue and trade/field-craft.

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  8. Hi MDT,
    Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy!!!!!!! “Ya’ have ta’ have connections at the source!!” If ya’ don’t ya’ have a “Castle Made Of Sand!!!”
    One advantage of being “OLD” and still having the ability to “Remember” is that you can recall stuff that happened when it happened before some of these “newbe’s” were even born!!!
    I’ve posted before and I’ll post again, Sammy is “NOT” the first to come up with the idea of the “III%” and he never will be!!
    Mike “Sipsey Street Irregulars” Vanderboegh came up with the idea, talked about it on his website and somewhere along the line came up with the first “III%” patches with the words “Audentes Fortuna, Juvat” on them also. ‘Bought a couple, the first were in “O.D.” and i have one on the right front pocket of my denim jacket!!
    I still have one more O.D. Patch, a couple that were in “Desert Tan” “A-N-D” the envelope they came in delivered to me by an agent of the Federal Government (USPS-in case anyone is confused??)
    Oh Yes, One thing that bugs me is people who say Sammy has “Degraded, defaced and damaged the ‘Concept of the III%’!!” Let’s get something straight, I don’t think so!! You can get sucked into lies and when you find out the Truth that doesn’t mean that what is the Truth is Tarnished!!……..Just remember..

    “The Flame of Truth can never be vanquished!! Even when burned to an ash….it is not dead. For its’ Soul is immortal ….and,….the lies used to suppress it are only chaff….to be blown away by the next wind.”
    -skybill- 01NOV2015

    PS I am “PROUD” to wear my “Original” III% Patch and I double dog dare anyone to tell me that it’s meaning is degraded by our dear sammy’s shennigans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “GOT THAT??!!!!!!”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

    PPS Speaking of “Patches,” I know Sammy doesn’t have one “Yet” as everyone who has one is “Documented as to the date time and place that he/she ‘qualified’ for the award.” That is a “Bob Boquor Memorial Star Crest” awarded for participating in a frefalling skydiving formation of at least 8 people!! The “history’ goes back to the mid 1960’s!! The award is still a major part of the skydiving community!! I got mine back in 1972 on 23Dec. at Otay Lakes, CA and my SCR# is 2034. I sport it on the right shoulder of my denim jacket. Common’ Sammy!! Tell us how you started the program!!! Hehehehehh!! Really, the only “Skydive” you ever made is when you fell out of bed and “BOUNCED!!” on the Floor!!! I think you hit yer’ head hard and it affected yer deranged mind!!

    • While I agree with your sentiments, there are some facts that need clarified. MBV did popularize the III Percent Ideal, but he was one of three men that came up with the idea. As far as Scambo tarnishing the “III” name is concerned, all I can say is “Of course he has.” Do a google search and see what comes up. My goal is that every time someone “googles” “III” and a topic that Scambo has forwarded comes up, a commentary by one of us also comes up, detailing the facts of that “III” topic.

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