Mojave Desert Patriot’s Thoughts

When I saw this over at MDP, I laughed my ass off. An ExCon Felon “.Mil wanna be” talking about what .Mil Vets “remember” and the kinds of jobs Vets get when they are done their service is ridiculously funny considering he wouldn’t have a clue about “Vet thoughts” and a “Real job”. “Little cliques”..? Maybe in non combat arms there were cliques, but in the Infantry your “clique” was your Fire Team or your Squad. “Basic proficiency” is what you have at the end of Basic Training (you’d know if you finished “K”eester, but did you really start, I guess we’ll see huh?), hence the term “Basic”. “Never put in a smidge of work that wasn’t required”, yeah, that’s what enlisted men do (BUT THERE IS A LOT REQUIRED ANYWAY, ASSHAT!), and that’s why they have NCO’s to “give them direction with extreme prejudice.” and work on the METL. The guys who “Always looked for ways to cut corners” were those of the rank of “Specialist”, and there’s a reason it’s called a “Sham Shield”. As far as guys who “had a lot to say about the guys and gals who achieved and advanced on merit versus time-in.”. I didn’t serve with women because I was always in “Combat Arms” and women weren’t allowed (then). Depending on the Service, and what type of unit you were in, there is a minimum TIS-TIG needed to be promoted. “Time-in”? Which “Time-in” Kernal? Obviously Scambo hasn’t done enough research to know the difference between “Time in Service”, and “Time in Grade”, and their relationship to promotion, and duty positions.


Sammy Scammy Sam Reminds Vets To Get A Real Job…

Serious .mil vets all remember the little cliques of their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines – ‘that group’ who never achieved anything more than basic proficiency, never put in a smidge of work that wasn’t required, always looked for ways to cut corners, and always had a lot to say about the guys and gals who achieved and advanced on merit versus time-in.



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Once again, Scambo is misusing the word “Serious” (“Serious .mil”, “Serious patriots” “Serious III”, etc)  “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”LOL. The meaning of the term “Serious”, using the Scambo definition, is “A) Anyone that believes Kernal Kerodin is the “Porch jumping”, “Go to” killah ninja that he says he is. They are obviously “serious”. and B) Anyone that thinks Scambo is more full of shit than the single porta potty at a 3 Day “Woodstock” concert, obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about and is just jealous of all the iii project “accomplishments” made by the “III Person Society”. Due to this small misunderstanding, they obviously are not “serious” or “III”, or “patriots”, or BLIND.
Go ahead, ask Scambo what “real job” he has or has had. Where’s his income stream from? Is it the three day a week, 5 hour a day “Childrens MMA”? Wasn’t he what he terms “Free Shit Army” for two years when he was incarcerated for the mala in se crime of attempting to steal money (extortion)? His “III Projects” are apparently like his criminal past “attempt aaaaand fail”. Ask him to show one that is finished and that has accomplished anything other than raise income for themselves. He has the nerve to talk about Vets and their after service jobs, but he wishes he had been a Vet. Go figure.
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”

9 thoughts on “Mojave Desert Patriot’s Thoughts

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  2. JC, you really should warn a guy that the link goes to dipshits website. I fuckin hate giving his worthless ass traffic.

    • That was MDP’s part of the post. I didn’t hit the link, so I don’t know where it goes Brother. Besides, everyone needs that kind of “Opposites Day” kind of humor. He takes the “Duffle Blog” type of “This is so ridiculous, the opposite must be true” to a whole new level. What I find ironic is how stupid he thinks those that might read some of his posts are. He must think they are Sanders supporters. Other than his three followers (Alan Mullinex, Tonedeaf, and LT), only “anonymous” believes his BS, and we know who anonymous is, don’t we? I guess he had to “troubleshoot” that situation didn’t he?

      • Hey, that could be like a new “BLM” kind of thing: I AM ANONYMOUS.
        If everyone posts as anon, no one knows who posts! 3 followers become 9 and soon it will be legion. Kinda like fake FB followers. But the, being fake and a con man is sammy’s wheelhouse.

        • Maybe Scambo is applying for a position in “Anonymous”. No, probably not, he’d have to show actual bonafides, and that’s something he only has is HVAC (and are we even sure of that?). At least with a “Guy Fawkes” mask on, someone will not immediately laugh when he pulls out his sacred “I had sex with this knife” Randall. He could also integrate an oxygen mask into it. God knows he’ll need it.

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