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George nails it again. III Percenter is not supposed to be a marketing ploy. It is supposed to be a mindset. You don’t need training from a well known trainer, but you do need training. You don’t need gear that has a “Brand name” logo, but you do need gear. Military issue surplus gear works fine, but it helps when you have an experienced individual (maybe an Ex Army Buddy) show you how to put it together, position it, and wear it (it does make a difference, believe me). I’ve said this time and time again. Start with the Army’s Common Tasks, get a former .mil person to help you with practical application if possible, and expand your knowledge from that base.

Those who are the loudest at saying “You are not Three!”, “You are not a Patriot!”, “You won’t get off the porch when the time comes!” have never had the true “3%” mindset (to them it’s a gimmick to an ends), wouldn’t understand the reality of being a “Patriot”, and have never “gotten off the porch” (although they will try to give the impression of having done it in the past). If you look at their background, it is probably one of being a self serving bitch, disguised as being “benevolent organizer”. If they say they have done so much to help the “3%”, or the patriot/liberty community, ask for “Tasks completed”. not a “show” of “tasks started” with it’s only actual end goal being that of collecting money. It’s easy to start something, especially when you have the opportunity to use the funds any way you wish (because there is nothing stating otherwise), and you have no other actual realistic income. By the way, do they declare they are an advocate of “Rightful Liberty”, then say it’s only for those they believe deserve it? That’s not how it works, and obviously, the term “Rightful Liberty” has to be looked at with an “Objective lens”. Anything else is someone subjective “Tyranny”.

Like it or not, most of the leaders of the 3% back in the Revolutionary War were Vets. I know many don’t want to hear that, simply because it ruins their “I’ll be the glorious leader” paradigm. There’s a reason the Vets for the most part were in charge initially. They’d been there and done that! Unfortunately, most that I’ve met in the militia movement are Tom, Dick, and/or Harry , and their idea of an FTX is to run around in the woods like my friends and I did when we were 15 (and we were tactically ignorant as Hell). They beat their chest about how great the training was, but in the end it was nothing more than a FB photo op, and nothing of substance was gained from the time spent (because real world basic, practical skills training wouldn’t look as cool, right?), except for verifying for the NSA who’s who in your group when you “Tag” them on your FB page.

Do We Really Believe in America?

Recently a blog entry entitled Tom, Dick and Harry went viral around the III websites. A self entitled “parable”, it makes the point that only some of those who proclaim themselves to be patriots, really are.  It goes on to describe their example of what being worthy of being called such really means.

I see a lot of that in our movement.

Many believe that being a lover of freedom isn’t enough.

There are some of the more well-known tactical trainers that go so far as to proclaim that without their training, folks just won’t make it. Or that once people get their special training, they’ve got to buy and use the trainers  “special” gear and equipment.

I particularly get amused by the folks who advertise that their stuff is only for the “serious” III%er.

Some in our movement consistently belittle anyone who isn’t a sycophant of theirs. Others call for the “elimination” of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

You read daily of folks providing training (for a fee of course) that is the magical, special, must have training that will make you an authentic member of the III% club.

I call BS on all of them.

At a time where our numbers seem to be smaller than ever, we should be accentuating our similarities, not our differences. Many complain that they can’t find a group to join their “tribe”.  Maybe the problem is yours, not the ones that won’t join your tribe.

I spent many years in the Army. I was in units that would be described as the “best of the best” and units that were populated by the category 4 soldiers that the army recruited in the old days.  Every one of these units had the so-called “studs” and the so-called “duds”.  Every one.  Even the best ones have duds and even the worst one have studs.  And yet, clever leaders found a way to motivate and get something out of every one of those who volunteered to serve.

In WWII, England formed a 1.5 million member home guard force, entirely made up of people who were determined to be ineligible for military service (at the height of WWII, it took a lot to be considered ineligible). Old folks, handicapped folks, women, etc.  The Home Guard even had a number of secret roles that included sabotage units who would disable factories and petrol installations following invasion. Members were also recruited into the commando teams of the Auxiliary Units.  Old folks, handicapped folks, women, etc.

Due to logistical issues, they weren’t even all armed!

And we want to proclaim that there is a magical standard that people who believe in freedom must ascribe to?

No one would deny that you need doctors in a hospital.   Yet, even the candy-stripers have a role.  Infections are a huge problem in most modern hospitals.  No one in the medical field belittles the role of the janitors and others who are responsible for sanitation.

We need to stop denigrating and belittling those who come to our cause just because they aren’t exactly like us. Figure out why you claim to be a III%er, lover of freedom, patriot, you name it.  At that point, decide if folks are more like you than dislike you.  Embrace all who are more like you than against you.

Just because someone doesn’t believe exactly what you believe doesn’t make them evil.

We like to say that we make up 3% of our society. I’d suggest that the truly evil in our society are about the same percentage as us.  The rest can all be won over.

Until you demonstrate to me that you are in the evil 3% I see you as a potential ally. Potential allies become real allies based on us, not on them.

I understand that it’s an uphill battle. We have a society where the evil are smarter than we are and consistently demonize us, demonize what we believe in and denigrate all that we hold dear.  However, it’s hard to for people to hate us if they know us.

Americans are seeing this right now. Ignore the characters of Trump and Sanders for a moment and see what they represent.  They represent a citizenry that is finally fed up with the out of control crony government that we’ve grown into.

The time is ripe for us to grow our numbers exponentially.

Now is not the time to come up with purity standards, contrived litmus tests and other efforts to determine who are “serious” patriots.


Get with locals you trust. Find a Vet who can give you guidance on the basics if at all possible. Keep your TEOTWAWKISTAN response plans realistic. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. George does his usual bang up job of ripping the mask off of this serious problem. When I say “serious”, it’s not the Ginger Midget’s lame ass use of the term which is only geared towards selling products with a “III” and/or encouraging “Porch Jumping” by others, while never actually planning on doing it himself (we’ll talk about that later in another post).


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


14 thoughts on “GP’s Thoughts

  1. …for some – that’s gonna leave a mark. But then again – the truth hurts, and it will set you free.
    Sic’ ’em, JC…

  2. “The time is ripe for us to grow our numbers exponentially.”

    Yes it is-the time is also ripe for people to distance themselves from the “militia” kernals,those with a money making scheme/agenda,and start talking to people in your own community-that’s where you need to find allies first.
    Training is needed-but if you don’t have the $$$,at least try and find someone who’s recent military who’s willing to at least show you the basics-everybody has had to start with the basics at some point.
    There’s tons of good,solid info available for free from many trainers.
    Learn what you can,where you can,but learn-and be sure you’re not learning bad info that could end up getting you and your loved ones hurt,or even killed.
    Remember-it’s not just the tacticool stuff that’s important to learn,you need to learn medical care/first aid,you need to learn how to grow your own food,and how to preserve it-you need to learn how to fix/repair all your vehicles and power equipment by yourself,you need to have some method of communicating with others in case there’s no power for an extended period of time,you should know how or learn basic home repairs/maintenance,welding is a great skill to have,as is carpentry.
    You should know how to safely feed your group/tribe under any conditions,and yes,you need to know how to shoot,and defend you and yours.

  3. Good post,encouraging as it goes with my personal belief we all have more in common and can debate our littler differences over a beer/coffee what have you.As for porch commandos,eh,rather something more informative but realise those who were betrayed personally see a need to keep new folks aware/forwarned.Though raining tomm.articles like this will get me to throw on pack and at least get out a bit of hiking,still among many items need a better poncho which tomm. will reaffirm.

  4. For a lot of surplus stuff, and even current use stuff, you can find pdf manuals here and there on the Internet. For instance, if you had never heard of molle before, you could search for “molle manual” and find exactly that.

    • AC,thanks for idea on Molle manual,tis what I use/love but any more info. can only make it a better pack for me,well,that and learning to weed thru stuff and really justify it’s place in pack.

  5. Seems to me that the ‘battle space’ that is continually spoken of is not on a national level but rather on a local level and more specifically begins between the ears. Most in this country do not know what ‘hard times’ are really about and with the slow creep of a totalitarian government may not know until too late or until that government becomes entrenched. Those with a little bit of foresight and the ability to see the ‘big picture’ and do some comparison between ‘then’ and ‘now’ they may have a better picture but sadly most remain too comfortable in their lives to either begin to prepare for what is coming (and currently here) or otherwise formulate in their minds where they stand. To exacerbate this, much of the population has aged out and while possibly being helpful (if the mindset is there), physical limitations are just that – to that end, within the local level those who are willing to lose it all are few and far between unless their principals, dedication and resolve are strong. Best to begin looking into ones-self and take on the belief (again, a ‘between the ears’ issue) that life is short, no one gets out alive anyway and there are some things worth dying for regardless of what the herd may believe in ………..

  6. My problem with all of this is, why and what are we waiting for ? I know for some the party has started and others are in the R.E.M.F. . For what ? If you can , what will be the write -up of the AAR. ? All I hear is division and bitching why ? whats the goal ? I train in small steps, Money and health are 2 of the check marks not in favor of run n gun. All that can be done in the wide open USSA is not buy in to crap, take the filter off the BS meter and get a good reading of the area. Again I ask every day whats the end game. or as the E-1 says WHAT FOR. I wish we could all go and live with aunt Bee in Mayberry USA , Truman and Ike running the show, Yea I wish for the good old daze , I lived in the good old day, Today is the good old day. What is the goal for you and yours to throw the bumms out ? get prayer in skool , no more rainbow unikorn politicks,? 3rd world street fighting for toilet paper, Cuban like living conditions, It will happen soon why ? the coupon for free stuff will expire and the skill set will not allow survival in a orderly fashion. Because the 3% did it.

    • “Trust” That’s what we don’t have and that’s the reason for waiting… The stunts pulled recently did nothing to help that problem out…That’s why I repeat constantly about the need to be moving to like minded areas so that trust can be established and bonds of Brotherhood can be built before it all comes crashing down…

    • The REMF, Im replying to my own post OK. Again what is the END GAME. Seen the movie 5th Wave good stuff for kids. What is your play ? what will you give up ? Are you even going to protect your family ? The Kernals and safari hat clown shoe punk at the range is training to what ? Take your stuff OK. Hey did he take his Medications today ? Uno the ones, the blue or red one. Ive even heard them say It will be like a shooting gallery as the come down the street. WTF !!! I have tried to get the team / neighbors / church / co-workers. to see the signs and get ready for What.? So I say zombies all inclusive n shit. So as not to offend. And this is in a Conservative state. (wyo. ) So why waste my time. Hell you can’t get boy scouts to tie a freaking knot 3x in a row because they are BORED. Just like the parent unit sperm recipient , why waste me short time on this planet to help my fellow man. So today we do a pack check, seasonally rearranged the content, and go fishing. Maybe go bang bang long time , because nobody likes to shoot or fish in the rain. Pussy.

      • Bill, some people need to be hit with a 2X4. When they get hit by that 2X4, be there for them. In the meantime, show by example, even if you aren’t “leading” them.

      • “…why waste me short time on this planet to help my fellow man[?]”

        First, I really do understand the frustration you’ve shown; for more than 6 years it really bothered me that people just didn’t get it when I offered help in preparedness. One day, it dawned on me: I couldn’t save everyone, but I could help those who really wanted help.

        Big weight off my mind.

        As far as the ‘why of it, it comes down to ‘doing what’s right in the long term’ (the Wretched Dog could explain this much better than I am) when using “objective Truth” as a measurement. You mention the short time we all have on the planet, well, if you believe in God (the one in the Christian Bible), then it’s not a waste of time, because whatever we ‘do to the least of these’ is done in His name. To me, that’s “Objective Truth” and I have to do what’s right in the long run, not necessarily what’s expedient. Turning my back on the ones who ask for help or need help or accept help is expedient in the short term, because I’m not inconvenienced. In the long term? I’ve not only hurt myself, I’ve knowingly allowed others to be hurt and that will cost me in the long run. And there’s nothing wrong with self-interest, either. It’s why we do a lot of things, in my opinion, and it does not necessarily equate to ‘selfishness.’

        Not to sound preachy, because I’m not one, but the above applies.

        I have never turned down someone who really desired training/information/knowledge who couldn’t afford my prices; after all, I changed over from doing it for free to a small business about 5 years ago and still offer classes. They’re smaller to be sure, but that’s the way of it. And that’s cost me in getting burned a time or two by very good liars/rip off artists who want something for nothing, whether its equipment or training.

        The end goal I’m working toward is multi-faceted. First, securing my neighborhood through the development of a Neighborhood Protection Team that will be able to help mitigate any disaster whether man made or nature running amok. Second, it’s the return to constitutional limitations (as intended by the Founders) of government activity in our lives. Third, it’s the rebirth of actual education of people. Increased reading comprehension, vocabulary, basic math, the breaking of addiction to ‘txtng’ language (because I see this used in email traffic at major corporations at time), much less programmed ‘main stream’ and cable as we know it today (they call it ‘programming’ for a reason), and a return (voluntarily) to the Judeo-Christian ethic held in this country for a very long time.

        Will I get there during my life time? Most likely not. Will I help a lot of people along the way toward that end game? As many as will listen. Maybe adopting the axiom, “you can’t save everyone” might be a good thing in that there are many, many people out there who will willingly turn into ‘zombies’ when trouble comes because they actually want to do so.

        That’s how I see it.


        • This is all we can do because you’re right, we can’t save everybody. As long as we can look ourselves in the mirror and honestly say we did everything we possibly could, we’re good. We know in our hearts what the truth is, and we can’t run away from our subconscious.

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