If Your Beauty Isn’t Inside, You’re Just The Ginger Midget

The right perspective from a strong woman

Just Me…Good Morning

It has come to my attention, that I am the topic of conversation at a particular site…and therefor am being defended…graciously I might add by others.  I would first like to address those that are defending me…I thank you, but truly, there is no need.  You see, I am secure in who and what I am.  I have lived 52 and a half years with ups and downs, ins and outs, struggles and celebrations…and this little issue…well, it doesn’t worry me at all.  So please, I appreciate your kindness…but it is not necessary.  I have asked that my husband not address the idiot currently known as Christian (Scammy) Kerodin.

Now I have stayed out of this MESS, with the exception of making 2 posts after the last court date.  One was rather distasteful and nasty, and I left it up for an hour and then took it down because frankly it is not my style, and it shamed me..so I removed it.  I also wrote an apology for it….I also posted letting everyone know that the court case was over and that we were victorious in both of them.  Of course we would be, because they were frivolous and unfounded. Period.  Other than that….I have stayed out of it.   I support my husband.  He is the head of my home, my family, I follow his lead, will lend an ear and moral support if he requires it…but I do not interfere in mens business.  Some may find that archaic…that is your right….this is mine.

Now we come to the issue at hand.  I am being called names like slug, fat slug, FSA (free shit army) just generally negative terms….of endearment I am sure…but none the less I feel the need to address them.

1. By many standards, yes I am fat….although, I consider myself a work in progress, as we all should in my opinion.  But my worth is not determined by the size of my clothes.  But by the integrity of my person, the honesty and sincerity of my heart and mind.  By the heartfelt affection that I treat the people with in my life.  It most definitely is NOT determined by Sam Kerodin!  I’ll post pics at the end of the post for your viewing pleasure…or to throw darts at…either way, I am ok with it…I value myself….if nothing else….believe THAT!

2. I do not need my husband or anyone to defend me….I do not need to hide behind anyone…rather they wear a skirt or pants….Sam, I ask you, can you say the same? I think not!  I personally witnessed you hide behind your wife…and she did a bang up job as an actress too…I mean she really did try to pull it off for you..but guess what…EPIC FAIL DUDE!  But I will say…her skirt, while pretty…kind of old lady looking.  Just my opinion.

3. While I do have medical issues, it is true. Honestly…since you don’t care a whit about me, they are simply none of your damn business.  The SSI I do receive, I paid in.  You see, I have worked full time since I was 15 years old.  Do you know what a full time job is?  I would be happy to submit my resume to you but again frankly I don’t believe you are qualified to read it.  I understand you deal mainly in FICTION…with a fixation on things that you WISH you had at some point in your miserable, criminal life had accomplished.  I have a suggestion for you….since you seem to have so much time on your hands that you want to talk about my weight….Learn what honesty, respect, sincerity, valor, humility, intelligence, integrity really are….Learn what it really takes to be a man.  Try to get a job…a real one….Not one that extorts money from companies, or scams people out of money…but put in a 40 to a 60 hour week, and then cash that pay check and pay the bills you can.  Make it work, stretch, budget.

4.  Finally.  Stop hiding behind Holly’s skirts.  Now some say she is the mastermind….I don’t know….drama queen sure…mastermind…well…so far, I just don’t see that….neither of you are the sharpest knife in the drawer…and yes, I used that reference, because I know you have a preference for them..you know belt buckle range and all that silly stuff about getting wet….really, play time is over….Get off my playground.  I don’t like you.

I was cleaning house this day. Last minute goodbyes.

Just us…
 Guess what we did…
It’s us again…think he likes me?
 Yup…I like me!
Me and my baby sister.
Bethanie and me, goodbye party.
Rachel, my sister in law and I.
Aunt Sharon and I were leaning on the                     stove….Hot Chicks!!! : P
My cousin Donita, Jimmie,Ken and I, another goodbye luncheon.
At Billy The Kids Grave
We had such a wonderful time with this really special friend of OURS….So take your nasty rumors Sam….and do what you will, because you cannot steal my joy…you tried…and once again…
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”

3 thoughts on “If Your Beauty Isn’t Inside, You’re Just The Ginger Midget

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  2. It’s been a few weeks since this was posted, but I just read it today… but if you do read this, you are one classy and beautiful lady. I am proud to know of you, and Knucklehead… uh… Ken, lol… is a very blessed man.
    As for Kerodin… he’s got a fight coming…

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