The Courtland Grojean Training Video

Who can compete with the awesome “Daring Do” of Courtland Grojean (the CIA Death Merchant handler) and his “Misspent Youth”. Too bad it doesn’t show then performing garrote techniques.

This was sent to my Facebook page, LOL.

Oh wait, I found pics from their garrote training video

Kerodin's Garrote instruction1

Kerodin's Garrote instruction2

Kerodin's Garrote instruction3

Love the hat!


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


4 thoughts on “The Courtland Grojean Training Video

  1. Tomorrow we celebrate” The shot heard around the world”,Lexington and Concord,basically farmers who took on at time the worlds superpower.

    We reflect on the insanity of the federal massacre at Waco and the equally insane but inevitable response 2 years later of the Oklahoma bombings.

    This day tomorrow is the new Chinese currency in theory backed by gold,yet another interesting event on April 19,tis a busy day in history.

  2. Quote from James, “…and the equally insane but inevitable response 2 years later of the Oklahoma bombings.”

    OKC was a federal operation from start to finish. About the first week of April in 1995, word was coming out of Ft. Drum that hundreds of FBI and ATF agents were staging there. They were bragging that they were about to bust all the major militia groups. Soldiers started calling their Congressmen and warned that Federal Law Imposement was about to start a civil war. The fed agents at Ft. Drum stood down, but the reason for the staging and preparation still took place. The date of April 19th became a date in infamy.

    JC, if you don’t remember this, ask SMB. He will verify.

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