Perception Vs Substance, Part 2 “The Killah”

A couple of years ago I ran into this guy while I was talking with a friend that was the epitome of a “Killah”. He knew the person I was talking to (a female), and just barged into the middle of our conversation, then started his own with her. He then turned towards me and when started off the conversation with “Were you ever in the military?” My response was “Nope, Peace Corps.” At that point he started regaling us of his heroic actions while in Iraq with the USMC. I’m usually pretty good at seeing through a Bullshitter when it comes to military service, and right off the bat this Dude was throwing “green star clusters” with every other word.

He starts telling me of being wounded by a .50 cal outside of Baghdad,  and at that point I’d had enough. The conversation went like this from that point:

  • Me: So you have been awarded the Purple Heart?
  • Half Inch Hole: Yeah.
  • Me: Where were you hit?
  • Half Inch Hole: In the arm.
  • Me: Why do you still have an arm?
  • Half Inch Hole: What do you mean?
  • Me; Do you understand the power a fifty has?
  • Half Inch Hole: Sure, It just went straight through.
  • Me: Uh huh. So where outside of Baghdad was this incident?
  • Half Inch Hole: What do you mean?
  • Me:: There are dozens of small villages and towns around Baghdad, which one was it and what where the “Air” status?
  • Half Inch Hole: I don’t remember.
  • Me: Do you know what I mean by what was the “Air” status?
  • Half Inch Hole: Sure, the weather.
  • Me: You’re telling me that you were wounded in action and don’t remember the place or big details like “Air”?
  • Half Inch Hole: Yeah, I don’t remember.
  • Me: OK buddy, here’s where I have to admit to being disingenuous about my status, I was in the military, and you apparently were not.
  • Half Inch Hole: But..but…I was…
  • Me: You said you were wounded by a weapon that would take your arm off or completely destroy it. You don’t remember the name of the town. You don’t remember what your “Air” status was that day. I call bullshit.
  • Half Inch Hole: No, I really did.
  • Me: No, you really didn’t. You can’t remember the name of a place you were wounded, it was just “Outside of Baghdad”. You don’t remember the status of your “Air”, and considering that that tells if you have air cover, like “Red” means you have no air cover at that point due to a number of circumstances, it’s a big deal, and everyone in a patrol knows the “Air” status. Since you have complete use of your arm, no recollection of the details you would know about a place you were wounded in combat, I call BS. Furthermore, you might want to consider that some guys who lost friends over there take a dimmer view of your lies, and would probably beat your ass right here. Fortunately for you, I’m just going to tell you to walk away RIGHT NOW!
  • Half Inch Hole: But I……

At that point I just pointed behind him and as you can imagine, it was obvious that I was pissed, so I guess he decided not to push the issue, and he walked away. The girl I was talking to said he’d been telling everyone that story over the last couple months.

Would I have beat his ass? No, his kind are really not worth the effort and probable LE encounter. I reserve that for people that would stomp a flag in front of me. Please don’t give me your drivel about the first amendment. When you’ve had Buddies die defending the idea of what the flag stands for (not that it represents the US), it becomes more important, and I’ve made my line in that sand.

Wanna Be’s and Poseurs are a fact of life, especially during and after any war. Most are harmless story tellers, but some get into translating their stories into reasons why they should instruct you in various skills, and that becomes a danger to those who are being taught. When a Poseur says something to give the impression that he not only knows, but has done it, that goes beyond what is acceptable or overlooked. I understand some people have aspirations in life that are destroyed when they find out they are not able, but running with it anyway to make money or try to impress those around them is not only in poor taste, but it could get someone killed. Let’s look at some examples.

Kerodin's SF

I get it, you wanted to be an SF Medic, but couldn’t even stay in Basic Training. That sucks, but it’s no reason to try and make people believe you are the “Civilian” version of it.

Kerodin's Asthma3

Kerodin's Asthma2-1

Kerodin's SF3

“No sense of humor” Ya think? Men on you left and right are counting on you to do your job, and you spent a good bit of life in an oxygen tent as a child. How could you think being in combat will end well? Keep the Vo Bihn Dihn (his first Martial Art, and this was after being outed from Basic) part in mind for the next screenshot.

Kerodin's Martial Art9

When He “Hit 18” he went Aikijutsu? I though your first martial art was Vo Bihn Dihn after the Army said “No”.

Kerodin's Martial Art4

So they’re not the same style (What?) who knew. But I thought they were both your first “martial art”. Aikijustsu type styles are about Blending with and leading your opponent. Vo Bihn Dihn (Vietnamese Kung Fu ) emphasizes elbows and knee strikes, and weapons use. They are not the same.

Kerodin's Martial Art6

He probably isn’t opening a traditional dojo because he has no “Shingle” to hang. Didn’t his wife say under oath that they had a martial arts school for kids during Kenny’s restraint order case?

Kerodin's Martial Art10

Kerodin's Martial Art5

Kerodin's lack of situational awareness2-1

OK, so he has “established that he has used his “martial arts” skills to earn a paycheck, as well as his “intel” skills to make money as well. OK. sure you have. He sure did have a long “misspent youth”. I guess he was doing the HVAC thing (that I don’t dispute) on the side this whole time. But I thought he studied every day for years 2-3 classes a day. when did his youth have time to be misspent, and when did he do the “Counter Terrorism/Direct Action Security” thing?

Kerodin's International1-2

Of course being a “Counter Terrorism Expert” and a “Direct Action Security Specialist” was accomplished at night school, right?

Kerodin's Ego1

“As good as I am (and I am good)”…… really?

Kerodin's Uncle1-1

“If I don’t get wet with blood, There is too much distance between me and my enemy.” Obviously from that statement, this cat has never “been wet”, and has read too many of the “Death Merchant” books he sells at his “Kerodina Press”. Here’s more on the new version of his “Garrote” post. Kenny lays it out.

Kerolin BS 2-1

Kerodin Meme2

Of course this is what most of us that know facts, actually see when we hear crap like that.

Kerodin's Get Wet2-1

Yup, don’t forget your O Katana for your next III engagement.

Bad asses don’t generally talk about how “bad ass’ they are. it is something that they “give off” when you meet them. Over at Kenny’s the comments brought up an interesting point. I find it hilarious that Kerodin actually wants people to think he’s a murderer. He has said this about himself,  I’m ” a guy who has fed himself and then his wife for his entire fucking adult life without a dime of government money”. What does that mean? It means he was never in a position to be sanctioned (spy, intel guy, military personnel) to kill anyone (especially with a garrote, which is strictly an offensive weapon, correct?), and if he has, he’s a murderer. It’s easy to talk crap to impress people, but when you make certain types of statements that lead the reader to a foregone conclusion that you have committed an implied criminal act, you either recant what you said eventually, or reap the consequences.

Kerodin the murderer

“Do you actually have what it takes to kill a man?” the answer “Statute of limitations- Fuck You.”

Apparently, just like being unaware that an extortionist shouldn’t take a check, he is unaware that the statute of limitations doesn’t apply to murder. Personally, I don’t believe he’s ever killed a man, and why would you try and brag to look like you did anyway? That alone tells you he is just trying to make himself sound like a bad ass but has no actual, verifiable creds to begin with.

Kerodin's Martial Art7.jpg

I guess you have to be “his kind” of “patriot”, huh?  An “excellent teacher” If he does say so himself, right?

Finally, what do you say about a guy who talks so much crap, then puts out a “Self defense Doctrine” that starts off with the typical people that you would expect (politicians, LEO’s etc), then goes into a diatribe of the innocents that deserve to “get it”.

Kerodin's Self Defense Excuses to murder

Apparently, if your neighbor (among other people) does something that disagrees with your “constitutional”, “patriot” sensibilities, you have the right to “take them out” according to this “self defense” doctrine.

Kerodin wants your perception of him to be that of a stone cold “Killah”, and he can teach you to be one too. You and I are not stupid and we know that there is no substance to back up those implied claims. I was asked recently why I am so adamant about exposing his BS, and my response was simple. If I had read all these screenshots at one time, I would have never backed anything this conman ever said, and in so doing, I would not have led others to trust him.  I am giving people that read this, the opportunity to have facts that I did not have (or like a dumbass, look for). Upon reading those facts in his own words, I know you will come to the same conclusions I did. He tried to use “Lawfare” against Kenny Lane at “Knuckledraggin My Life Away” by taking his guns and suing him (and tried to get  Mark Firestone’s guns taken away). He tried posing as a reporter named Courtland Grojean, to making specious allegations to the State AG about my business (MDT) with the intent of getting me fired from my LE job. By the way, unless new facts come to light, or he does something so outlandish as to prove these points even more, I’m done taking my free time to help you decide if he is what we’ve said he is. You have all the facts you need to make a sound decision. I’ll end this with a quote from him.

Kerodin's Lawfare1

Enough said!



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”




15 thoughts on “Perception Vs Substance, Part 2 “The Killah”

  1. I believe by now any who want to learn(?)from him in training ect. should probably just be allowed to learn that they made a error.I will say am glad this is the end and learning/sharing info . becomes the norm again on many sites.As you stated unless he tries more legal nonsense ect. tis a waste of time.Too much in the world to divide folks who for the most part just want to be free/left alone/not harm others and enjoy life,lets work on what we agree upon and how to go about and keep keep that life and when time permits debate the small stuff over a coffee or beer.

  2. Wow, what a 4.O stud he thinks he be n stuff. I thought I was reading either MAD,or the Freak Bro’s …….. Way out in the esteemed land. I ‘m at a loss for the mistake people made believing such BS. What a whale of a sea story. Mid watch fairy tale . Thanks for ripping the scab off this pimple of a primate.

  3. Anyone who still buys his line of BS, and it is tale I couldn’t make up if I was on an ayahuasca trip, should run, not walk, to the nearest psychologist for an eval. I really like how he writes of himself in the third person. Dude has issues.

  4. I googled his Shichi Toku Aiki Bujutsu. Seriously, WTF? He should abbreviate it to MDBS for mile deep bull shit.
    Are you sure he lives in Idaho? Maybe he is say’in, I da ho. It would be a skill set he learned from true masters… In prison.

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  6. JCD, you must have some kind of death wish, putting this out in the open where The Kerodin can see it.

    He’s f’in OUT THERE, man. Somewhere. In the dark.

    Well actually he’s on a darkened porch. But he’s there, and it’s kinda dark. And he’s sharpening his garrote.

    And when you least expect it, he’s gonna leap off that porch with his sharpened garrote and he’ll get close to you and ‘get wet’ while he ‘direct action secutiy-ys’ (?, no idea how to properly phrase that and I’ll ask again: WTF does that even mean?) you. I’ll add he’s totally not gay.

    Your only hope is to send me $500 for my text: ‘Countermeasures when faced with The Kerodin’.

    Ah, hell. You’re a Brother-in-Arms. I’ll give you the important points for free.

    1. Avoid all porches. Especially dark or semi-dark ones.
    2. Wear multiple, similar shades of green at all times (colorblindness).
    3. Due to his affinity for close-range weaponry and disdain for all that long-range wussy stuff, if he ever leaps out of the dark, landing next to you, immediately point over his shoulder and yell “LOOK IT’S KEN LANE!” and then proceed to walk the other way as fast as possible.

    The panicked search for Ken Lane by The Kerodin will screw up his loop, guaranteed. And once you’ve got 20 meters of separation and are maintaining a brisk walk, The Kerodin will be unable to close to contact with you (asthma).

    There, I’ve potentially saved your life. You owe me a beer and a shot.

    Regarding the asthma, I guess when the time comes to lead his ‘true’ 3%ers to glorious victory, he won’t be doing a lot of patrolling/ambushing/raiding. But he’ll be with the guys sneaking under the weight of their haversacks in spirit. Yeah, that’s it. ‘In spirit’. 🙂

  7. Like I posted at Kenny’s-one of the most f*cked up things-(for me)- is that I was one of the last guys to defend him.
    Outstanding timing on this post-I just got home,spent the last 3 hours with a guy who has trained in the martial arts sine we were in high school-(we graduated in ’77)
    We were discussing the proliferation of “Krav Maga” training being offered-among other things.
    I’ll quote the man-as close as I can recall-we did drink 3 each of 22 oz draft local craft beers.
    My friend stated that doing PT is the single most important thing in any martial arts discipline.
    Where have we heard that before?
    All this “Krav Maga” and related claims that you can be proficient at a martial arts discipline by taking weekend classes is horsepucky.
    Martial arts-any variation of it-is a lifestyle-you have to PT daily.
    The goal of ALL martial arts is that the smaller,weaker guy/lady will be able to defend themselves against a bigger,stronger opponent.
    Damn-here it is again-you have to workout every day-PT…PT…PT.
    It’s a lifestyle.
    PS-if you add up Scammy’s age-and the “17 years on the mat-training every day-even with a broken sternum” bovine excrement-he would have had to start when he was 2 years old-maybe 4.
    Ok,I’ll stop now,before this turns into a 5,000 word rant.

  8. One other thought came to mind, regarding the phony you mention at the beginning of your post.

    Saying he got hit by a ‘fifty’ or a ‘fifty cal’ would cause a slight eyebrow raise with me. Not enough in and of itself for full blown suspicion. But the fact that he didn’t say ‘dushka’/’dooshka’/’dishka’ would strike me as a little odd.

    Then again I can’t claim to having spent time stealing dip from and swapping whore photos with every single USMC or USA Infantry battalion that was in Iraq or A-Stan during the early 2000s.

    • I actually asked him if he meant a .51, and he didn’t have a clue. I know technically, the US M2 and the Dooshka are both .51’s but “51” or “dooshka” was how we always referred to them.

  9. Nice to know the girl was still there after this exchange.

    Please stop wasting your time on K. I was one of the authors/bloggers/veterans asked by him to write an essay for a book more than 4 years ago who never saw a book produced. I was told by him “Proceeds will go to the 527 to help continue building our political organization.” I certainly didn’t need to waste donating my time or intellectual property to him and will never do so again.

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  12. I think it is good to refresh the ol’ memory every now and again; as a reminder of why a few of us still ride herd on this bullshit artist.
    And it will be interesting, to say the least; when someone who is seriously serious crosses paths with him…. less of an X, more like a T… because one path stops at the intersection.

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