The Little Things

Hammond Petition2

Only 1,249 signature……really?

So I was talking with a guy two weeks ago about the benefits of having a Neighborhood Protection Team plan, as opposed to an overt militia group that has no actual authority, and the majority just gives an air of “Let’s play Army”. He was extolling the virtues of the “militia”, and was telling me how the “militia” was going to step up and “Take the country back”. I laughed, then proceeded to tell him that “‘A’, you guys can’t plan a weekend’s training event without telling everyone about it. ‘B’, you can’t keep from posting pics on FB of every MoFo at said training event . and ‘C’, you are more concerned about looking high speed, but the appearance is where that stops.” He started saying “But at Burns….” at which time I cut him off and asked a question. “What was there reason the Burns situation took place to begin with?” He said, “They were protesting the Hammonds incarceration.” I said, “Please tell me what has been said recently about the Hammonds?” He could not recall anything recent. I told him, “I will tell you why your precious “militia” won’t do crap when it comes down to action. There are only 1,249 signatures on the “release the Hammonds” petition, and those people had a month to sign it! Those “patriots” couldn’t lift there fingers to a keyboard and make an overt gesture towards showing support for the two guys that were the reason for the rally protest to begin with, and it is a slap in the face of Lavoy Finicum and every WELL MEANING person that was arrested, that those “patriots” haven’t done shit by even making that gesture of support.” Needless to say, the conversation ended shortly thereafter, because he had no retort to my statement, and decided it was best not to argue the point, since he had no facts to back his original premise.

Hammond Petition3

1.249 signatures over a month from the “patriot” movement, …..really? If you can’t bother yourself with doing something as simple as that, how can you be counted on to do shit when it “Get’s real”? NCR posted it here on Jan 7th, Pete at WRSA posted it here on Jan 8th (and I know how many visit his site), I posted it here on Jan 8th, then went and signed it.  “Little” things like this is why realists have no faith in the “militia” or supposed “patriots” to do anything when it comes down to action. You guys talk about the most recent infringement, but are easily distracted by the latest and greatest “threat to our rats”, and have the attention span of a retarded monkey in a 20×20 room of  four equally dispersed plastic bananas.

Finicum was killed because he was taking part in a protest for the Hammonds. Most of the arrests made were of people that were taking part in a protest of the Hammonds incarceration. Some of them were asshats looking for attention and wanting to “Get it on”, while others were well meaning and actually cared. Face the facts. If you can’t perform the simple sedentary act of signing a petition which expresses your outrage, how will you ever “get off the couch”, let alone “get off the porch”? These groups are pretty much all the same, and I was told by a good friend who would know, that their history continues to repeat itself in a sick version of a camo “Groundhog Day”.


2nd Amendment Rally


You can continue talking crap and being distracted by the most current “infringement” or “incident”, or do something that is tangible and substantive by preparing you and yours for what is coming at us and continuing to pick up steam. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? An individual who stands up for what they believe in and puts action behind the internet words, or a person who talks tough, rattles an internet saber that is at best, the internet version of a wall hanging piece on pakistani crap. The locals groups are what will make a difference, not the State or National groups who end up disbanding or splitting due to bitch fights, or the leader (General be praised!) not liking the initiative of a subgroup doing background checks on their new members (yeah, it really happened).


CBRN Survival Expo

Speak out, make your concerns known to those you can. If you’re not willing to “speak out” when it’s easy (like the petition) how will you “act out” when it’s hard? If you’re not willing to train and prepare when it’s “easy” (the time, physical effort, and money is in no way easy, and I know this better than most), how will you be expected to use that training or have preps when it’s “real world” hard? As Pete has posted in his header before, “Be your own leader”. Be “The adult” in the room. Plan, be decisive, reject the emotional and reactionary crap being pumped out by those who talk tough about stepping off the porch, but wouldn’t dream of actually doing it. I can look in the mirror and know I have done what I could for whomever I could, and have spoken out (in meatspace, not just the blog) about concerns I have. I know what I see when I look in the mirror. What do you see?


Now go ruck!


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


11 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. The number of signatures on that petition is pathetic-I was #6 to sign it.
    Most people are just too damn lazy to get out of the house and go get training,they want online/video training. No matter how many time you tell people there are some things you just can’t learn by watching videos-they insist they can learn all they need to know via in the intardnet.
    The fact that there are so many who just can’t comprehend that not everything can be learned via video/online is just as pathetic.

      • Oh yeah-all the people who said do the class and we’ll take it were full of shit.
        One couple found out about the class via DTG,the others were a mix of your site,WRSA,and Kenny’s site.
        At least everyone who took the class,including a couple of people who had a decent amount of experience in the field learned something new.
        If I do the classes over again,at least I already have all the materials together,and whatever copies I need are stored in the copy machine,just have to enter the number needed and print them out.

  2. JD,I along with you and many others pushed the petition,I was on the list on petition/off it,believe the numbers were screwed with.I did not hold a lot of hope with petition but figured a way to peacefully let folks air their grievances/attempt to get some justice for the Hammonds,may not have hit the 100 thousand mark but do believe more then the “official tally”.I on many sites had folks not willing to sign as they thought the Hammonds should be punished more,had a majority who said they would sign though and I kept putting up a link right then asking them to do it now/note their # when available.

    We tried and guess have to keep trying,you posted constitutional carry article earlier,lets push for more/create more positive news/results.

    • I also had a lot of people say they were going to sign it, then when asked later the answer was “I didn’t get around to it.” I think it might have been off in the count, but I think most who said they did it, just said it to “Get off the hook” for not doing something so easy. Besides, who’d know, and you know the evil .Gov is gonna mess with it, right? Why would the .Gov even bother to waste their time?

  3. I, too, signed the Hammond petition and thought I was a very low number and word must not have spread too much yet. However, of the 6 “like-minded” people I personally sent the link, none of them signed. Too many folks are afraid that will “put them on some list”. It’s sad how lazy the American “Patriot” has become.

    • Exactly. It’s pathetic.

      The concerning part?

      Very few will be willing to so much as to place a finger on a keyboard to help you out, should you find yourself in need. Even if it’s something as small as saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.

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  5. OK ! I was at the Bundy standoff in Bunkerville . Couldn’t make OR . Now I hear of a petition ? Were ? What ? How ? I didn’t get any petition from any body . How many of you people gave money for the legal defense ! Anybody ? Probably NOT ! Get your shit together and send your damned petitions out there . George

  6. Sadly, brother… it is as we’ve said for some time… .gov doesn’t take ‘us’ seriously, because for the majority – ‘we’ don’t take ‘us’ seriously. The pansies who are frightened of being on a .gov list are too foolish to realize they are already on a .gov list of some form or another. Either through websites visited, or purchases made, or a word typed in an email or text message…
    I do not count on them as anything other than cannon fodder, they will not fight. Sadly.
    That means those of us who know we will be in a fight, will saddle up with resignation – because that’s what warriors do. I know I’m on their ‘list’; even though it’s been a while, my success (such as it is) and my MOS guarantee they keep an eye on me. And, it was the training they gave me that helps me keep an eye on them. It is what it is.
    It would be a blessing for warriors such as us to meet before battle, I pray God makes it so.
    If not, then we will accept our fate and carry out the duty we have. Be safe and be blessed. And know you do not stand alone.

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