Illegal Immigration

Something I was thinking about the other day while listening to a news blurb about Trump. Operation “Wetback” was initiated by the Eisenhower administration to repatriate people illegally in the US back to their original country of origin.

In 1954, President Eisenhower implemented “Operation Wetback”. 1,320,766 illegals were deported, along with an estimated half million leaving just Texas, due to fear of being caught. The population at the time was 163 million in the US, This figure means that almost 1% of the population was deported, and close to 2% left overall, due to fear of deportation. Translate this to today with our almost 322 million people in the US according to census. We have precedent to deport over 3 million illegals right off the bat, and hopefully, 1-2 million will leave out of fear of these deportations. I think getting rid of 4-5 million illegals would be a good start. They are called “Illegals” FOR A REASON!

Just sayin’


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


3 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration

  1. We also deported anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million during the Great Depression. Unfortunately, possibly 1.5 million of them were actually U.S. Citizens.

    Self deportation would be easy.

    Fine every business $50k per incident (person) found during initial check.
    If the business gets caught a second time, fine the business $100k per incident.
    On the third inspection, a single instance would require seizure of all business property to be sold at auction and 1 year in prison for the business owner and those who were responsible for the hiring of the workers.
    Do a similar thing with housing rentals.

    No place to work, no place to sleep, they’ll self deport in droves. No extra government agencies needed.

    As far as building the wall (not needed with above plan), if Trump had half a brain, he would call for a 25% tariff on ALL money transfers out of the US to non-US citizens. We are talking about an estimate $150 billion a year. The estimates of taking 4 years to build at $10 billion, this would easily be paid for before the wall was finished.

  2. They are not deporting them for a reason. They are bringing them in. Why is that?
    Genocide of the European descendants. Others have done it before. The Brit king importing English into Northern Ireland back in the 1500’s through the 1700’s in Ulster. The Romans before them in other locations. Bring in those you can control to erase those you want to dispose of.

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