Perception Vs. Substance, And “Rank” Amateurs

From the desk of JC Dodge

I had a conversation with someone last week that involved me asking them what they were in “The Movement” and their “State militia” for. My direct question was “Are you in this for “Substance” or the “Perception”? The answer I was given was “Substance”, so we then discussed why State and National level martially “organized”(cough) groups have a lack of reality in their “Substance” and they are more about “Perception”. I know it should be obvious why being about the “Perception” is wrong, but lets review.


Multicam and a well stocked “Modular Food Storage Unit” (MFSU) Impressive! I pray to God they are airsofters!

How many of you have seen guys claiming to be militia while running around in the latest and greatest camo (usually some form of multicam), with the coolest of cool looking unit, ideological, and morale patches and rank available. Even if the guy isn’t grossly overweight (not a majority, but a good many in 4XL “tent sized” BDU’s), most are still overweight, and show no plans to fix that serious health situation. When I say overweight, I mean guys who are 30+ lbs overweight (especially ones under 40), not guys that are in their 50’s with some extra pounds. It’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s very important to square it away. That’s all I’m gonna say about PT!

Next, let’s talk about uniforms. Besides the fact that in peacetime, if you are wearing a set of BDU’s that are currently issued, and wearing a unit patch and rank on them, it is illegal ( I didn’t make these rules guys, they’ve been around for a while). Imagine being captured if you are fighting the US government and what would happen to you under the rules of warfare. You sure you want to be wearing the issue US military uniform? Do the math. Besides, Why would you wear the same thing as someone you think is going to be your enemy, this isn’t North Vietnam, and you are not part of a CCN recon team wearing black pajamas to throw off the “Gooks”.

Oregon Pics3

Obviously, PatchMaster, Multicammando knows the deal. I bet those patches are for IFF….right?


If you absolutely need or desire a camo pattern, use an older US issue one like woodland or desert, or use a foreign patterns like DPM or Flecktarn, or just a regular hunting pattern. I’m a fan of and use solid colors too. I like olive drab, or coyote, preferably mixed, but if you need a “uniform”, and like tradition, go with OD. Nock off the EVERYTHING multi cam BS. You look silly, and are spending a Hell of a lot more on that due to royalty costs (about 30% more) than you will on other effective camo patterns.

Kerodin's War Eagle1

I’m curious what his definition of a “Serious Patriot” is? Obviously, I would not fall in that category, due to questioning Kernal Kerodin’s facts and motivation, LOL. Keep in mind, Hyman Kerodin wanted to be paid as a Colonel (0-6) as President of the IIIPSFA. BTW, Kerodin doesn’t call himself a Moolisha Kernal, he just calls himself a III OSS Commando Officer. Of course with his bluegun and a riding crop, he’ll be one Hell of a Jedburger Commandante.

The “Rank” amateurs are some of the biggest offenders in the “perception” racket. First they start off with their “Constitutionally authorized Moolisha” BS, then they start talking about historical precedents saying a county commander was usually a Colonel. Ok, let’s go down that road. Historical and Constitutional precedent has the Officers being appointed by the Governor, correct? “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the APPOINTMENT OF THE OFFICERS, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;” You are not a General, a Colonel,  or a Captain (the most popular ranks I’ve seen), and you sure as Hell aren’t getting any authority or training from the state, are you? Get over your “Wanna Be” selves! This type of stuff just shows you’re more concerned about perception ( a Colonel with 6-16 people in the unit shows a lack of organizational understanding, and not being in touch with martial reality) than substance. If you have to use a title, use you Duty Position (Commander, Team Leader, Group Leader, etc).

Kerodin's Nyberg flag1.jpg

Apparently, Hyman is now selling Vanderboeghs Nyberg Flag patch (FOR 12 BUCKS!), because his III% crap is fizzling out. Get ’em from here if you want one. You can buy three for the same 12 bucks.

It’s one thing to have a unit or group patch that is basic and describes what you are. It is something completely different when you copy some SF patch, or give yourselves a name with the words that sound cool/highspeed, but have nothing to do with your capability or METL (if you even have one or know what it is). Hell, I have a “Mason Dixon Longrifles” scroll for the OpFor guys I use in MDT’s defense classes, and I also give it to students who take those types of classes. I used a scroll because it has a lot of historical precedent (Yes, before the recent 1970 incarnation of the Ranger Regiment was even around, dumbass), and the word “Longrifles” because it’s also an American term with history, not some Brit or French BS. Put some thought into it, and leave out the “Wanna be”, cool factor BS. It doesn’t impress anyone. What impresses people is situationally and tactically aware individuals who show they train hard TOGETHER. That’s “Substance’!

Kerodin's IIISocom.jpg

III SOCOM-NP maybe? That’s III Special Operations Civilian Organized Militia-Non Profit.  I said it then (while a member of the Board), I’ll say it now. It’s “Wanna be” (just like almost everything else he’s done) any way you look at it, and there is no reason to do the “wanna be” thing.

Do you go around teaching things of which you don’t even have a basic level of competence ( I had a guy tell me that he was teaching things he learned in a recent class of mine), let alone a tested proficiency in, simply because you read a book, watched a video, or took a class? I know plenty that are doing just that. Just because someone has no clue in how to perform infantry tasks, doesn’t mean you are qualified to teach them those tasks based on one class you took. Being “well read” in a topic doesn’t make you a teacher, instructor, or an “expert”, especially when it comes to performing in the non academic arena. Find someone who has the experience, and ask them for help. You might have to pay for it (example: There’s a lot of former grunts out there that might help you with infantry, or basic rifleman skills for free, but there aren’t many out there who have taken Mil Intel experience and adapted it to civilian use like Sam Culper has, and BTW, it does need adapted). Taking a class on something like Intel from someone who can’t give bona fides is an exercise in futility, and you should question someone who won’t give any facts based background info.

Kerolin BS 1

“Perception” or “Substance”?   Bona Fides? I’m curious, I have most of those issues of SOF, I wonder which Mercs it was.


“Perception” or “Substance”? Here’s the thing. When you have an honest background in real world crap, you are more willing to talk about where your Bona Fides came from, than to talk about things you actually did like “Getting wet at belt buckle range”. That’s one of the “tells” we use to sniff out BS artists. It must have been at that french bar (Blue Oyster?) when he entered the wet t shirt contest, huh?

I found this post posted by Curtis today, and got a pretty good laugh out of it. It pointed out the penchant for petty BS that emanates from The Hypocritical Hyman. An ExCon who wants you to believe he was targeted for arrest, due to his patriot stance and because “Big Money/Wall Street” had it in for him. He has the nerve to talk crap about “commies”, namely, those that have admitted they were wrong to be communists,  but The Hyman has never taken responsibility for his own misdeeds. He only gives excuses. MBV made a mistake, he’s said he was wrong, and tried to make amends. What has Hyman Kerodin done? He’s continued to come up with ways to acquire your money, using your desire to help “fight tyranny” as the wedge. Here’s a good example from the IIIPSFA FB Page. Note the date the question was asked, but no response has been given, even though other posts have gone up on that page.

Kerodin's lack of a Response.jpg

They didn’t answer because they haven’t got one. They’re being called on their crap the moment it hits the Ethernet.

Maybe the answer would be something like this answer concerning who decides to spend the money when talking about the Burns donation situation.

Kerodin's Elections3

Kerodin's Elections4

What Board? I wonder who won the “election” for “presidente” considering that a paying member wasn’t privately notified (it’s called email dumbass) that his vote counted and needed to be placed.

Like everything else he does, he goes for “perception”, not “substance”. He was doing it in 2003 when he was approximately 34-36 years old, (I’m told he is 46 or 47 now, so you do the math) and he’s doing it now.

Kerodin's International Conviction1-1

The above is what we read about Hyman Kerodin’s background from another source.


Kerodin's International1-1

And this is how he described himself at that time. Two decades huh?

You want the guy that gave the prediction below teaching you how to perform intel ops?




Kerodin's Terrorism Summary1

Here’s his 2003 terrorism summary. As you can see, his “intel”ability is spot on LOL. Those poor, poor malls.

Kerodin's lack of situational awareness2.jpg

“Blue-Collar Intel work” What an ignoramus. “Personal Experience”? There’s that phrase again. Right, sure you do, just like his “Executive Protection” work listed earlier. Don’t forget, “Ask him no secrets, he’ll tell you no lies”.

This guy can’t even keep track of his own blog sites (check the screenshots below, and look at the link placed there in red), and what the recommended reading list is. Does he actually think anyone believes he left me “breadcrumbs” (like he posted) to find out he was “Courtland Grojean”? Sure he did……. Speaking of Courtland Grojean, I wonder how the “Death Merchant” book sales are going over at Kerodina Press now that someone calling themselves “Richard J Camellion” is writing the books. I wonder who RJC is? Not really.  Obviously from the excerpt of the book, the new writer sucks ass. Maybe he should throw in some Nyteorchid from the book he wrote as “Sam Kerillion” at .

Kerodin's Lack of situational awareness1.jpg

But aren’t Knuckledraggin’ and I listed as Kerodin’s “Free Shit Army” enemies of liberty? Yup, it’s still up and he doesn’t even know it, check out the link in red.

Kerodin's lack of situational awareness3.jpg

Hrmmm, Mike Vanderboegh is required reading, check out the link.

Kerodin's lack of situational awareness4.jpg

What’s this, another site saying we should read MBV? It’s “Irregulars” Hyman, not “Irrelgulars”.

Kerodin's Jedburgh1.jpg

Kerodin's Jedburgh2.jpg

Hrmmm….That was eight months ago. How’s that going, and where’s the update that was due six months ago? How’s the instructor hunt going since the bottom fell out of your wagon? Of course he listed himself right along with Max and Sparks as an instructor due to his “Experience at belt buckle range”. It’s too bad we all figured out the game he was playin’ huh?

So tell me, “Perception” or “Substance”?

Why am I using the Kerodin’s Hyman as an example in this post? Well because he’s the most glaringly obvious example that I’ve seen in the “Patriot/Liberty movement” of an all “Perception”, no “Substance” actor. He puts out so much dumb crap, of course I’m gonna point out the ridiculous and outright BS. He does  talk a good game, as Gaston Boisson says here,

Kerodin's International Conviction4-1

Kerodin's International Conviction2-2

Remember what I said earlier about someone being “well read”? How does the highlighted section square with the “Counter Terrorism Expert’, and ‘Direct Action Security Specialist’, with two decades of experience” (his own words) line? Here’s something about another “Expert”.


Kerodin's International Conviction3-1

But if he had no office, what does this from his website at that time tell you?

Kerodin's International3-1.jpg

But…but…but….it says he has an office……and it sure looks…..official….

In the end, the “Perception” people will leave you feeling the way Matt Valley did after he found out the truth.

Kerodin's International Conviction5-1

$122,500 huh. I’ve seen him say that no real extortionist would accept a check…..I wonder where he learned that lesson?

Hyman Kerodin is the Caccolube (designed to destroy) in the engine of the Liberty movement. If you let him slip into your “gas tank” or “under the hood”, you and yours will grind to a halt in a short while. We need “Substance”, not “Perception”. The “Perception” BS is what got the Liberty movement the inept rep it has now. There was nothing to back up the rhetoric and appearance, so those involved have been discounted as nothing but fluff. We don’t need State or National Level groups having their little infighting rifts that start from bitch fights (some, literally) or dick measuring arguments.

Get with those in your area, come up with a protection plan for the “When”, not the “If”. You can only count on those within walking distance (I’d say 50 miles or so at the most), or those who plan on evacuating to your site (for God’s sake leave a day or an hour early, not a minute too late). If you think you can count on the militia group that is 150 miles away, but it can’t support its own logistics requirement for a weekend training without having to half ass it and make excuses, you are deluding yourself. Keep emotion out of the equation.

You’re preparing for a neighborhood group defense, not a martial offense. You want to know where the best “Substance” for the buck is? It’s in your realistic preps. It’s in your realistic assessment of your physical shape, and how to make it better if possible. It’s in you getting with family, friends, and neighbors to plan and train to protect what is important to you. There is no Damned exit strategy it is a “hold until relieved!” proposition. No matter what you might think about our nation, and the screwed up soup sandwich that we call our government, and all the other faults you want to name.  It’s still the beats the Hell out of anywhere else in this screwed up world, and I’m doing what I can to help secure and protect my little piece of it.

Train    Prepare    Pray


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


43 thoughts on “Perception Vs. Substance, And “Rank” Amateurs

  1. “Hyman Kerodin is the Caccolube in the engine of the Liberty movement. If you let him slip into your “gas tank” or “under the hood”, you and yours will grind to a halt in a short while. We need “Substance”, not “Perception”.

    Quote of the month,maybe the year.

  2. Good argument. Especially the lack of authority part.

    During the late ’90s I advised two “militia” groups. Both were on the fashion runway in current US Army BDU drag. I told them, “If (if!) you have any legal standing at all (gravely doubtful), when you are captured (you will be captured) your status under the Law of Land Warfare is spy; you are going to the wall — if you are not shot out of hand upon capture.”

    It’s astonishing how many “patriots” playing at soldier never bothered to actually enlist and /be/ soldiers.

    That probably would have been too real.

    Agree: OD is the hot ticket. Cammies are cool, but they do not camouflage.


    • “Cammies are cool, but they do not camouflage.”

      Some hunting camo works-because it’s made for a specific area of the country,and for use during a specific season of the year-at least the better quality stuff is.

      • That’s why I stess wooddland camo. I’ve used it for over 30 years, and used in conjunction with available natural concealment, it works fine (It didn’t have an expiration date the way some try to make out). Camouflage is more of a mindset, not a color scheme or pattern.

      • After sniping and teaching sniping for about eight years I settled on minimalism when it comes to cammie. The best of patterns are useless after about 50 yards — the best of them being the old Dennison Smock (huge bold patterns). 90% of camouflage is “don’t move.” The rest is drag queen stuff.


        • Hahaha, you said “Drag Queen” and “sniper” in the same statement. Very apropos. This is one of the reasons I don’t concern myself with camo patterned gear. If my LBE/V needs camo, I will either get out the krylon, and/or use natural vegetation.

        • Agreed-mostly.
          You and I are looking at camo from two different perspectives-You as military camo,me as hunting camo.
          What you have to consider is that the critters I’m hunting do not have the same vision as humans,some have better,some have worse,and all are very good at spotting things that do not belong in their surroundings.
          30 years ago,eastern U.S.deer never looked up when walking through the woods,now,after hundreds of thousands of idiots over the years tried and missed shots they never should have taken at deer from treestands-the deer look up now as they walk through the woods.
          Camo burlap works for making ground blinds,as long as you “dress it up” with some fresh cut brush.
          My treestand hasn’t left the garage for about 8 years now,no point when all the deer look up-I hunt from the ground,either in a blind I make,or using camo,and the natural surroundings.
          Sitting still is a must-deer focus on movement. I must be doing something right,as I only got skunked one out of the last 8 years,got a deer with bow or muzzleloader the other 7,got two a few of those years too.
          Another thing is,hunting camo is mostly for close range shots on deer or turkey in the east,and spot and stalk mule deer,antelope, or elk hunts in the west. When you have little to no natural vegetation for cover-you use the patterns that work best-like this…

          Or this,before they went tacticool…

          The highlander and nomad patterns do work as hunting camo.

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  4. Yeh .. Kentucky has a militia law. Anyone is entitled to raise a militia of up to 1000 men. Hold elections for officers, who then appoint non-coms. The Commonwealth is bared from disarming or disbanding them for four years. HOWEVER: Once the enlistment documents are signed and witnessed EVERY man in the militia come under the command of the Gov. of the commonwealth. or “his designated representative” for the next four years. If he wants to order them to sleep in tents under a bridge he only has to “provide such sustenance and shelter” as is deemed “lawful”. (under the militia act that’s “army standard” rations and canvas) As the CNC of the militia the Gov. also has the responsibility of “maintaining good order among the militia” . No weekend passes. No home leave, and MRE’s and tents if the Gov. wants to be a dick. Most people who rant about “militia” have no idea what the law in their state is or says. In my experience most guys who play at being “militia” are really just playing army, and would be just as happy playing at the Army of Northern Virginia or Army of the Republic, or storming some WW2 beach. They do not come to solder. They come for the tacticool fashion show.

  5. Greetings from California! I’m bored at work so I
    decided to check out your website on my iphone during
    lunch break. I really like the knowledge you provide here and
    can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone ..
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  6. I grow weary about hearing about this sam guy but in this post he serves as a good example of what not to do/look for in training ect.

    I would also say for folks creating teams/what have you and folks who think due to say a bad knee ect. can’t help there is a lot one can do.One can cook for folks/provide first aid and long term care for wounded/shelter/info./comms.,the list is endless but all important.A good example is a old timer I know who has a tough time walking much less hard drive hoofing it.He can though reload like a machine/is very good at firearm maintenance/repair/is a hell of a gardener of foods,and has brought me to tears of laughter when I went thru a real tough patch of life with his humour,a real asset in a small town such as I live in when not mostly travelling with work.

    Oh,and some of us over 50 still lean as hell(though tougher to maintain!),tis a challenge finding pants in a 31″waist these days!

    • If it’s along the lines of the militia stuff, then sure those people would be in the auxiliary, and they’d be glad to have them. I do the Survivalist thing so those involved with me are probably family and close friends, and we’ll leave no one behind due to infirmity. The weakest and most innocent among us are one of the main points behind training to protect and defend as a group.

      • I was not suggesting was anyone leaving folks behind,was speaking more directly to folks who themselves think they can’t help in a natural/man made disaster.While for lack of better phrase tip of the spear important in keeping folks from harm there is so much more that needs to be done behind said spear.Any from kids to the oldest can lend a helpful and needed hand in getting though tough times,and any help is appreciated.

        • “Leave behind” was not meant in the literal sense, just making them feel unneeded. You are right, we need what everybody can bring to the table, and it would behoove people to find out now what EVERYBODY in their group can contribute.

  7. Best “camo” i ever used in the deer woods: gray wool anorak made from a surplus blanket and a pair of brown wool pants. Old OD boonie and being still, I touched a doe on the head that came up to my sittin spot because she smelled the apple in my haversack.

    Yes she stck her snout in the bag an pilfered my apple.

  8. Look I get it. I am a vet of two services. USCG , and Arng 3rd&172 inf. Mtn.
    We all know about the poges and posers. A lot of tears and ink have been spilled over kerodin and his ilk.
    I train to do the best I can
    I’m a road tech for heavy equipment and a volley Fire LT. And AEMT on a local fire rescue.
    Am I less able to do the job when it comes time?
    Just because I’m not SF or tabbed?
    Hell no and further more when it comes time to defend my family you don’t want to get on my bad side.
    So let’s drop the b.s. And spend our time saving those worth saving and fuck the rest.
    God save us. And bless your efforts

    • “Am I less able to do the job when it comes time? Just because I’m not SF or tabbed?” Did someone give you the impression that this was the case? Training to do the best you can is all you can do, and should be fine.

      • You have some real good info on your blog. I don’t think you do it to put folks down. However you can come across a little elitist .
        The other point I fail to get clear was that you have better things to do than bag on kerodin and his 400 pound goupies.
        Thus my point about saving the ones we can.
        And don’t get me wrong I love our tabbed and SF brethren, if not for then us dirty Nasty legs wouldn’t have anyone to babysit😂

        • Elitist? By all means give me a clue. If you don’t understand the Kerodin thing, and understand why I warn people about him and hid BS, obviously you haven’t read the “Who Is Courtland Grojean, And Why Should You Care?” post, or read about what he tried to do to Kenny at “Knuckledraggin My Life Away”. If you have read those, all I’d say is that there is a comprehension issue. I don’t know what the “400 pound goupies” is. I guess that’s “groupie”, and if so, I still don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Mr dodge
            I think we are talking around each other. And missing something.
            I understand kerodin far better than I need to, what he did to Kenny was uncalled for and dishonorable . He will get his, I am suffering from kerodin fatigue .
            If folks don’t get it now it’s to late.
            The militia thing, I get that too and the 400 pound wannabes and kerodin groupies.
            Or kernal Buttstuffers are not saveable, they have no grasp of reality or the constitution so on the up side they are resupply points for those of us that can make it.
            Elitist issue. most of your posts are rock solid info and ideas to try when training and setting up our gear.
            So this may just be how I’m reading it but when you get on the militia and issues of the type you get a little snotty .
            I can tell by your reaction and taking the time to respond that this is not your intent. So I will go back and find the post that gave me that impression and point it out. May take me a day or two but you deserve an honest critique. By the way thanks for your time on this

          • Trust me, everyone has “Kerodin Fatigue”, and that’s what he is counting on, short term memory. As far as “Snotty”, well, I grow weary of the same BS decade after decade, and watching the same types repeat the same mistakes time after time, especially when I’ve told a number of them what the results will be. If they want to continue finding out for themselves and acting like emotional, reactionary, wanna be, askholes, good luck to them. I’m done trying to help those who are just playin’ games. I’m still going to do what I’ve been doing, training people that want to keep those they care about alive, to do just that. BTW, I do appreciate the response

          • Mr Dodge
            Dammit I found it and you know what you are right. One of the posts was the Jade helm B.S.
            and after I re read it, yup you had repeated yourself about 100 times so you were pissy but justifiably so.
            So hat in had I retract the elitist comment. Its what i get for reading at 0200 on an I-phone when I’m pissy. Keep up the good work, and i will still bitch about your Kerodin Posts but iI will not take up this much of your time again over it.
            semper paratus.

    • Speaking only for myself, I’ve said many times that one is better off learning infantry stuff from a light infantryman than from a “tab;” (who do you think “tabs” learned their infantry stuff from?). If I’m not mistaken here, what MDT is saying is that one must be wary of those who incite to riot and insurrection and distinguish them from those who are trying to divorce riot and insurrection from licit defence of family and community. To distinguish between those calling for anarchy, and those advocating calm and order.


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  10. Reblogged this on The Virginia Freeman's Society and commented:
    Excellent thoughts to consider. I’m a big fan of solid colors and not being a walking human flare. I do think hunting camo works well as dual purpose garments, since I hunt as well. At least around this area camo is about as innocuous as jeans in most areas. Correct me if I’m wrong but the sniff test seems to be pretty helpful here. What are the locals wearing and how can you not look like a sore thumb.

  11. SFC (ret) Barry and MDT nailed it on at least 2 points.

    1. Kerodin was in his mid 30s in 2003. I know of several guys who left ‘middle civilian America’ to go Army Infantry during that time period, usually via the NG. When America was calling for combat Infantrymen and a nasty house-to-house (but I repeat myself) war was in the news every day, these guys Soldiered the fuck up and did the deed.

    I’ve got 20+ years of SOF time (because I’m stupid and pain doesn’t work with me as a behavioral modifier) and these guys are some of my heroes. True Citizen Soldiers in the historical sense.

    Speshul Kay opted to scam businesses using fear of terrorist attack. And as a long-term knuckle dragging, sloped forehead, door-kicking, soul-less Imperialist Aggressor Commando in the service of an Evil Regime, I have to ask (per Kerodin’s own resume words): “What exactly the fuck is a ‘direct action security specialist’?” Somebody is using words that are too big for them. 🙂

    2. To all the would-be (if needed, hope it doesn’t come to that) III Minutemen, I cannot stress enough how true and accurate the statement is re: basic infantry skills/tasks/competency.

    A large % of the skills that SOF personnel carry in their back pocket that ‘regular’ (I hate that adjective in this context) Infantrymen do not have to do with missions that an (ir)regular Militiaman will never get within 1000km of. The core skills and abilities that will make an (ir)regular Militiaman a credible part of a team that is a credible threat and force to be reckoned with are the skills and abilities that are mastered by your ‘average’ ‘regular’ Infantryman.

    Even in terms of small unit tactics and combat, the ‘special’ in SOF mainly deals with DA raiding, advanced CQC in relation to hostage rescue and other such esoteric applications, etc.

    The nuts-and-bolts of how to jump a bunch of bad guys in the forest, fuck them up, and slip away are well known by any true Infantryman.

    As a young/new Frog (long, long ago), I was fortunate to have as buddy (himself a young/new Frog) who had spent a few years as an Army Infantryman, with some time as a recon-ish Infantryman near the end of his time in the Army (he was part of the HQ troops used for recon, I won’t try to get the sub unit or terminology correct and make a fool of myself). Myself and the rest of the new Frogs learned as much from him about common sense loadout cheats, patrolling, etc. as we did from a lot of our land warfare cadre, some of whom had been to Ranger school.

    Infantry basics aren’t ‘sexy’ to people who have never had to perform with basic competency as an Infantryman. To those who have had to perform, lack of the basics immediately IDs someone as a liability and a joke, who has no place being anywhere near the guys forming up for that night’s patrol and ambush.

    And for some light humor to end the wall of text, as I mentioned to Wirecutter before via email the more I think about it the more I believe that as far as martial arts goes Speshul Kay is simply stealing the actual life of Donn F. Draeger:

    As I mentioned to Wirecutter, look at the photos of Draeger and note the difference in the forearm musculature between him and Sammy.

    For Fighters and Commandos, the forearms, feet and hands never lie.

    • From what he has said in his own words, he lied about having asthma and being color blind to go in as a Cav Scout, and got kicked out when they found out during Basic training. He wanted to be an SF medic, but God thwarted him.

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  13. I don’t buy the color blind nor the asthma tales as far as that causing him to be booted from basic. Certain things are sorted out before shipping out to basic in my limited experience of a couple months at an RTC (working out recruits getting ready to take dive school screenings and putting them through their screenings).

    I also know more than one Infantry/Commando type who had asthma and gutted through it. Mikey Monsoor (MOH, SEAL) is one, and you haven’t seen paranoia over any/all issues relating to cardiovascular and respiratory until you’ve met a mil dive physical.

    And don’t get me started on color blindness. I know a certain retired Senior (SEAL), Vietnam era (enlisted during the war, just missed the war) who has one of my favorite colorblindness stories ever.

    Went USN at 18, determined to go SEAL and get in the war. Takes the colorblindness test near the NAB, fails. MD (?, been awhile since I heard the tale firsthand) giving him the test can see how heartbroken he is, says ‘come back tomorrow AM we’ll give it one more shot’ (to this day I don’t know if it was sympathy or casting for a sign of core commando deviousness).

    So he gets into the office a couple hours early (unauthorized of course), and there’s 4 tests. So he memorizes them all.

    Comes back to take the test, smokes it. 100%, zero errors. Problem solved, off to Frogman U. Right?

    The test giver mentions that the result is peculiar, because someone with normal color vision will score 80% or so on any given test, apparently due to the nature of the test.

    The future Frogman’s reply: “Sir, if you want me to take the test again and miss a few, I can do that”. The rest, as they say, is history. 😉

    As for God keeping speshul kay from showing up at the Q or ever being entrusted with a rifle in his Nation’s defense, all I can say is all those SF cats I know who bemoan church as a waste of time have an ‘I told you so’ coming from yours truly.

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