What Western Society Has Lost, And We Should Endeavor To Retain

Here is a post from the Iron Legion that points out traits to emulate and thoughts on the downward societal cycle that we have been experiencing. Be the Legionnaire, be the Knight!



All wishing to join the Legion shall make a Solemn Affirmation that they will abide by and endeavour to live their lives according to the following five Articles of the Code.


The Legionnaire must be true to that which he believes in above all else, for with faith comes strength against every adversity. Faith is the lifeblood of courage and nobility, without it, life has no meaning. With faith, no force, not even death can defeat the Legionnaire.


The foundation of virtue, one who seeks out the truth within himself will surely develop other virtues, such as justice, courage, strength, courtesy and humility. Without truth there is no light, but rather the spiritual darkness of self-delusion and deception which must surely lead to other vices.


Honour is the standard against which we measure ourselves and are measured by others. It is a treasure which if taken in hand grows in value and grandeur, but if squandered can but rarely be regained and only at great cost in time and effort. The Legionnaire’s word must be more certain and sure than any written contract. Let every Legionnaire consider carefully before making an affirmation and never do so lightly or without due reflection.


The Legionnaire will seek to aid those in need, giving succour and assistance to such as may need it, giving as his or her means permit and without ostentation or display. True charity encompasses more than the material. A word of encouragement can mean more than jewels. The spirit of charity may also cause the Legionnaire to forgive a wrong done to him if the act is truly repented. Charity will help the Legionnaire to avoid the errors of gluttony and avarice.


Loyalty is the obverse of honour; when once a Legionnaire has made a commitment, let him not waiver or withdraw but make every effort, mental and physical, to ensure that that commitment is met; thus that commitment must not be lightly made.

In addition a Knight of the Order if so appointed must also swear an oath before Almighty God that they will live their lives according to these additional Chivalric Articles.


The Knight’s duty is to protect the innocent from harm and to punish the guilty, as is symbolized by the sword. In past times, fulfilment of this duty often required physical combat. Today the battles are fought differently but are no less important. In all areas of life the knight must strive, so far as is possible, to fight injustice and help the right to prevail.


The Knight is charged with fighting for the right and good, and thus destined to face many opponents. The battles may be of the body, and the dangers faced by the Knight may be physical; but courage is as greatly in demand with the more subtle opponent of the mind or spirit. Whichever circumstances the Knight enters he must always face the enemy with valour.


The Knight who looks upon his life without evasion or self-deception and exercises the virtue of truth will surely be humbled by the vast gulf that lies between the chivalrous ideal and the reality of what is possible. Thus chastened, the Knight will surely avoid the error of hubris.


The Knight strives always to do and be their best, no matter what the area of endeavour. They do so not for pride’s sake, but rather to infuse even the most mundane task with nobility and thus uplift themselves.


A man or a woman may be ennobled by a Prince but a soul can thus be elevated only by living in accordance with higher standards than those of the common man. To achieve this chivalrous ideal is not possible; but the very striving uplifts the spirit and purifies the soul. This marks the true Knight.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


5 thoughts on “What Western Society Has Lost, And We Should Endeavor To Retain

  1. Charity and honour,two most important to me personally,not in any particular order,all traits listed have there place/are goals,challenging to say the least to meet.

  2. @bibleater I hear you bra. I have been haunting the liberty websites/blogs for a decade. Straight up, I am a hard core disciple of Christ and have said so on every blog/website I visit from Wirecutter to WRSA. My paradigm, justified by Godly justice, is decidely more radical than most from my paradigm is likely to profess. My question is this, we see the injustice, the manifest evil, the incarnation of Lucifer himself and his minions in entertainment, our “justice” system, our police force, our military, our school system, your employer, etc, etc., etc. We KNOW God commands us to act for justice when the Romans 13 godly authorities do not. Our founders gave us carte blanche approval to throw chains, tyrrany, yadda, yadda. When will we?? What is the trigger? Personally, for the liberty community, I dont think it exists.

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