Gamegetter Sends:


Free Slot Available for Saturday’s Cooking Class

Posted: March 7, 2016

by gamegetterII

One of those taking the class on Sat.purchased two slots for the class,and ended up not having a second person to attend with them.

This person is giving away the already paid for slot in the class for free,so anyone interested who didn’t have the $$$ let me know,and you’ll have a pre-paid  place in the class.

e-mail me @


I won’t have internet access for a few hours,so whoever sends me the first e-mail gets the place in the class.

I’ll send whoever that is an e-mail to let them know they can attend for free.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


One thought on “Gamegetter Sends:

  1. I hope someone lives near by and can take advantage of this opportunity,would love to but the distance is a bit daunting.As a thanks cook the person who made this offer a nice meal if ya’s get the chance,Bon Appetie!

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