George Patton On The “Loser Accusers”

The timing for this post is very apropos. There are only a few throwing the (splinter in your eye) accusations around, but the funny part is they’re the guys with the (beam in their own eye) most to answer for in their own actions. When someone has to use a woman to accuse someone of wrongdoing (because no self respecting man would do that), then they try to use her minority race status to make the accused look even worse (by screaming racism), you know he doesn’t have legitimate ground to stand on. “Agree or else” is only a standard used by the small minded, cowardly, and weak of heart, especially when the majority of their platform is build on the sand of hypocrisy. Read the highlighted part twice, as I said, very apropos.


When Did Rightful Liberty Become Giving Up Liberty?

Too much stuff being talked about “racism” lately on the liberty blogs. The best response I’ve ever seen on any blog regarding being called a racist was from Fred Reed on the fredoneverything blog site.  If you aren’t a regular reader, I recommend it.

Here is his blog on being called a racist:

He correctly points out that the real response to being called a racist is, “so-what”.

I love liberty. For me though, liberty doesn’t mean that everyone has to be like me, agree with me, or even love me.  I don’t even agree with myself sometimes.  And I surely don’t love myself all the time.

Those who despise liberty want everyone to think the same, and it’s always them that get to define what “the same” is.

We on the liberty side are supposed to embrace true diversity of thought. When we decide that some folks shouldn’t be allowed to think differently than we do, how are we any different than those that despise liberty?

There is a huge difference between embracing ideas and defending ideas. Quite frankly, up until the point that you transition your thoughts into actions that actually hurt me, I don’t care what you believe.  That is what liberty is supposed to be about.

Liberty doesn’t include the idea that you won’t hurt my feelings. Liberty doesn’t include the idea that you won’t vote for someone that I think is evil.  Liberty doesn’t include the idea that you must agree with whoever is the leader of the day.

Those who openly call for violence against and death of Muslims as a group, or folks who chose to work for the government or law enforcement are not friends of liberty. Calling other people enemies of liberty while touting threatening messages to groups of people is stupid at best and anti-liberty at worst.

Stalin, Pol-Pot, Mao, and many others had the place for folks that want blind followers.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


3 thoughts on “George Patton On The “Loser Accusers”

  1. Seriously? No pro-liberty folks in LE? Then we are doomed.
    Infiltrate, people. Act, don’t React.

    There is no “100% of that group is X”. Surely the writer didn’t mean that literally. No one is that clueless.

  2. I read Mr. Patton’s highlighted text as: “Those who openly call for violence against and death of: Muslims, Government Workers and Law Enforcement Officers, are not friends of Liberty.” From what I have read from Mr. Patton, I believe that is his meaning. This reading also seem consistent with his next sentence.

    If I am wrong, please, Mr. Patton correct me.


  3. Joe, that makes much more sense. Maybe Mr Patton should ask for a tad of editing on the quote. Amazing how a bit of punctuation/etc can make all the difference.
    A housecat isn’t the same thing as a cathouse.

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