From WRSA: More Lessons Learned

More things to ponder concerning the current situation, and preparing for the next one.



Adult Supervision & The Media Plan

Plus this from over the transom:

Quick Thoughts On Malheur For Next Time


Debacle. Wrong hill to die, literally, on. Unless that was the plan. About the only good (?) I see coming out of this is the 100 Heads Policy may now be in effect.


Since you asked, entirely off the cuff, with self imposed 10 minute time limit.

RUMINT has it that food, fuel, etc., and LOTS of possibly incriminating documents were found in the building.

Notes for Next Time (NFNT): Have a site exploitation plan ready to go. At a minimum, everyone should know how to pull hard drives, take pics, and send those pics. You can probably get away with using a cell phone for about half a day, then you’re done. (See attachment.)

fldigi and other ham programs provide that ability. Don’t forget to take your call sign off’n it.

Carry GI laundry bags to put stuff in, have a cross level plan for bags, and a means to extract stuff immediately. Any seizure of a site, no matter how briefly, should have site exploitation underway concurrent with establishing security and comms. Don’t get bogged down looking at shiny things: If it stows, it goes. Frankly, that’s the beginning of a plan: Why occupy? Raid: An attack on a site with a preplanned withdrawal. Pro tip: Spend more time on your exit strategy than any phase except actions on the objective. It’s not hard to get into trouble. Getting out of it is a bit sticky.

Comms: Establish immediately. Prior coordination with sympathetic outlets needed. By that, find out now who is sympathetic and contact them as raid is underway. Have persons designated to watch as raid initiates, then drive to different area and call in. Take a lesson from the Chechens and dominate the news space. Preplan twitter, reporters, outside media support. Sparks does a whole block of instruction on how to use buttsets to exploit existing landline systems. Given the relative youth of most agents [of the state], I doubt they remember landlines.

This was discussed as one use of the III Short Bus but, as you recall, this was insufficiently Jedburgh. One weeps.

In keeping with our earlier discussion of WWI levels of coordination, carrier pigeons, loaded with encrypted thumb drives, would work for delivery and be precise. Timings should be done with synchronized watches to minimize eavesdropping and radio failure.

Encryption: AMRRON recommended OTP. At first I thought this was something new to learn but, the more I look at it, the more I think it suits our current situation. Instead of having to learn all of the alphabet and 10 numerals in Morse, you just have to learn the numerals. Even if it’s computer generated and therefore crackable, it’ll buy some time and tie up some assets. Even at that, I suspect changing OTPs every 24-48 hours will keep them guessing. (More for occupation than raids, although a quick burst of preplanned numerical codes would work. Destroy before reading. 🙂 )

Of the point we’re discussing, one more charge (encrypted transmissions) won’t matter. With my luck, that’s the one that would stick….

Logistics: Lord have mercy, have some. I admit I may have laughed when they received bags of dicks, but that’s just sad. You can put six months worth of Mountain House in a pickup. While we’re at it, you can put 24K gallons worth of Pool Shock in a rucksack. Etc. Hygiene. Socks. Who doesn’t have socks?

Planning: Pretty good indication this event was the dog that caught the car: Now what? Branches and parallels. If you’re going to occupy, plan to stay. If you going to hit and git, have multiple ways and methods out. At the risk of regurgitating manuals, there is nothing wrong with the Ranger Handbook, FM 7-8 and 10 (or whatever the new Army calls them. The older ones are better.), etc.

Legal support: Take a patriot (sic) friendly lawyer with you. He needs to wear a tie.

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB): See also Sam Culper’s thoughts on this. At a minimum, know your local sheriff.

Spread the fed: Coordinate as far as possible (OPSEC) with groups in other regions. Half dozen of these pulled off simultaneously does several things:

Spreads the feds.

Increases odds of getting our side, both story and personnel, out.

Fear: “They’re everywhere.” Yes. Yes we are.

Speaking of video, here’s a retired SF MSG discussing the organization of the Paris Attacks in a way that even [insert name here] can understand

One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot (sic). Absolutely puts the lie to rugged individualism/lone wolfoshitz.

Firefighting equipment: Ask David Koresh and Chris Dorner if some buckets full of dirt wouldn’t have been a good idea. All .mil 40MM CS, IIRC, is pyrotechnic. Burns hotter than the hinges of Hades. You ain’t putting it out with a personal extinguisher. Bring masks. And E-tools. Fill trash cans and bottom file drawers with dirt. This should be easy, since you put the contents of them in laundry bags and sent them out, didn’t you?


This quote from the above post speaks volumes,

“This was discussed as one use of the III Short Bus but, as you recall, this was insufficiently Jedburgh. One weeps.”

All the planning in the world will not create an ability unless you select the right people to implement the plan. There were many things the “III short bus” was supposedly set up for. In the end, it appears to be nothing more than a mobile (or less than mobile) dumping ground for cool, expensive shit (I know of at least three night vision devices with accessories, and commo gear that was donated to the III Short Bus project) for the owners to have for their own use (be nice to have multiple NOD’s and commo you didn’t have to pay for huh?). Tell me I’m wrong. If it wasn’t at Burns, where would it ever be?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE




12 thoughts on “From WRSA: More Lessons Learned

  1. I’d be willing to bet that any gear that was donated has been since sold off and any funds donated never made it to the Short Bus.

    Why would any thinking man raise money for something that was bound to be used (given our current political situation) and then not put that money and gear towards that purpose? Did he think we were stupid and would forget about it?
    And if he actually did use the money and gear for the Short Bus, why in the world would he stage it on the other side of the Continental Divide?
    And if he did stage it there for ‘strategic reasons’ why wasn’t it mobilized or at least put on alert status when this started? 900 miles = 16 hours of driving time.

    A smart man would deduce that the bus was never outfitted to begin with and I personally think any gear that was donated was sold off to pay his mounting bills, the ones he can’t pay when the IIIPS members realized what a coward and liar he is and pulled their memberships and financial support.

    Hey Sammy, I know you’re reading this. Why don’t you post a picture of that gear WITH PROOF that it’s a recent photo – like the most recent copy of your local paper? That will put these questions to rest.

    • Considering that “Tonedeaf” was supposed to be advising on the getting the TOC squared away (yup, still have that email), and he was the guy that went to Burns with the IIIPSFA” supplies. Why didn’t it go too? I doubt the “Kernal” sold all of the NOD’s, he needs at least 2 for him and “The Scared One” to use for capers.

      • Now I didn’t even think about that, why didn’t Jeff take the Short Bus?
        Maybe Sammy can send us pictures of the NODs mounted on AR blue trainers, that would satisfy my questions.

  2. I already shared the conclusions more than a few have decided on… broken down, and locked under a mechanic’s (or towing service)
    lien, or… it is simply non-existing. And like the argument of Obama’s birth certificate – and like Wirecutter says – one picture can stop the doubt and/or speculation. But absent evidence… current photo and date proofing, then… the above is true. And why do you need night vision for blue plastic guns? If your fighting is wetwork at belt buckle range… then fucking braille should suffice.

  3. The short bus is:
    broken down, under a mechanic’s (or towing service) lien…
    a figment of imagination.
    Much the same as Obama’s birth certificate, the questions can be put to rest, easily – as suggested above.
    Just as the Kenyan in Chief cannot prove his American citizenship, Sam the Sham can’t prove the existence of assets he no longer possesses. (ok, in ‘reality’; not in dreams of grandeur.)
    And you don’t need NODs if you are doing all your wetwork at belt buckle range. You can do that using jedburgh braille…

  4. From my research. IMO, ‘Burns’, was the right place, (good as any hill to die on), because… a.) it was a peaceful occupation, (no shooting or violence involved). Though weapons were part of the gear they had with them, they were not used directly in the occupation of the refuge. They were there only as a means of defensive back-up equipment, to hold and ensure there would no un-answered, (Free Waco), bum rush… b.) the occupation was a means to draw attention to the plight of the ranchers, and loggers, (all Americans), being extorted by .gov. Of course, many facets of the operation were lacking, such as; logistics, ‘PR’, travel security, and an exit plan, among others as listed in this blog.
    These occupiers, were ranchers and mostly self-described militiamen, etc., not lawyers and accomplished military tacticians even though some claimed to be. And with Mr. Finicum’s murder, (R.I.P.), the push against .gov’s overreach got a ‘Lot’ more interesting… I also concur with the assessment of the 100:1 head rule of engagement policy. We may see the next hit to ‘Liberty’ soon enough if a (false flag), attack is made on the superbowl. With as much security being employed at the game, any attack would most assuredly be an inside, (.gov), job… BTW,
    I hope the Panthers win! Patton has enough rings, no need to be greedy… Enjoy the game!

    • “Of course, many facets of the operation were lacking, such as; logistics, ‘PR’, travel security, and an exit plan.” How many other facets do you think there are? LOL. I called it operation Football Bat for a reason. The bottom line was it was an operation, and no one in charge or wanting to be in charge had a clue how to plan, organize, and equip for this operation. I wouldn’t have taken part in this operation any more than I would partake or invest in a poorly planned business idea. No one can point to anyone in charge of this and say “I’d follow his leadership/plan”, based on their ability to lead or plan. It was all “Feel good” BS, and that is not a reason to follow or partake in anything other than alcohol or drugs, and we know where that goes. BTW, I hope you’re wrong about the superbowl. Can you imagine a EFAD scenario at that game?

  5. It probably got to the Rockies and just didn’t have the guts to get over those tall mountains…So it just rolled back down and ended up in someone’s junk yard…Good thing I held off on giving him the generator and other things…

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