Brushbeater Spells It Out

The “Current Mood”

Much has been written just in the past few days in regards to what I call the “mood” of the Liberty movement…lots of folks, with varying degrees of qualifications behind their opinions, have chimed in for some futile attempt to reveal it all and somehow change the world- as if that hasn’t happened hundreds of times in the past. There’s a complete other way to look at it; more useful than finger pointing or bemoaning; one that just might shed a little light and alleviate some of that frustration, along with a healthy dose of your favorite grain alcohol.

Macro Level

Let’s talk a bit about human sociology- since that’s the root of human interaction. The social, any social, relies upon reinforcing the status-quo. Robert Merton, an admitted Marxist, but intelligent theorist all the same, developed the Social Strain theory. The crux of this theory relies upon 5 arch-types of humans:

  1. Conformists: Average cookie cutter home dwellers. These folks eat the popcorn and drink the cool aid. They lead comfortable lives and won’t do anything to upset this; Politicians will come down from Olympus to fix everything.
  2. Ritualists: Like Conformists, these folks float along the river of life, just getting by. Unlike conformists, they’re likely aware some things don’t add up, but are loathe to do anything about it; they’re risk-averse to breaking out.
  3. Retreatists: These are the folks who’ve simply checked out…they don’t buy into “the system” and nor do they really wish to change it. A lot of serious Survivalists(not preppers) fall into this camp.
  4. Innovators: According to Merton, these are the folks who attempt change society through means other than the established path to success. They exist on every level; the folks who shake things up.
  5. Rebels: Rebels are the intersection of Retreatists and Innovators; they usually build independent tribes based on their own adapted social norms. This doesn’t always have to be violent, but violence usually accompanies interactions with Rebels should anything interfere with their established code. Sometimes the end goal is larger social change, other times it’s simply dropping out but in a militant sense. Each case is a little different; Gangs, Underground Groups, and yes, Militias fall into this category.

It’s been said somewhere that Guerilla movements, like football, are a game of inches. Those inches are what’s known as the human terrain, or hearts and minds for the Vietnam generation. It’s a very long, gradual, slow burn before things go very hot. Most folks only think of the American Civil War as a 4 year period of conflict, and that’s simply not true. Grumblings were happening decades before, and it continued long after Appomattox, with the James Brothers continuing an insurgency campaign of sorts out west and pockets of social resistance still adhering to the antebellum way of life. It was no different in the Balkans, where the weakening grip of the Belgrade government gave rise to long-seeded ethnic differences; Lenin’s Revolution, Mao’s, Ho Chi Minh, the current fallout from Sykes-Pikot, and the list goes on and on.

Pockets of Rebels will always exist; some to more degrees of success than others. Let’s examine the Left since our adversary is also usually our best teacher; radical Leftist groups on their own gain almost zero traction. But when the message is softened and more palatable to the Conformists, popular support grows. Is this starting to make sense?

Let’s look at Sweden. Cultural complacency gave rise to lax social rules over a long period of time; thus they have the monster that is the rape epidemic. Conformists invited Rebels in, and it possibly is in doubt that they’ll recover(I’m not optimistic…and generally concur with Bracken’s assessment in Tet:Take Two) What is happening though, is due to the Strainformer Ritualists are moving to become Rebels. Still with me?

Conformists are the key to winning popular support; Ritualists are key to making things happen. Under strain, Conformists normally pledge what’s known as soft or underground support; anything that can be done without actually getting their hands dirty. After all, they plan on being around when its all said and done. Ritualists are the folks who find themselves, under strain, becoming Rebels. David Kilcullen refers to these folks as “accidental guerrillas”.

Micro Level

No matter what you may think of him, Rand Paul is a major windfall for the Liberty Movement. Even more so than his father; it’s a multi-generational building of the Libertarian message. Politically, they have the support of the mainstream in increasing numbers. If it didn’t, we’d have another Bush on top of the brush pile. I expect to see Paul as a running mate to whoever comes out on top to unify the outsider message. This mood is reflected on the Left as well; the sides are becoming galvanized.

Unfortunately, this also normally is a recipe for war.  Politicians won’t change everything. One side ain’t gonna be happy; and with the strain on both side, violence always erupts. It’s happening in pockets now; just wait…the Left is going to go fangs-out this summer. For the past two summers the Marxist Media Machine has created a quick-burn in the enclaves based on old established social fractures; it’s due to erupt. Leftism has gained this traction due to the statistical majority of those on the Right being among the Conformist and Ritualist crowd- risk averse to upsetting the apple cart. This is about to change.

As far as the Liberty Movement is concerned, the issues facing it is no different than any other in history. Politically aligned groups usually aren’t direct allies in any conflict. ZANLA and ZIPRA were both Marxist in Rhodesia, but had different goals and fought each other on more than one occasion. The IRA killed their own leader post-Easter Uprising due to his agreement to leave northern Ireland to the UK; the Chechens split along religious fundamentalism vs Nationalism lines; and the list goes on. Among groups on the fringes of the political spectrum, or any spectrum for that matter, it’s normal to see factionalism; there will be no unified message but rather a slow rise towards common goals. Not everyone is going to be happy; but the aim is to make as many cross over as possible. It’s the only way one wins, and the Left has been better at it for longer.

Fortis Mane

Stay the course; with each incident, learn, get better, get stronger, and remain true to yourselves. Always maintain the moral high ground. If the established status-quo wasn’t terrified of you, they wouldn’t dedicate so many resources to smearing you. The reason the media supports the Left is that the extreme Left is a useful tool to a common goal- complete centralization of government. And they’re losing that grasp.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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