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Good on David.

We are not the Michael Brown crowd.




UPDATE 1410EST 03FEB2016: From comments:

If nothing more comes out of this sad chain of events the Patriot community needs to take a real hard look at itself and ask some gut check questions.


This has been jacked up from day one. The decision to occupy the refuge was poor on a tactical level but lets not focus on that. We can debate about that all day and be all over the map. Lets just focus on the execution of the occupation. First off and Primary A1 numero uno rule is CONTROL THE MESSAGE! Every single swinging D inside that place had a smartphone with a video camera and an insatiable need to be seen doing the stupidest self defeating bullshit. If you video yourself flipping your shit about a bag of sex toys and then post it on FaceTube you are going to accomplish two things.

You are going to make yourself look like a raving lunatic and you are going to convince the public at large that the protest is a clown show.

Every video that was not reviewed and edited for content to focus and craft the message was a negligent discharge.

Patriots need to ask themselves if the people you are around treat a firearm like they do a video camera would you want to stand in a line of battle with them? I am not a range nazi so something like this coming from me is evident of how out of control this situation was. You cant have people firing off videos and blasting them out to everyone.

That may sound controlling and counter to the freedom that we fight for but it is a tactical and strategic necessity.


There is an alarming tendency for people to accept the most outlandish stories if it supports something that you believe already. Everyone is guilty of this to some degree. The Patriot community tends to accept any evidence that portrays the government in the most secretive and negative light. The common name for this is the “black helicopter crowd”. Everything is being controlled by the government and every set back is because of a secretive government conspiracy to accomplish something.


You need to control your emotional response to these stimulus and learn to ask critical questions. Question your own suppositions. Question every source and keep a healthy distance. Treat information and its sources like you would a person that you meet in a dark parking lot. Be alert, be cautious and do not assume it to be what it appears to be.

You MUST have a sense of humility and be humble. Admit that you are wrong when some bit of information appears that clearly contradicts a previous bit of information you need to be willing to admit that you were wrong and accept the new information. DO NOT downgrade the new information and diminish its value in order to continue to hold on to the established line of thinking. Do NOT take it personal and attack the sources. Maintain a disconnect and dont make it personal.

Finally do what I call “jiggle the cord” I will explain this shortly but what it boils down to is bringing in an extra set of eyes to look at the information. Give them a short run down but avoid details and avoid giving your opinion so as to avoid biasing their analysis. Let them have a look and give you their opinion.

I said this before and I will say it again. You need to move on from this latest incident and begin planning and working on the next one. We will gain nothing by getting bogged in the weeds of this situation. People need to understand that conducting frame by frame analysis of grainy videos is not going to save the country. You are not going to be the super hero that discovers the shocking truth! Nothing that gets reveled on FaceTube is going to sway the minds of the masses. Take a deep breath. Take a few days to mourn the loss of a very good man and then carry on. Move on to the next position and keep in the fight. This obsession with micro-analysis is draining on your personal resources. This is in the same vein as the keyboard Commandos. Its Keyboard detective. STOP ENCOURAGING IT.

I am not a professional intel analyst but I have a professional background that shares a lot of traits with info analysis. My background is in communications. Electronic systems, networks, telecommunications and broadband networks. I have built elements of these systems from the individual electronic component up. I have tested and tuned them and more importantly I have troubleshot the networks when they were not working. The troubleshooting process is reading information, analysis of that information, develop a course of action and executing it. Many times I would find myself chasing a problem down multiple paths but unable to determine the source of failure. Bringing in a fresh set of eyes would often find that I had skipped a simple check at the beginning of the process that would have fixed it right off. A simple thing like forgetting to plug in a test lead can be a critical failure, thus “jiggle the cord” so you know its got power and connectivity.

The Patriot community needs to develop critical information skills or we will find ourselves being lead to a slaughter.


Quit acting like a bunch of emotionally paralyzed, reactionary neanderthals. Be the adult in the room and tell the adolescent acting, rumor mill empowering, ego maniacs to STFU, because they are doing more harm than good. Train mind, body, and soul, because the trials they are a comin’!  


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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