Liberty’s Liars, Losers, And Lifers

Kit Lange wrote an excellent piece with a few stand out gems that I’ve highlighted. I left some commentary after her piece to give some perspective about a number of character types and mindsets that are detrimental to the “Movement”, and why they are killing any chance at relevance and being taken seriously.


How Many Times Can You Die for Liberty?

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016 at The Order of the White Rose

How Many Times Can You Die for Liberty?

During World War II, resistance cells made up a critical part of the opposition to Nazi Germany. They engaged in a host of activities behind the scenes: spreading disinformation and propaganda, disrupting operations, assisting troops and spies, and collecting intelligence. Most of them were faceless, nameless people who gave their everything to defeat one of the greatest evils this world has ever known, and yet their individual contributions will never be truly known by the rest of the world. They lived their lives knowing that at any time, they could be arrested or killed. They operated in a society that rewarded anyone who exposed them. Many of them gave up their very identities, known only as a code name. They were unpaid, underfed, and unknown, and the world owes them a debt it cannot repay.

The patriot movement could take a lesson from the resistance, for in the current fight for liberty the patriot movement is the resistance…and I daresay that we need a gut check. We need to have a discussion about the idea of dying for liberty. How many times can you die for liberty?

We idolize those who, throughout our nation’s history, gave their lives for the cause of liberty. We repeat their words, use them as catchphrases. We say “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” like it’s a mantra, but many simply stop their thought process at the part about giving their lives. We are all so willing to die for the cause, aren’t we? We talk of brotherhood and family and this bond of patriots and many even show up at places like Sugar Pine and Bundy Ranch and Malheur, ready to do battle if called upon to do so. It’s a badge of honor, really, to know that you might very well die at an event and still go anyway. It’s a source of pride, whether we admit it or not. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t use our event resumes as bonafides. We wouldn’t have this internal, unwritten caste system within the movement. Sure, you say you’re a patriot, but what events have you shown up to? 

Look at social media. How many people talk of how much damage they will do, how violent they can be, how they are Ready For Battle? People’s Facebook pages are full of bravado. The more ‘hard core’ among us deride the ‘keyboard warriors,’ but I think it goes deeper than that, and I think we are answering the wrong questions.

Many within the movement think that dying for the cause of liberty is the pinnacle of achievement somehow; it’s the golden ring, and if we somehow are forced to die then we will be remembered like Nathan Hale, giving our all for freedom. The siren song of battle calls, and so many want more than anything to answer it. People cannot get enough of posting their selfies and videos at the various actions, talking about how they were there as if that makes them more of a patriot because they were willing to die for the cause.

I posit that dying for a cause is easy. Being a true member of the resistance, however, is not.

Dying for the cause is noble, certainly, if you are forced to do so. Many of us have done the soul-searching necessary to answer the question What am I willing to lose? We have accepted that for people like us, that very well may be the end of things. We certainly don’t seek that outcome, but we are self-aware enough to know the possibility exists. Anyone who understands history and the current state of affairs knows that the danger is real. That being said, is giving our life for the cause really something we should be okay with? Shouldn’t we be trying a lot harder to stay alive and stay in the fight? What good are we dead or in jail? It would seem that we should be so incredibly NOT okay with dying that we do everything possible to fight even being put in that position. Nathan Hale understood the cold, hard truth that you can only give your life once.

It could be argued that the true pinnacle of achievement in the liberty movement is not in being willing to lay down your life, but in being willing to set yourself apart to LIVE. To train your body, making it as fit and strong as possible. To train your mind, to learn everything necessary—not just about guns or tactics, but about other things, like how to engage in propaganda. How to disrupt. How to work behind the scenes to achieve the thousands of little victories that are required in a long-term fight. How to protect the people you work with, how to disseminate information in a way that does not compromise the people who are privy to it. There are a thousand parts to a successful resistance, and as a movement, we tend to ignore most of them in favor of the glorious idea of the ultimate sacrifice that we are so willing to make.

Sun Tzu said to know yourself. Can we say that we do? Can we say that we know our own weaknesses? Are we willing to admit the vulnerabilities that we each have? Have we gone down into the depths of our own beings and truly understood what makes us weak? We are willing to die for the cause. Big deal. Are we willing to live for it? Are we willing to go without our comforts so that we can have more of the things we need for the fight? Are we willing to be seen as radicals, not just by the government or the Left, but by our own friends and even family? If your spouse gave you an ultimatum—the movement or your marriage—what would you do? Are we willing to be brutally honest with ourselves about the ways that we can be exploited—and are we willing to do what it takes to mitigate them when possible? We all have weaknesses. Every single person on earth can be exploited if one can find the key to what motivates them, what they need and love more than anything. To ignore that is to put ourselves and the people we work with in danger. Are we willing to even admit to ourselves what that key is, and how we could be leveraged? Because there are people who at this moment are looking for that key. It is their job to find it, to exploit it. If you aren’t even willing to admit to yourself where you are weak, how can you possibly harden that weakness?

We don’t harden it. That’s the truth. We ignore the weaknesses, we minimize them and rationalize them and figure that they don’t really matter, or that if it ever came down to it, we’d be able to overcome them. But training is not just for accuracy and shot groupings, or whether you can make a fire in the woods when it’s raining. It’s about hardening every single facet of who you are. It’s about training your mind, your body, the very core of the person you call you. It’s about having focus. Liberty is not a spectator sport, it is not something we engage in one weekend a month when our groups get together to train. It’s not even about making sure that our gear is in order so we can jump on the next action where everyone and their mother is calling for “boots on the ground.”

The pinnacle of achievement is not talk, and it is not death. It is a life lived. It is a day to day existence that seeks the furtherance of liberty in all things, not just the big actions that have national attention. In fact, I daresay it’s not about attention at all. It’s about being willing to set yourself apart for the purpose of service and sacrifice in your everyday life. Not so you can go to every Big Patriot Action, and not so you can deride everyone who “calls themselves a patriot until it’s time to do patriot sh*t.” It’s so that you can contribute—steadily, purposefully, and maybe even silently—to the cause of liberty. Can we really call those smaller actions, committed every day, lesser than the one ultimate act? Are the contributions of the nameless and faceless somehow not as important because we don’t know about them? I’m not talking about those who sit on Facebook and think that sharing memes counts as fighting for the cause. I’m talking about the people who provide the gadgets, who move the ammo and supplies, who store the caches and set up the drops and fund activities and spread disinformation and write propaganda and even stand silently training for the day that the 100 Heads policy must be collected. They don’t talk about what they do, they don’t post videos and selfies and they don’t seek the validation of the community. They simply do what they do, in their small cells or even alone, behind the scenes and in a hundred thousand places across the country. They would die for the cause too; the difference is, they have every intention of screwing the enemy over in every way possible first—and they don’t care if they ever get known for it.

There is a place for the loud, the fiery, the ‘troops’ who stand at the Malheurs and the Bundy Ranches and the federal courthouses. They are needed. They are the front line of the fight, and when the siren call sounds, they answer. But there is also a place for those who choose to engage in a hundred smaller acts rather than the big, ultimate one. They work in the shadows, they are willing to be the faceless, nameless cog in the machine; they are willing to be the stop on the underground trail, the safe house, the gray man behind the scenes. They are willing to learn what they do not know, train in what they cannot yet do, and be whatever is needed. They do not seek the glory of giving it all for liberty; they seek the quiet knowledge that even if the world never learns their name, they have contributed their lives, their character and their actions to the beautiful ideal of freedom.

They are the resistance. And the movement needs far more of them.

You might have what it takes to give your life for the cause. But do you have what it takes to live your life for the cause?


Below is one of the biggest issues I have with people in the “liberty” movement. The conversation was on Face Book and this guy is trying to tell Sam Culper that he saw the killing of LaVoy Finicum on a live feed. When asked by me who had the camera (considering the other vehicle was a mile down the road from the way they came), he ignored the question. This was a lie made up to impress people and make them think he was “In the know” (“secret squirrel” dontcha know). I’ve seen so much of this bullcrap in the last few days, it makes me sick. You know what’s worse? Any Feds monitoring it are laughing their ass off at the “Designed to impress” lies, and complete bullshit conspiracy “intel” being sold as facts by keyboard fondling Napoleons wanna be’s.

Liar Post1-1

Liar Post-1.jpg


Liar Post2

Liar Post3

Here’s the quote again,

“Let me tell you WHAT I SAW. He was told to exist the auto. He did. And told to get on his knees with his hands in the air. He did. His hand were high and then he was shot in the head.”

Look at the two pics above and tell me where you see him get on his knees please. He’s standing at 9:32, he’s flat in 9:33, period! Does anyone see him kneeling at all? What does this mean? It means that Troy is a lying, wanna be, retard, that’s what it means.

Here’s another problem I’ve seen a lot of in the last year. People seem to think if you aren’t making overt gestures towards what ever they think is “Liberty”, and then posting what you did “for the cause” on social media and the blogs, you aren’t doing anything, and are either lazy, a supporter of tyranny, or a coward. This mantra has been generally directed at prior service personnel (especially retired guys), and more specifically towards former Special Forces soldiers. This quote was taken from a comment on a well known blog, and illustrates what I’m talking about. “It’s Max, Mosby, MDT and the like who are making difference.  The “quiet professionals” have had every chance, for years, to practice “De Oppresso Libre” here in their own country……” Although I really do appreciate the kudos, it bothers me that these guys automatically assume that those guys (former Special Forces) are not doing anything simply because they haven’t been “filled in on the particulars” on social media or a blog post. Making assumptions like that is foolish at best, and the height of ignorance at worst, and shows a true lack of insight into what those guys did and do best, and the methods they used/use to accomplish it. A lot of them are “Lifers” in a sense that you will never know, and I’m not just talking about their military careers.

To recap my favorite quote from Kit’s article,

They don’t talk about what they do, they don’t post videos and selfies and they don’t seek the validation of the community. They simply do what they do, in their small cells or even alone, behind the scenes and in a hundred thousand places across the country. They would die for the cause too; the difference is, they have every intention of screwing the enemy over in every way possible first—and they don’t care if they ever get known for it.” Kit Lange


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE




10 thoughts on “Liberty’s Liars, Losers, And Lifers

  1. The White Rose is another of many good sites with info./ways to educate oneself and others.I have and will probably not watch the video,mostly because it will make me sad and also angry but am to a point that with the levels of technology today not sure I trust what I do not see with my own eyes,even then may question what I am seeing.I would like though to see at least dash cam/body videos if available though will let others with a knowledge of film/video ect.check em as to their authenticity or not.Condolences to the Finicum family and friends and to the country,things seem in many ways grimmer daily.

    • If you’ll notice, I did not put the video up along with my thoughts about it. I haven’t put it up for a couple reasons. One, although I have an opinion of what I’ve seen, even though it appears to be one thing, it could be explained in other ways, and I don’t think so highly of my own opinion, that I will give it to anyone but my friends. Two, There are some asshats stating their opinion as if it’s fact, and to disagree with them brings “the wrath” of them as well as their echo chambers. Three, a number of people have posted it, along with reasonable opinions, and adding mine in the mix would just be more noise without fact. I only used pics from the video to point out a liar in our midst.

      • JD,first two things that came to my mind were1.Done in a area with no witnesses/alt media ect. to murder at least someone and set a example.2Done in remote area to have no risk to others if gunfire broke out excepting involved parties,trying to have in situation least amount if injured/killed.Hell,both thoughts may be wrong or right,and that is just what went thru me little mind in the first few moments reading about this cluster.

  2. Yeah, I know whatcha mean, and totally agree with it. FB was (originally) created for women and children. And it worked! Now everyone wants to be a star.

    • To bold face lie about something this grievous is very disturbing, especially when it’s so easy to disprove when the facts come out. People like that are a worse enemy than those who oppose our cause, because they are amongst us and are more concerned about their “standing”, than the truth.

  3. If patriots are going to be doing these kinds of actions, along with tactical/commo/med training, we also need training, appropriate to our movement, in how to protest. The left has classes, a few hours up to multi-day, in how to conduct a protest. Neither Bundy Ranch nor Malheur was a success at winning the minds of middle America.

    • Ratchet,tis hard to win the hearts/mind of people at moment when so many employed by govt./have govt. contracts/get freebies from govt. whether on corporate or personal level.They do not want to bite the hands that feeds them,nor do they want to believe that their govt. capable of evil/screwing them over though do think that many who I never thought would are opening their eyes.The insanity of democide in the 20th century one would think would be enough to get folks to question/resist evil but seems many have the “That would never happen here attitude”.I disagree with that thinking but would be happy they were correct.

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  6. All sounds great, except for facebook memes. That is basic subversion. EVERYONE should regularly post anything that mocks and belittles the left. Not to change minds, but ultimately to embarass “normal” folks(the kind who might be on your facebook) and make it so they feel uncomfortable about supporting leftist nonsense. Isolate, mock and marginalize. ALWAYS.

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