Practical Commo Advice

Brushbeater gives practical examples on realistic operational commo.


Simple, Rugged, Rural Line of Sight Communications

Bottom line, minimum equipment, reliable, ease of use under stress, able to survive primitive and combat abusive circumstances.
What do I go out and procure for on foot mobile comms for a citizen small unit infantry team for inter squad and checking in periodically with a home base system in the Appalachian Mtn range?
Keep it simple, rugged and primitive as possible.


In Mountains or other hilly terrain, 2M works best. The most rugged, yet inexpensive set I’m aware of is the Icom V80.

icom v80.jpg

Icom IC-V80

You’ll need a simple 2M set in your Base of Operations, AKA a Command Post. A single band Mobile is what’s needed:


Kenwood 2M mobile

You’ll need a good antenna. The roll-up J-poles work well, and are great for temporary setups, such as a hasty Patrol Base or longer-range needs while on patrol. For long term durability, you’ll need a more rigid antenna. Most J-poles or Groundplane antennas will fit the bill well. Feed them with LMR-240 and you’ll have no worries.




American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


3 thoughts on “Practical Commo Advice

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  2. I when saw title of article and person with scoped rifle was thinking that was a final form of comm right there.I with the few I have known and trusted for years worked out basic hand signals for approaching each others retreats,as pic shows garbed up for winter makes person initially a bit unrecognisable,hence use of paths and hand signal to let folks know we are not strangers with ill intent.First must see and watch for perhaps a long period of time to feel confident retreat and people in are your friends.I at moment working on tech ham license,hope to get a few I know interested,perhaps useful depending on what is happening.Will price out/research the units mentioned but as with many money is a bit of a challenge,would be more for others as am on road so much and home while might be a good place to stay could also be very bad place depending on circumstances.On the upside when on road more then 20 miles have room for Molle(means less tools for job)and at most a 60 mile hike to closest friends that have long term worked with and helped with their places and am welcome,still,a long hike depending on what is happening,just do the best I can.I will say,time to layer up and deal with some snow though as a New Englander tis a regular chore.

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