Winter Warfare Basics-Got Snowshoes?

Good info, good history. Learn, Train.

Battle on Snoeshoes



Robert Rogers’ Legendary Break Contact- 1757

On 21 JAN 1757, Rogers’ Rangers on a recon patrol(referred to as a “scout” by Rogers) found themselves ambushed by 250 French Infantry and their allied Indian tribes, countered the ambush and broke contact.

Rogers’ men were badly outnumbered and taken by surprise; the French muskets misfired due to wet powder and ill-equipped for the weather, the French Infantry found themselves unable to move in the deep snow.

Rogers and his men set a historical precedent in the way Small Units operate- one that is still taught to this day- paying attention to the way the Natives fought and always seeking to improve and refine their equipment and tactics off of it. His Unit was made of hard men forged even harder under his command; never yielding to odds whether in their favor or not, and usually the latter. Find a way to win.

You should be doing the same.

God Bless You, from the woods of North Carolina.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

One thought on “Winter Warfare Basics-Got Snowshoes?

  1. Left a note at brushbeater’s as well regarding the book, “War on the Run” by John F. Ross that provides many, many details on Rogers’ selection, training, and development of both men and tactics.

    Other gems abound in the book as well, such as the fact that Rogers fought as a Brit due to political jealousy and paranoia regarding his abilities from people close to Washington and that Rogers is the Brit Light Colonel that hung Nathan “I regret that I have one life to give for my country” Hale after catching him in a pub/inn/public house running off at the mouth…..superbly written book chock full of obscure facts about Rogers. Loved it when I found out he commanded Fort Michilimackinac at the tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula for 3 years.

    Brushbeater and you are very correct about training in winter. One only has to look at the Napoleonic and German retreats out of Mother Russia to get an idea how the weather impacts a fight. We’ve been doing a winter training weekend almost every year for quite some time in some of the coldest weather our state has to offer. Some of the lessons learned are pure gold; some of the ‘aha!’ moments people new to living in 3 feet of snow and deep cold are amazing. Brings reality home really quickly, as winter training can turn to real life survival in a NY minute.

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