Stay Alert! Stay Alive!

From WRSA tonite

Breaking: Large Fed Presence IVO Malheur


From over the transom:

SIZE: 200+ Fed vehicles, 400-500 agents/LEOs, mostly tac guys

ACTIVITIES: Shadowing militia throughout town Hotels filling up with FBI, State Troopers, etc. Sheriff’s dept fully locked down and barricaded.

LOCATION: Burns airport, Most hotels. Sheriff’s department.

UNITS: FBI tac teams, State Troopers, and SDs from around state

TIME: No demands have been made by FBI to vacate facility. Bundy will not vacate until his demands are met

EQUIPMENT: Multiple large army tents at airport. Approximately 1 dozen light towers, half dozen portable outhouses. Minimum 1 drone. Multiple comms trucks, satellite and antenna. 1 medical response van.

ADDITIONAL: State Police are pulling any vehicle over, including citizens, for absolutely any small violation. Was not case previously to this weekend.

Sender identified as reliable. Info received w/i last 60 mins.

Open thread; keep speculation and shit-talking to minimum. Pull any info from any reliable sources.



Situation awareness is everything.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


6 thoughts on “Stay Alert! Stay Alive!

  1. You KNOW there are undercover agents among the ‘patriots’ that have shown up at the refuge, right? Takedown is going to start from the inside. Hell, there may be more agents inside than regular rabble if the way the federales have operated in the past is any indication.

  2. Where are Stewart Rhodes and the rest of the oft vaunted “Oathkeepers”? Not a peep from them since the drone video showing Lavoy Finicum’s cold-blooded murder at the hands of their “brothers” was released. Why have they not been publicly and vociferously leading the charge to have those responsible for Finicum’s death brought to justice (hung by the neck until dead)? I’ll tell you where they are; they are hiding behind that damned “thin blue line”. “Oathkeepers” my ass! Come on Stewie, grow a spine and prove me wrong!

    • I don’t know about what Stewart Rhodes is up to but saying this ” the drone video showing Lavoy Finicum’s cold-blooded murder” makes it sound like you know facts about the shoot, and unless there has been a new revelation today, concerning whether he was going for a gun, or a gunshot wound, your statement sounds like the rest of those who are speculating something they have no actual clue about.

      • JC, with all due respect (and I do mean that), I have eyes that can see and the common sense that God gave me. That’s all I need in this case to know that Finicum was murdered. Shiny badges and fancy costumes do not grant extra-constitutional privileges.

        Unless Finicum was reaching for a puppy in his jacket, then of course, I completely understand. God forbid a LEO get licked by a puppy. The horror. /s

        • Did you know Finicum habitually carried a 1911 in a shoulder rig under his left arm (the feds did since Santilli gave them so much video info and evidence). Without audio you don’t know what happened. Are you telling me you know for a fact he wasn’t going for a weapon, and that he had already been shot? By all means, if you have conclusive evidence, please submit it, but if you are saying he was “murdered”, and are only using that video as you definitive evidence, that is only a subjective opinion Tater, not an objective determination. I haven’t decided what it was yet because I’m not so bent on making a decision without all the facts. That’s what you’re expected to do. Get ALL the facts, then make a determination. What kind of a juror would you be? The choice is simple “Subjective” speculation because it fits the paradigm you want, or “Objective” analysis, based on facts, not conjecture. Justice demand facts not reactionary emotions.

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