Angel’s “Lessons Learned”

A lesson learned

My experience with the Kerodins has been both expensive and valuable. I’m out close to $2800 total between III Arms Company and donations to their dojo and IIIPS. The first I thought of as an investment, and as such I expected the money to be used specifically to get a firearms production company started. Start-up capital. Now, anyone with investment experience knows that start-ups have a very small chance of survival, let alone success. It’s a high-risk gamble, but there are certain times when the gamble is worth it, even if it’s not a monetary success.

With investments, you don’t always expect to see returns, but you do expect a certain degree of accountability and transparency from those to whom you’ve entrusted your money. With III Arms Company, it’s not that it failed, it’s the question of accountability on the part of the Kerodins, and their lack of openness with the Founding Members. We gave them money for a specific purpose, we would like to have a detailed accounting of where it went. The problem is also the best lesson learned: while we gave money for the purpose, and while we were “honored” as Founding Members of a new company, none of us received anything indicating us as legal owners of the company. Nothing on the financial record establishing a legal right for any donor to claim over the company. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that the Founding Members have as much claim to the company assets, records, or profits as anyone not sending money to the Kerodins. Exactly zero. Once the money changed hands, without any legal documents of ownership, it became the Kerodins’ property. With only their names on ownership documents and business accounts, the Founders were effectively shut out of any claims or liabilities. That is the one good thing about this, any lawsuits against III Arms Company by the government or purchasers go straight to the Kerodins and no Founding Member will get dragged into it.

So Lesson #1:

When investing in any business enterprise, get a contract, get acknowledgement in writing that you have a legal stake in the business that entitles you to quarterly statements, rights to liquidated assets in case of a bankruptcy, and a share of the profits if it succeeds. Have this documentation signed, dated, notarized if possible and in your possession. 

Now let’s talk donations and gifts. After the III Arms debacle, all of the enterprises the Kerodins came up with and promoted fell into the “donation and gift” category. Nothing was sold as a for profit enterprise. No one was offered a stake in the St. Maries dojo, the Kerodins made it very clear that they were soliciting gifts to make the dojo something that would reflect positively on the Patriot community. This was an emotional appeal, “do it for the Community”. Of course, the only people who directly benefited from the gifts purchased on Amazon and sent directly to the Kerodins were…you guessed it, the Kerodins. All the money collected for the TOC? Donations/gifts. Money collected as “dues” for the III Patriot Society? Donations/gifts. There was no promise or guarantees made by the Kerodins for any of it, but that doesn’t matter. Legally, a donation or monetary gift becomes the property of the recipient and the giver relinquishes all control over it. You can ask for proof, verification or results until you’re blue in the face, but the Kerodins are not legally required to respond. As the “recipients of gifts”, they have no responsibility to use the funds in any manner other than how they desire.

And now Lesson #2:

When considering donating or gifting money or materials to any person or entity, understand that once that money/material leaves your possession, it becomes the recipient(s)’ possession to do with as they will. Be very sure of the nature of the recipient before donating.  Your only recourse, once you believe the recipient is misusing donations, is to stop donating. Period.

So there you have it in a nutshell.

Don’t invest without legal documentation, a handshake just isn’t enough anymore, and for some, words mean nothing.

Don’t donate money/materials and expect to have any say or control over how it’s used by the recipient.

I’m not as trusting as I once was, I’ve grown up.



I have said a number of times that as a III Percent Society For America Board member, I had no clue what the deal was with the money, where it was, and what it was actually being used for. One of the reasons I didn’t beat that drum was the fact that they never received any money from me, and without proof of wrongdoing I would not make an accusation that required facts. A number of people have asked questions that should have been answered because they had given that money in good faith.

I noted the other day that there are a few out there that still like to beat the “The only reason Kerodin went after people (Wirecutter/Kenny and I) was because they accused him of a crime” line. Kenny didn’t accuse him of anything, he simply asked questions that a number of people had sent him, Angel being one of them. As I said, I didn’t accuse him of a crime, I said that he was a “Wanna be, con man”, using respected titles such as Jedburgh. Commando, etc. to garner sales, and make himself look like what he had always wanted to be, but never was able to achieved.

As far as Bill Nye and this observation on this WRSA post  “All of the attacks accusing Sam of stealing, yet zero proof. Let me make one thing clear, gloves would come off for me as well if members of the community were stalking my place of business and or home. said individual gave his/ her money as a donation, freely and willingly. Don’t ever recall a contract being involved.”  Most have not accused him of stealing, and Kenny and I definitely did not, but we both thought that people were owed an accounting. Proof? There isn’t proof of anything concerning the monies, and that includes that they were used as they were supposed to be (That’s part of the problem). There was no stalking, and it was proven in court. Do you think if they had had one shred of evidence showing that they were being stalked, a California Judge would not have hammered Kenny with a restraining order? People were told the money was for specific things, and you have the nerve to mention “contract”. We are supposed to be above that shit.

If you (Bill) and Alan Mullinex (Outlaw Patriot) want to be Kerodin apologists, fine. Considering that Alan was the first IIIPSFA Board member to leave (and some of us know the real reason for that), I find his comments to show him as nothing more than a fence rider, just waiting to see who is the “winner”, and jump off on that side. Here’s a clue, jackasses, none of us win in this! Kerodin has so sullied the “III%” logo, that a good many people don’t even want to be associated with it, specifically due to what he has done. Kerodin came after Kenny and I first, for one simple reason. He knew we could effectively disrupt his scheme, and we were making him look bad with the questions we were asking and the things I said about his “Commando Scheme”. He probably came after me first, simply because he thought his attack would be a slam dunk. Unfortunately for him, it was not because it was easy to prove untrue, and he was too stupid to hide his tracks effectively. I know, I know, you left bread crumbs….right? Sure you did.

As Kenny said in his “Nuclear post if you’ve been reading this shit since it’s started and you’re still a IIIPS member, fuck you. If you’re still putting money in his pocket, fuck you. By doing that you’re condoning his actions against me.” To add to that I’d say this. If you continue making excuses for Kerodin, and help advance any message or agenda he has, you are the “Apologist Cops” of the Liberty movement that so many like talking shit about. Unlike Kerodin, we don’t make idiotic threats on the internet and then have to take them down because we’re scared of going back to prison, sorry to disappoint.

Another group that has been an issue is the cowardly little men that know what has happened, are in a position to make sure the message is spread about the Kerodin’s BS, and yet, do nothing. If you are associated, or still thought to be associated with Kerodin, and have made no effort to speak out about his actions, or at a minimum, disavow yourself from him (as many have publicly done, Sparks and Sandman come to mind), you are the problem. Hopefully, being associated with him will get you everything you deserve.

I went back through some emails the other day (yeah, I keep all of them), and realized that if they had been read at the same time, consecutively, I would have figured out his BS far sooner than I did. The same applies to his blog entries, concerning his “background”. This has been pointed out a number of times and by a number of people that are actually experienced in combat, and the martial skills required in it. Everyone of them says he’s full of shit, and that’s easily shown when you read what he’s written (yeah, the screenshots are still available even if he deleted the posts).

I received this email the other day that I thought was pretty telling, especially since receiving emails like this has become an almost daily thing.

“Pretty strong comments from Sam.

‘Deal in FACTS, people.  Question EVERYONE and EVERYTHING until you drill down into FACTS.  The moment you identify ANYONE dealing in rumor, speculation, spin, Intellectual Dishonesty, misinformation, dis-information and outright lies, you are well-advised to IFF them as Hostile and perhaps terminally Stupid.’

Unless it’s him, and then he’ll work to destroy you.

KJanuary 20, 2016 at 10:22 AM

 ‘They won’t – that’s why they will forever be the minor leaguers. Of that bunch Pete is the only one who has ever put his own boots on the ground for Liberty in America.’

 Spoken as a guy who claims to have prepared for this all his life.  As a guy who lives mere hours away.  As a guy who doesn’t have a job and can just go where he wants.  Does he even own boots to go on the ground anywhere?”

What I find funny is that Kerodin believes he knows what any of us have done for Liberty (I guess it needs to be announced on the internet to have actually happened, LOL). Take note, usually the biggest talker in the room is the one who has to be, since he has to compensate for a true lack of substance in his actions.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”


9 thoughts on “Angel’s “Lessons Learned”

  1. The whole “passing the torch on the cookbook project to Larry” thing only gave my own recipes back-never got a single recipe that anyone else had sent in.
    I got a few e-mails from people letting me know that they had received e-mails from Holly Kerodin/Miss Violet asking if it was okay to publish their recipes.
    Granted,I don’t know if that was with the intent of passing them on to me-but it’s been more than enough time to have forwarded the recipes to me.
    Before I realized what was going on with the IIIPSFA,and found out why the board quit,and that some people had been fed a line of bullshit from Sam Kerodin about who did what/said what when the board quit,I still supported Sam K right up until the Courtland Grojean bullshit and the lawsuit against Kenny.
    That was the last straw for me,and since then,I have discovered that we were being fed a line of shit all along regarding the IIIPSFA, no one ever knew where the monthly dues went,not even the “treasurer”.
    It was all about Sam K being in control of everything,and doing what he wanted,despite the board advising him otherwise.
    After the board quit, a whole lot of people were turned against each other due to them being fed a line of pure,unadulterated bullshit about the others. I guess that was K’s divide and conquer technique at work.
    The IIPSFA COULD have worked,and it would have worked-had it been run like any normal non-profit,with the board being who had the final say,not someone who’s a control freak.
    The Jedburgh academy could have worked-if it had been named something else.
    Now,at least 90% of the guys I know want nothing to do with any III% group or org.
    There’s been far too much drama and BS,too much infighting among those who should have been working together-much of orchestrated from St. Maries.
    When the Kenny and George Patton blog began asking questions,the infighting got worse,and the questions about where did the $$$ go still have not been answered.
    Then there’s still the question of why the “TOC” is “staged” on the est side of the Rockies when it should be set up near the Malheur wildlife refuge.
    As I said in my comment at Angel’s-the people I deal with still honor a deal made with a handshake,or a promise to do something in the future.
    Live and learn.

    • I love the guys who blame us for causing “problems” (asking questions, pointing out ridiculous claims) and being the cause of the “infighting”. Of course we should have ignored it and not bothered asking questions, pointing out the “wanna be” BS, and gone on with what we were doing previous. That would have been a Hell of a lot less problematic. For me, I know I brought it to light because I felt responsible for helping him gain supporters (especially for the Society), and felt it was important to try and make it right.

      • It took me far too long to figure things out,because I never had all the pieces until recently-now it all makes sense.
        You did right,as did everyone else who started asking questions.
        I feel bad for leaving the link to the IIIPSFA up as long as I did on my blogs-I wonder how many people joined via my two blogs?
        I know of a few from around here who joined,after I told them it was a good thing,and would help all of us-boy was that one ever wrong.

        • You did what you thought was right, just like we did. We saw something that had positive qualities, and we promoted it. When we recognized it was BS we left. I didn’t even start putting out a lot of the stuff I did till I saw he was trying to pull the wool over even more people. My conscience would not allow me to let it go, especially when time is so short. Taking peoples money is one thing, putting out info that would give people a false sense of ability (“You are all Commandos”), and implying that people needed to act is another. I teach people survival skills for different environments (wilderness, combat, etc), and I know what is realistic, and what is a line of fiction to lure customers in. Max, Mosby, Sparks, and I don’t give some BS title to classes, and don’t try to make people believe they are commandos (because we know what that is). We give fact based solutions for realistic situations without embellishment. Anyone who has to embellish something they are teaching, especially when they don’t have any experience, is a charlatan, and that was what I was trying to get across. It wasn’t just about the name.

          • “don’t try to make people believe they are commandos (because we know what that is).”

            Speaking of BS-I have a friend,who I’ve known since we were in elementary school who runs an actual dojo,who has been involved with matrial arts since we were in high school-he was laughing at what he called the “astounding lack of martial arts” skills in K’s combatives /CQB videos-said it’s just basic stuff anyone could get off the interwebz,nothing that takes any actual skills or serious training.
            I think Gary has K beat in training time-he’s my age-56-and been training since he was 16 or so.
            That’s about 40 years of serious,daily training.

          • I love what Holly said in court that they had “a martial arts school for children”. I was wondering if that was the Jedburgh Academy, or the “Fight to your Weapon” course she was speaking about LOL Apparently none of it has worked for her, she’s scared shitless of a man 1200 miles away who she has never met, and has never been to their town.

  2. Mr. Greenjean, Nye, couldn’t hack it in Texas, so he moved to a place where he can insert himself into the affairs of a local militia. Thought he was controlled then, and still do.

  3. Game,this is why I didn’t get involved in discussions in past about this,didn’t like the fighting I saw.That said,we all make mistakes,still need to work together passing along knowledge/help whether 3 %/charities/business ect.Me dad in his obit was called the godfather of bond investments/one of the top folks in the field in his day who did well for his clients pension plans ect.He got out of the game as he saw what had happened to the finance fields and how it went from honest/hard work investing to ponzi schemes with govt. aid.

    He once invested a large sum of his personal monies(7 figures) and was along with others in a new venture and was completely screwed/hoodwinked,operator of said investment jailed ect. but monies gone.He moved on still believing in investing in business/ideas/people ect.and did well,just a hard financial and trust lesson.

    I learned from him in that instance to be wary but even with bad news sometimes I do invest time in business/charities ect.,just really look into it.This situation and many others needs to be looked at and studied for errors of our own but hope we all move on and when needed help each other out and not throw out the baby with the bath water.

  4. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice article.

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