Kenny Konquers Kernal Kristian Kerodin

I guess all those “K’s” mean we are racists, huh? Here it is folks, the story you’ve been waiting for. Christian “I can’t even make my wife feel safe” Kerodin get’s taken to the woodshed by someone he expected would be a victim not the victor. Here’s two screenshots to read before you start Kenny’s post to give context to exactly what Kerodin said about the court hearing/case in some comments of late. Good luck with your “Martial Arts school for children” AKA the Jedburgh Academy maybe? You’ll be lucky if your “III Shit Army” comrades will even want to be around you after this one. By the way. If any of you assholes who have been involved in the “Infighting” (you know who you are) don’t feel by now you have enough info to pick a side, you already have, and it’s not ours. This is not a ride the fence moment, that will just get you a nut crusher when you slip.

Kerodin's Behavior mod post2-1

Really? Cite it to the Judge? You weren’t even involved, remember? You had to have your black wife do it so she could play the race card.

Kerodin's Behavior mod post3-1

Lied. flipped and begged? How so? He won Kernal

Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

For Sammy, that is. I’ve been looking forward to it for a l-o-n-g time.

So’s Miss Lisa. HERE’S HER POST

Okay, this is a long overdue post and I’ve been wanting to do it since my first court date but my lawyer, the one that I paid for his counsel, advice and representation, advised me not to say anything until the court cases were done so as not to give Sammy any more ammo. No matter what Sammy says about Honey Badger Holly shutting me up with her behavior modification, she didn’t have a damned thing to do with it.
I felt an obligation to post the results because I had a hell of a lot of Patriots out there that invested your hard earned money to beat these people. Had my attorney gave me the go-ahead, I would’ve posted it the same afternoon.

Well, the court cases are done. I went to court on the restraining order in November and won, no matter what Sammy implied to his Faithful Four Followers.
Today I went to court on the $10,000 lawsuit – and won by default because they never showed up. I can understand why, without that restraining order to back them up saying I was a menace to society, how could they justify suing me for security expenses? Especially when Sammy has continued to taunt me on his blog, calling me a coward over and over? That would’ve been easy for me to convince the judge he was just poking the bear.

Okay, back to the restraining order. When it was filed, it basically said she was in fear for her life because I was stalking her by posting photos of a house she had vacated 6 months prior and of her place of business. What the hell lady, you live in a town of 2400 people. How many kiddie (or adult for that matter) dojos are there in that town? A visitor could find it just by asking any local.
But she felt threatened without an actual threat. Then Sammy built it up on his blog where they were being threatened and stalked. Horseshit. They felt their walls tumbling down and they lashed out.
That was pretty much the entire restraining order application and that’s what I prepared for. But when we got to court, damned near everything they had pertained to me being racist. Racist? How the fuck am I supposed to counter something that I wasn’t prepared for? They didn’t give a single hint about racism in their application for the restraining order. My attorney went into a conference room with them to review their evidence and when he came out he said “Remember when I told you that everything you told me you said was protected Free Speech? That doesn’t apply to racism, asshole” and then he tosses me a stack of my posts that Sammy Sharpton and Honey Badger Holly had printed out that she said was directed at her. Here’s a sample. All links will open in a separate tab because I’m cool about that shit.
HERE Huh? And oh my goodness I have a whole category titled ‘Niggas’.
HERE And then she tells the judge “because everybody knows coon is a racial slur for people of color.” Yeah, it’s also a term for RACcoons, lady.
HERE And then Rob pulled out this to show just how racist I appear to be. No shit.
Well, what Sammy Sharpton didn’t count on was an hour and a half lunch break before our case was heard. I live 20 minutes drive from the courthouse so I hauled ass home and the first thing I printed out was this for Rob to ask Holly if that had been on her husband’s blog up until the week prior.


Nope, no denying that, huh Honey Badger? And I’m the hater?
I also printed up a list of my categories to show that yeah, I have a Niggas category with 120 posts, but please notice I also have a White Trash and Okies category with about the same number of posts. I may be in poor taste, but I make fun of everybody. Just ask our favorite redhead, Angel.
I mean shit, how racist can I be? I work in a warehouse that’s 80% hispanic. I hired an attorney named Roberto Anaya for Christ’s sake!

Anyways, it wasn’t looking good for me. Every time the word racist was brought up (seemed like every other word), the judge was staring daggers at me.
And then Rob started asking questions of Holly, and she fell to pieces. One of the most comical parts of the proceedings was when she pointed across the table at me and shrieked“I’m in fear of my life from THAT man!!!”
If you say so, lady.

And then the Judge finally noticed the Jedburg Coon and started asking questions about it and she replied that it was a school that her and her husband were starting. Judge Freeland asked what they taught and she replied basic prepping skills like canning and putting up preserves – I shit you not, that’s what she said. Then when it was my turn I figured what the hell, and told them what Sammy Sharpton had been saying about it on his blog: it was a school that taught sabotage, infiltration, exfiltration, assassination, demolitions and subversion, just like the original Jedburgs. I didn’t feel like I was giving anything up seeing as Sammy already had it all on his blog and everybody knows who Sammy is, right? I mean, he’s a legend in his own mind.
But when I said that all of a sudden the judge got real interested and what do you know, Holly didn’t want to talk about the Jedburg Coon no more. “Okay, I’ll drop that. Let’s move on, Your Honor.”
Canning and preserves…..

Okay, so when it was all said and done, the judge said he’d release his decision on the 18th of December. Holly’s allegations were so unfounded and full of bullshit I got his decision on the 7th, a full 11 days early and it was in my favor.
I could just hear the disbelief in the Sharpton’s voices when they got the decision – “But but but we said all the right words – he’s unstable, he’s a racist and ohmigod he’s got guns! That was a sure win in California!” Yeah Sammy, maybe in San Francisco or Los Angeles Counties that would’ve worked, but this is Stanislaus County. Whole ‘nother California.

Now, before we get to the documents and even more witty comments from me below the fold, I want to say one thing. Despite my past, I’ve been in a courtroom maybe 7 times. That’s it. Now do you want to know a dirty little secret? Every fucking time the judge listened to what I had to say and even when I was found guilty I felt I was treated fairly and accepted my fines without complaint. But the last 4 times I’ve been in court between my ex and the Sharptons, I’ve been amazed at how well the system worked. Right prevailed, Wrong got to go suck monkey ass.
It kinda puts my faith back in the system.

Okay, below the fold is the Judge’s decision on the restraining order.
Tone Deaf Jeff, Miss V, Cav Medic, Bill Nye and Alan, Sammy’s been implying Honey Bear Holly won that hearing. Has he shown you these documents? No? I wonder why? And yet you’ll continue to believe everything he says as gospel.

Image (2)

Image (3)

Image (4)

Image (5)

Image (6)

Image (7)

Image (8)

Image (9)

So Sammy Sharpton & Co lost, yet they’ve been implying that they won that order. Here’s the truth. Did Sammy tell you the truth? I didn’t think so.
By the way, that’s an official court document and perfectly legal to post. My attorney told me so.

Go to page 8. Read lines 3-9. Asking questions about money when it ain’t there with nothing to show for it is Free Speech. Where’s the fucking money, Sammy???
Page 8, lines 19-21. Directed at Sammy, not her.

So if all these remarks were directed at Sammy, why did Holly file the restraining order?
If you want to know what I think, she didn’t. Sammy was behind it. Why? Because he is fully aware of the Prohibited Persons (from owning firearms) laws and he wanted me to lose my firearms or my life.

But the fact is, he let his wife fight HIS fights for him. I got a big kick when I read Holly’s affidavit for the restraining order:


Check out the last paragraph about her having to depend on her local PD and the Courts for protection. Hell, even she admits her husband can’t do it.
I remember Lisa asking me what self respecting man would allow his wife to file a restraining order for protection? Isn’t that one of man’s primal instincts, to protect his family?
Which brings up this, I can’t resist it:

Kerodin Meme

And no, regardless of what Sammy Sharpton said on his blog, he has NEVER asked me to meet him privately or publicly to ‘discuss’ the things I said about him. Why? Because I’m not 70 years old, I’m not weakened from cancer and I’m damned sure not afraid of violence if he wants to bring it to me.
And after seeing him in court in December, I can see why – that little slump shouldered man minced into the courtroom carrying his white pleather man purse and wouldn’t even meet my gaze. He never once looked at me and we were in court for 8 solid hours. Not once. But what got me was his fucking hands. He has pink soft hands. I thought at first it was the chill, but after hours in the courtroom, they were still pink. What hard man has pink hands?
He’s a boy that thinks he’s a man.

Okay, I’ll post the restraining order itself after I dig it out, but first I want to leave you with one last laugh. Check out how impressed ol’ Sammy is with himself here:


Yeah Sammy, everybody in our community knows who you are – You’re the “Patriot” that went crying to the cops when Firestone wouldn’t quit picking on you. HERE
You’re the “Patriot” that tried to get JC Dodge fired from his job, then named him by name and employer. HERE
And you’re the “Patriot” that attempted to get me killed or my guns seized by filing a restraining order against me, knowing full well that in the State of California if a restraining order is granted, the defendant has 24 hours to turn them in. In Sammy’s eyes it was going to end in one of 2 ways – he was gonna win, I was gonna give up my guns and give Sammy free rein to talk all the shit he wanted about me being a “III Percenter” that caved. Or I could’ve acted as I believe and preach and would’ve been shot dead by a SWAT team coming after them, solving Sammy’s problems.
Yeah, everybody knows who you are.

Okay, one final note: When this was first started, we made it clear we hold nothing against the IIIPS members, only the president.
That’s changed for me. I can’t speak for the others in my group, but if you’ve been reading this shit since it’s started and you’re still a IIIPS member, fuck you. If you’re still putting money in his pocket, fuck you. By doing that you’re condoning his actions against me.


In case you guys have forgotten this timeless Kerodin Kommando Klassic from November

Who Is Courtland Grojean, And Why Should You Care?

Until some weeks ago, back in October, I had never heard of Courtland Grojean  (Yes, the same one MBV spoke about in one of his Tuesday posts. His info was originally mine, and I didn’t find out till Tuesday evening that MBV had been given it by a mutual friend.) The only reason I found out then, was due to finding out that I was under investigation as a Law Enforcement Officer (yes, I work in LE, it is not mentioned out of deference to my family’s safety, and it has no bearing on what I teach in my business, or write about on the blog). Apparently, someone named Courtland Grojean made an allegation/inquiry to the AG’s office(no, we’re not discussing what state I work in, what agency I work for, or what assignments I’ve had and have now, that’s a no-no, and I won’t acknowledge or verify any questions or “facts” that any of you entertain as comments. Besides, does that even matter?) about JC Dodge. This is someone they said worked for the AG’s state, and worked in a specific LE department. The allegation/inquiry consisted of Courtland Grojean saying that he was doing an “expose” for the Citizen Journalist of LEO’s who were involved with Neo Nazi and Anti Gov groups, and that he had found evidence that JC Dodge was a LEO in the AG’s state, had a Neo Nazi and Anti Gov website, and was conducting paramilitary training.

Huh, imagine that. Some asshat wants to get me disciplined or fired because the have some beef with me, and use the coverall terms  “Neo Nazi”, “Anti Gov”, “Paramilitary” to get an investigation started (yes, an AG has to investigate allegations like that, they simply don’t have any option in that regard. So I get interviewed, and when i told them I was expecting something like this, I was asked why I thought anyone would make a specious allegation such as that. I said I didn’t have proof, but that a guy named Christian Hyman/Kerodin (whatever it really is) was the type to so something like that, simply because he’s a petty, malicious, wanna be of a little man and has a beef with anyone that’s in LE or .Mil, or .Gov, in general, and me specifically and that if they look at his writing, they would not only see that, but they’d see they things he’s said about me.

So time goes by in the investigation (it was apparently started sometime in the beginning of October). I do some research on my own, and low and behold, guess what I found out? I find out that Courtland Grojean was a fictional character in a Mack Bolan type series called “The Death Merchant”. Read the description below of the hero “Richard J Camellion” and tell me who that sounds like when they describe themselves.


Kerodinfuckup10  Kerodinfuckup12Kerodinfuckup13Ok, so we’ve seen the “Death Merchant’s” description, but who is Courtland Grojean? Here is the fictional character “Courtland ‘The Fox’ Grojean”. Go to the last description on the screenshot below.

Kerodinfuckup11So I find this fictional character named “Courtland Grojean”, but what about the rest? Hold on to your seat, ‘cuz it’s gonna get bumpy.

I start digging deeper, and I find the screenshot below. Note in the bottom left hand corner of the screenshot that there is a tag that says “”

Kerodinfuckup10 Kerodinfuckup25


So that’s what I punch into Google, and this was what I found.



I then went to this  Whois-DomainTools address , and here’s what I found. See anything familiar in the email bar?

kerodinfuckup16Yup, that’s what it says, Further investigation revealed this.


Wait a minute, does that say they (Yup, it’s Holly and Christian Kerodin of III Percent Patriots fame) have 57 domains? Surely we won’t recognize any of them, right? They are in order with a small amount of overlap to show continuity.


This is the special one. Look at the third from the bottom.

Here is a screenshot from what comes up when you click on the domain name


Yup, is registered to You want to know who Courtland Grojean of the Citizen Journalist is. Below is pictured Courtland Grojean of the Citizen Journalist.

Kerolin and the empty holster

So why did they (and it is a “THEY” now, there is no ambiguity as to who is involved) try to get me disciplined or fired? It’s simple. I’m a threat to their validity. I was on the IIIPSFA Board, and know everything that went on there. Although all I’ve said publicly in comments was that I know nothing about theft or any missing money, and that a number of us left at the same time due to concern over the direction Kerodin was taking the Society and a feeling of him not being straight with us. Apparently that’s a reason to try and get me disciplined or fired at my full time job, using the legal/administrative mechanism he always speaks of despising soooo much, because he knew they could not blow it off, and they had to investigate the inquiry/allegation. Sounds like the crap he pulled with  Mark Firestone a while back, doesn’t it. It even sounds similar to what he was convicted of extortion for when he went to malls demanding money for his “services” or he’d put their “lack of readiness” on the security end of things,out to the public. Any other reason. Well sure there is. While not mentioning him by name in my posts, I have said his idea of what a “commando” is, and the fact that he would title his little “school” the “Jedburgh Academy” is a slap in the face to those who earned and made history under that very title. I have also posted things written by my friend SFC Steve Barry, where he gave his valid and experienced “two cents” concerning the “III JedburghCommandoOfficer” BS.

Remember this?


Key points in the post here,

Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them.”

That’s THEIR M.O.. 

I guess THEY believe that if they get me fired or disciplined at work that I will STFU about his BS “bad boy” claims, his “Stolen valoresque” Jedburgh crap, and discredit anything I might say in the future about the IIIPSFA Board interactions. Ain’t gonna happen! I’ve been quiet up till now about details of the IIIPSFA Board “goings on” but I’m not so sure that I should have been. Two other Board members and I left (we decided to leave the Board instead of pushing him out of the Presidents position.


Kerodin  claimed he pushed me out, but actually couldn’t “orchestrate” a 5 year old’s “Chuck E Cheese” birthday party, let alone my “navagation towards the door”) together under the agreement that we would not say anything about Board business or the problems we had with Kerodin, as long as he didn’t start anything with us. That agreement clearly has been violated, but I haven’t decided if I even want to bother giving people info when they clearly will make every excuse in the book for him even when verifiable facts are presented. BTW, I guess by “Unconscionable” he meant the fact that I spoke up when he tried to bully the Board and especially the CoB with BS behind the scenes FU games.

Back to being investigated for having a Neo Nazi, Anti Gov (that’s hilarious, when you realize the accusation/inquiry came from him) website, I wrote something here about my friendships, and how associating and assigning me the beliefs and convictions of my friends is complete nonsense. During the investigation I advised that Kerodin had made an insinuation that I was a racist, due to my friendship with SFC Steve Barry. Apparently, a friendship with someone is not a crime, thankfully.


Kerodin has tried to insinuate here, that due to my friendship with Barry, I am exactly like him. We are not exactly alike, but by God, Barry is my friend and has been for 18 years, due to mutual respect and a similar background.  An ExCon, “commando wanna be” trying to insinuate what’s said above being facts (me being a racist), and at the same time, no one is seeing the hypocrisy of the screenshot he wrote above, and the one he wrote below this paragraph, especially when it’s all coming from and ExCon, (which is a “Non starter” for a lot of people in the friendship department), kinda makes me wonder how foolish and delusional are those that claim “III” status, and identify with Kerodin.

Kerodin's Muslims

So there it is. Read over it, click on the links, talk among yourselves as to what you will tolerate in someone claiming to be one thing, but constantly proving he’s another. I have tried to include all the links and screenshots I could think to make the case. They are not “III”, they are “0”, and anyone who would associate with them should be suspect as well, simply because they have no reason not to have learned the FACTS about them by now.. Kerodin has said and done some good things over the years, but even though a broken analog watch is right twice a day, that doesn’t mean you don’t fix or replace it. This isn’t about your friendship with Kerodin. It’s about people who try to destroy the livelihood of a guy who is trying to help others prepare for the worst. I have pointed out a few times on my blog what I believe are “Thugs” in the LE community. I hate thugs, no matter if they are mob enforcers, gangbangers, bad cops, or corrupt judges and politicians. You people cry out for LE to step up and “Do the right thing” by speaking out about the problems within the LE community, and then, when I do, some asshat with a personal beef not only “outs” the fact that I am in LE (he knew from personal conversations, and he also knew I kept it low key for my family’s sake), but then says this in a comment here,



I tell you what, why don’t you guys figure out what the fuck you want out of those in LE who actually give a shit about calling out those within their ranks who are thugs. Damned if you do Damned if you don’t, right?  If I don’t say anything, I’m condoning it, if I do say something, an ExCon says I’ve betray my “Brothers in Blue”.

My LE employment has nothing to do with my business or my blog, yet they went after that because any ExCon knows an investigation has to be done after those types of allegations/inquiries are made. I was very fortunate that the investigation was fair, and not a “Witch Hunt” (as Courtland Grojean Kerodin probably hoped it would be). I was cleared of any wrongdoing or “Conduct unbecoming”, because, at the end of the day, my facts trumped their allegations.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


12 thoughts on “Kenny Konquers Kernal Kristian Kerodin

  1. The Truth always comes out in the end… Either in this life or the next it will have its day…Sorry you and Ken had to deal with this crap…The canning and prepping part made me want to throw up…The gall of her to say that…

  2. JD,you and Kenny(yours and many other sites did a great help for Kenny in trying times) did a great job of clearing false allegations and bringing this BS to light.I will for most part stay out of battles of this nature though usually take a more argument/debate form unlike this insanity as we need to stick together.Seems with all that has come to light though this tiny evil needed exposure,so kudos to you and Kenny.Lets all learn from this and despite minor differences try and move forward together in a positive manner,only way I see us as a country and people having a good chance at a good future.

    • Hey James, let me be the first to say that it truly was a team effort. I cannot or will not take sole credit for what was done, unfortunately (for me) I just happened to be the fall guy. No big deal. My Patriot friends made sure it was painless financially, all I had to do was show up in court and tell the truth.

  3. The fact that I supported Kerodin for as long as I did,even his “Jedburgh Academy”-(wrong name choice-good concept,if someone else was in charge)- just makes me sick.
    I guess I just wanted to see the IIPSFA succeed,and thought that with a new board,and new president,it could still be salvaged.
    I thought wrong,when the whole Courtland Grojean,and the attempt to get you fired,became known-that was the last straw for me, then the lawsuit against Kenny just confirmed that Kerodin had only his own interests in mind,not the interests of the III%/Patriot community.
    Looking back on the whole clusterfuck,I should have quit when the whole board quit.
    Kerodin fed a line of bullshit to you,DTG, and to Max to set you guys against each other.
    No one knew all of the parts of what was said and done-until people began talking to each other without going through Kerodin.
    He did a decent job of hiding all this BS from those involved and the membership of the IIIPSFA.
    Then we had the “”we’re handing off the III% cookbook project to Larry” attempt to make Kerodin and the IIPSFA look good.
    Only problem with that is that nothing was handed over to me except my own recipe submissions. Others contributed recipes to the project-Holly and Miss Violet still have those recipe submissions-so nothing was really handed over to me that I didn’t already have,other than getting the use of my own original recipes back.
    I’m sure that if I don’t finish the cookbook project soon-that will be used against me by saying I didn’t finish the project.
    The III% cookbook will be finished-with or without the other people’s recipes that were submitted for the original project-looking at mid summer for completion.

    Where’s the new IIIPSFA board? new president? Where’s the results of the “outside audit”?
    Why wasn’t the TOC sent to Oregon? wasn’t it supposed to be used to get real time info out to the community?

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