Sparks31’s Thoughts On Equipment Requirements

Here’s some things to think about if you’re in a standoff situation.


The Bundy Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)


Events like this generate radio traffic before, during, and after the action.

Monitoring the radio traffic is a very good way to know what’s going on, and gain long-term insight about events.


Communications monitoring is a useful skill-set that you should learn.  It’ll let you know what’s going on, regardless of what the media says.  When combined with the media’s account, you’ll see first hand how things are “spun.”

How do you start?


My book, Communications For 3%ers and Survivalists, provides an overview of communications monitoring techniques for gathering information in different scenarios. You can order it by clicking on this link.


My two-day Grid-Down Communications Workshop V2.0 talks about what you need and how to do communications monitoring for different scenarios. It also show you how to set up communications between yourself and others when phone and Internet service are not working or shut down.   You can see the schedule and sign up by clicking here.




The Workshops are located in beautiful Wyoming.  We have hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, Yellowstone Park, ghost towns, gold prospecting, rockhounding, and many other things for you to do here.  Come visit, attend the workshop, and enjoy a few of the many activities we have in our state.


See you soon!


Got your commo squared away? Do your associates have their commo squared away? Train, equip, and prepare yourself physically and mentally. There will be an all encompassing test sooner than you think and failure is not an option.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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